What is Prepare4Tomorrow?

Prepare4Tomorrow was created as an online repository of information for the benefit of its creator who decided to prepare for emergencies and not panic from them by becoming more self-reliant instead of dependent on technology and others. Advocates and enablers of dependency, vulnerability, and conformity are the masters of regulation, legislation and sales. The process of "preparing" not only involves planning and gathering but training the mind to question everything and think in terms of "what if" instead of relying on routine habits or thoughts injected by others.

Modern survival is different from primitive living skills, which is different from urban preparedness, which is different from homesteading, which is different from wilderness living or "bush crafting." The site includes information about all these things but they all revolve around various aspects of self-reliance.

Preparing for an emergency, long before one is actually announced, is not only a good idea, it is the responsible and mature thing to do for oneself, family, friends and community. P4T's goal is to help with those preparations.

P4T - Encouraging you to PRAY for the Best AND PREPARE for the Worst because we will never know when "the day before" is the day before.