News Sources

To be prepared for tough times means being in tune with the pulse of the world and not wearing rose-colored glasses or sticking one's head in the sand pretending it isn't happening. Connecting to sources of "real" information is essential; information that is fact-based, objective, disinterested and balanced, NOT rumor-based (though many rumors are based in fact), biased, manipulative or sensationalized. Also, getting the complete story is vital. A cell-phone video clip of a specific act may not be a true representation of all the facts.

While this site does provide the following news sources links, I am not entirely convinced there is such a thing as a "trusted news source". While many believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts, and others believe anything they read or hear, it is recommended that people do their own research and don't assume that all that is said or printed is true (from any source). Consider, also, that subscribing to any publications, of an unconventional nature, may raise a red flag to those who monitor certain activities.

Bottom line: Staying informed with the most accurate, truthful information will help to prepare for whatever is brewing in the community and the world. Before believing a story and sharing information with others, it is good to thoroughly research from multiple resources with different points of view.

In the past, I have been the purveyor of misinformation; sometimes to be malicious but often out of ignorance, assuming the information from others was truth. I am trying to mend my ways and encourage others to do the same but I still have my opinions. There is enough anger and misunderstanding in this world. I hope to reduce my contribution to them and encourage others to do the same.

Search for the Truth on FactCheck, Hoax-Slayer, OpenSecrets,
PolitiFact, Snopes or TruthOrFiction

Oftentimes news is "made", not just reported.
Different perspectives produce different results.