Benefits of Adding a Pellet Rifle to Your Arsenal
When I was a child, my uncle bought me a BB/Pellet rifle. Then, when I was a teenager, my father bought me a Ruger 10/22 and my pellet rifle was quickly forgotten when I saw real bullets as superior to pellets. Now, older and wiser, I can think of several reasons that a pellet rifle would be useful tool instead of a simple toy.

Best Off-Grid Homes
Designing and building an off grid house for a survival retreat is an exciting endeavor . . . Only a small percentage of homes in America are off the grid, but they enhance a level of self-reliance, while saving money on a daily basis.

Psychology of Deterring Attackers–Part 2 (ACLDN)
Self defense aims to stop victimization before an attack starts. Citizens seeking to improve their self-defense skills should also understand how mental health impacts their world and train on verbal deflection, de-escalation and deterrence. What is ACLDN? (

Gray Man Theory: The Art of Blending In During Disaster
The gray man theory as a way of disappearing into the crowd so you can move unnoticed when disaster strikes. The idea is that you can conceal your preparedness by blending in with the crowd before or during an emergency.

Why Prepare for an Emergency?
In the end, what is the "goal" of being prepared; what's the purpose for all this stuff? Ultimately, it is the responsibility of an adult to take care of their family, community and themselves to reduce the impact of an emergency event. But there’s more . . .

Ammunition Reloading
Reloading ammunition can be a real money saver if you are an avid shooter or storing up for "the rainy day". But it is also a nice skill to have when commercial ammunition becomes scarce or you are not so near to a store. Here are some training videos and opportunities to buy your own equipment for a great price and information on Black Powder Firearms.

The Cascade to the Crap Hitting the Fan (SHTF)
A cascade of events, triggered by a sentinel event (not necessarily some end of the world, Hollywood doomsday scenario), will lead to panic and then on to food and fuel shortages, civil unrest, supply chain disruptions and possibly martial law being imposed. Don’t think it can’t happen. Prepare!

Planting Fruit Trees
Growing fruit trees is very beneficial for food and the environment but involves looking at a number of factors. It is not as easy as growing non-fruit bearing plants. You need to keep these factors in mind:

Preparedness Guide to a Marxist Revolution
Let's be clear, we're facing a purposefully driven Marxist revolution in America right now and the US economy is teetering on nothing short of total collapse. Whatever side of the aisle you may be on or how you feel about the Marxist-lead social revolution we're in we can debate another time. The point is simply this: America is facing existential crisis. We have to provide for our families. Food and water. Shelter. Medical care. And, for the first time for many of us, safety.

Plants to Grow for Calcium
Calcium plays an important role in everything from your nervous system to your muscle control, making it important that you are consuming enough of this mineral. Most people turn to dairy when it comes to their calcium intake, not realizing that there are actually a number of plant-based calcium sources.

Improving Insect Control. Building a Better Bat House.
Attract bats to your property and enjoy the natural insect control they will provide this insect season. Existing bat colonies, in undesirable locations, can be encouraged to roost elsewhere with the right attraction.

Honey for the Emergency Food Pantry & its Power to Heal
The Greeks had an uncanny ability when it came to healing the body, and the medicinal purposes of many of nature’s wonders and bees were at the top of the list when it came to natural wonders that also contained healing powers.

Animals for Emergency Companions and Defense
For some, a pet may be the only Survival Companion they will want or will be included as a valued member of the team. Dogs, and other animals, are natural guardians and can be trained for other tasks. Unlike humans, pets are not likely to turn against you and are not lazy if treated well.

Start a Fire with a Gum Wrapper and Battery
Creating a fire starter from whatever you have around you is an essential skill. One option is to make a “prison lighter” using only a foil gum wrapper and a battery. Here's how:

Survival Psychology: The Emotional Aspect of Staying Alive in an Emergency
Whether stranded on a desert island, deep in a dense forest, or facing a desolated city, there is one hidden peril that threatens our lives in all situations, and we can't outrun or hide from it; our own thoughts. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping the mind healthy, rested, and in peak condition no matter what happens.

Surviving an Active Shooting Encounter
With the rash of riots and mental anguish of being forced into hiding for months in fear of the china virus pandemic, the chances of this happening are high. Your Response Options: Run / Hide / Fight. Read on for details and watch the video from DHS.

Homesteading Can Be Started Right Where You Are
A movement is afoot among those who have had enough of the race to nowhere. There are ways to make a living working exclusively within the parameters of a homestead, but with modern technology, even if you haven’t figured out how canned jams and jellies or organic sausages convert to sustainable wages, you can still make a living from your own private paradise. It doesn't take a lot of space to start the journey. So what’s holding you back?

Why Join a Survival Group?
A personal social integration with others can be more beneficial, in bad times, than going it alone. But having the right kind of members is vitally important.

Benefits of a DashCam For Your Vehicle
A dash cam is not merely a fancy gadget that records events, it is a very useful device that is capable of much more. It does not only record your trip, it can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as legal protection against lawsuits and insurance fraud and more . . . read on

Security of Personal Information
Keeping personal information out of the hands of unauthorized persons is a must for an overall defense plan.

Train With Your Gear
Camping and Survival supplies are everywhere and abundant. Many people purchase bug out bags, SHTF bags, weapons, equipment, chest rigs and plate carriers, but very few actually go out and thoroughly train with them. Here are some suggestions:

Finding Hope and Helping Others When Things Seem Bleak
In an emergency or survival situation, Hope may be the only thing that will get us through. Hopelessness leads to powerlessness. And powerlessness (the inability to affect change in our lives) leaves us desperate and sad. So how do we become more hopeful when things look bleak? Let's look at ways to tap into.

ALL Lives Matter!
Why is one life or group more important than any other? Respect everyone. Encourage Peace. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone (Romans 12:18).

Don't Let a Potential Attacker Get Coser than 21 Feet
21 feet may seem far away, but the 21 Feet Rule (Tueller Principal) proves that an attacker can reach you in less than 2 seconds from 21 feet before you can react. See videos.

9-12 Project - 9 Principles & 12 Values of Our Founding Fathers
The name "9-12" symbolizes both the day after the September 11, 2001, and the project's "nine principles and twelve values" derived from the principles of our Founding Fathers.

Non-Lethal Self-Defense Tools
Living in dangerous times, we should be prepared to defend ourselves in our home, car, at work, or on the street. Before the attack happens we need to decide to what extent we are willing to defend family and self. Here are some alternatives to using deadly force.

How to Test if Eggs Are Still Edible
Many eggs, purchased by the dozen in the local grocery store, are already weeks old before they hit the shelf? If you've ever cracked open a bad egg, you will appreciate this simple test, in a bowl of water, to indicate the freshness of an egg.

Help Strengthen Our Economy: Buy USA and Hire USA
Supporting U.S. manufactured products made by 'legal' U.S. citizen employees, benefits all U.S. citizens. Before purchasing something, it's important to search the packaging to confirm it is made in the U.S.A.

Survival Rule of Threes
Survival, at the most basic level, is staying alive despite circumstances. Those who want to improve their survival chances, must concentrate on the main factors of human survival. To help guide this thought methodology, there is the "Rule of Threes" regarding Shelter, Water, Food.

Eleven Most Important Camping/Emergency/Survival Tools
The "basics" of a camping/emergency/survival bag should include the "Eleven (11) Cs". They have multiple uses by themselves and, when used in combination with other "Cs", with basic survival skills, common sense and a level head, solutions are possible for nearly any situation.

Firearms Training: Practice Practice Practice
Like any skill, practice not only makes perfect, it produces confidence. Hi-Tech, Laser, Ammo-Less Systems for in-home Training are now available.

Perfect Human Diet
Diet, no doubt, has a major impact on a person's health. You eat poorly, you feel poorly; you eat better, you feel better. But is there a formula for eating better?

Understanding the Founding Documents of the United States
Understanding our freedoms as legal citizens of the United States begins with understanding the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights and their historical context, why they exist, why they were written and how they apply to our current way of life. Here are a few videos to start the journey into our American History and becoming an educated citizen.

Staying Safe in a Riot or Crowd
With our First Amendment freedom of speech and expression, people can flood the streets as a form of civil/peaceful protest. However, a civil protest can turn into a full-scale riot as tensions build, usually fueled and led by out-of-state antagonistic radical groups (Antifa), brought in from other parts of the country, whose sole intention is to incite violence within an already tense situation. What would you do if caught in the midst of all this chaos?

Cook with the Sun
When we do not have a stove we can turn on, with a flip of a switch, we have to find a way to cook. Our ancestors found a way . . . even in winter.

Dutch Oven Cooking Over a Camp Fire
There's something nostalgic about Dutch oven cooking over an open flame. The smell, the feel and the taste of this experience cannot be replicated by any other method of cooking. The Dutch oven brings out that warm feeling of being “home” regardless of where I may be in the world. As I huddle around the fire ring with my group, preparing our meal, the Dutch oven becomes part of my extended family.

Addiction: Slavery and Salvation
First we experiment. Then it becomes fun. Then it becomes a habit. We start making bigger sacrifices for it. We are stuck on a hamster wheel and tell ourselves that we are "choosing" the hamster wheel but the hamster wheel is actually in control. Whatever controls us, is an addiction.

Exceptional Souls
I believe there are people in this world who are not pretentious, care for the interests of others above their own, give of their time and resources to help others and display a quiet strength and commitment to righteousness and modesty (a word that is foreign in today's world).

Simple DIY Welder with 12v Battery, Jumper Cables and Carbon Rod
Knowing how to weld with batteries can be very useful in an emergency off road situation or when there is no AC power.

Get Government back to Protecting Citizens, NOT Supporting Them
We have gradually relied so much on government, to survive, that we now expect it. This has caused so much debt. To recover we should not expect government bailouts, stimulus checks and welfare and learn to be SELF-sufficient.

Got Brains? Get Back to Living!
Government has devestated & violated our lives, economy and 1st Amendment rights over this virus. Take back control of your life and freedoms! Get out and live again!

How to Make a Fog/Dew Catcher
A fog/dew catcher is a stretched out piece of mesh over copper piping which allows fog/dew to condensate into droplets of water and flow down to be collected into a barrel or bucket.

Camouflage Home and Outside Amenities from Public View
Whether this goal includes camouflaging your home completely, diminishing your home and yard's visibility or putting limitations on people's ability to enter your yard, you have a wide variety of natural and artificial options.

Off Grid House Cleaning
Ok, we're considering going off grid, or the power has gone out, and it might stay out. What are the options for cleaning around the house? Additionally, it's good to use cleaning products without toxins and chemicals.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips
If you choose to take a hike or have to escape to the wilderness, it's likely that the pack on your back might not contain everthing you need to survive an extended stay. Here are some tips that could save your life or make the stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Build The Perfect Pocket-Sized Survival Kit
We can never be too prepared when it comes to safety, but that doesn't mean our Emergency Kit should weigh us down. Pre-packaged "Pocket Emergency Kits" are, obviously, available online but here is a tutorial to make the perfect DIY pocket-sized kit to keep with you at all times.

Defense Strategy
In my normal day-to-day life, I am defending myself against those things or persons that could negatively impact my lifestyle and peace of mind. I have insurance, alarm systems and locks and methods and plans if those first lines of defense fail. But let's get better protected.

Edible Landscaping: What Is It, How to Design It and What Plants to Choose
Edible landscaping refers to mixing food plants in with your ornamental ones, to create a setting that is not only visually appealing, but productive as well.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns Stay-At-Home
The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down most of the state's order to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak — lifting almost all the restrictions Gov. Tony Evers' administration put in place and intended to keep in place until May 26.

Off-Grid Cabin Life
No Public Utilities. Oh, no! What's a person to do? Think outside the box. What if . . . ?

Ways that a Beer Can Could Save Your Life
Just ask Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska, who was stranded for more than 60 hours outside of town on Nov. 28, 2011. Mr. Vial survived his ordeal thanks to turning his attention to an unlikely hero - a beer can.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent (ACLDN)
It is common advice amongst lawyers and judges that when first confronted by the police after a self-defense shooting, you should say nothing, because anything you say “can and will be used against you” in a court of law. The latter part is true, of course, but the fact of the matter is, if you are tried for an alleged criminal act associated with your use of deadly force in self defense, you are likely going to have to testify in court anyway. What is ACLDN? (

Kerosene as an Emergency Alternative to Diesel or Gasoline
Kerosene is one of the first by-products of shale or coal. When coal or shale is heated up, it begins to "sweat" which can be collected and distilled; this is Kerosene. While making Kerosene at home can be challenging, using [k1] Kerosene in a Diesel or Gasoline engine is an alternative in a emergency situation.

Can You Survive the Legal Aftermath of a Self Defense Incident? (ACLDN)
We see this scenario play out regularly across the country. A legally armed citizen uses a gun in self-defense, and then appears in court to prove that the legal requirements were met to justify using deadly force. When the court rules that the citizen complied with the law and is not guilty of any crime, life just goes on, right? NOT!
What is ACLDN? (

Wild Lettuce for a Healthy Painkiller Alternative
From injury to disease, pain is a very common ailment or symptom that can take down the toughest of the tough. Alternative solutions help to fight the epidemic with opiate dependency. Here is one alternative.

Potential of Another Civil War in the USA
Be it an outright physical battle or state secessions, whatever happens, however it happens, don't think it won't happen. Be prepared.

Flying and Shooting Down Drones
An FAA license may be required to fly a drone. Drones can be useful but can also violate personal rights of privacy and peace. Shooting Down a Drone is not difficult. They are very fragile and nearly any projectile will take them out.

DIY Pandemic/Riot Mask
Learn to make a full-face mask to filter the air in an emergency situation.

Government’s Violate First Amendment Rights Masked as “Public Safety”
Goverments will use a crisis to force the need for control. If the crisis is allowed to continue, people will cry out to government for relief, allowing government to gain a foothold for the rest of our lives. This can lead to loss of liberties and freedoms.

Affordable Housing Alternatives for City Dwellers
As post-suburbanites move back into cities, escalating housing costs are forcing low and middle income folks and people of color out to the suburbs. The result is that the diverse communities that make cities resilient creative centers are being displaced or forced to find new, affordable housing options.

Culinary Herbs To Grow for Flavor and Health
Not only do herbs add so much depth and flavor to dishes, but they also contain more antioxidants than just about every fruit and vegetable out there. Read about growing herbs indoors and with limited space.

Mint-Size Tablets Expand to Wash Cloths
The perfect companion when you're travelling, camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting. Just add a small quantity of water and this Tablet expands into a very usable wash cloth. They can be found on Amazon and eBay. Full-Size Compressed Towels are also available.

Become More Self-Sufficient - Do It Yourself (DIY)
A lot of emphasis is put on survival products and building a storehouse of stuff for an emergency. But, what happens when our funds are used up and the storehouse is bare? What's left?

TaxPayers: Employers of Politicians & Government Workers
Think about it; as a taxpayer, where do much of our tax dollars go? The answer is, government worker and politician salaries. Therefore, the taxpayer is the employer of government workers and politicians. As an employer, shouldn't we, the taxpayer, demand the best performance from our employees? Are you, taxpayer, happy with the performance of your government? Are you getting what you're paying for?

The Act of Downsizing
It's looking pretty bare here. If I think too much about it, I get a bit sad that this era in my life is ending. But that's been happening with so many things and people . It is, however, the way life is.

Methods to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape
Get ready to learn some life skills – Here are a bunch of different ways to escape from handcuffs.

Making Homemade Waterproof Matches
Ordinary matches don’t mix well with wet conditions. Having waterproof matches is essential to your outdoor activities gear. Buying them is expensive. Here are three easy methods to make your own.

Event 201: Paving the Way for a New World Order
Event 201 gives socialists a chance to enact a new world order in a way climate change never could. And the actions our governments, media, and world organizations are taking right now were planned out LAST fall (October 2019).

Tips for Sheltering in Place
Sheltering in place is (hopefully) a short term solution to address a biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological threat. The objective is to keep all contaminated outside air from seeping inside. The following tips below will help you take the necessary actions in sheltering in place effectively.

Reasons Why A Tiny House Is A Great Idea
The tiny house movement has been growing steadily for years. But living in a tiny house has not been fully realized. Check out these articles to learn more.

Don't rely on the federal cavalry when disaster strikes. Prepare to fend for yourself.
FEMA Chief, Brock Long, says: 1 - FEMA is broke, 2 - The system is broken, 3 - If this is the new normal, Americans can't rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves (the way it should be).

Off-The-Grid Laundry
Truth be told, clothes will always get dirty and, eventually, stinky. Here are some manual Laundry Plans to reduce chances of harmful bacteria and illness and improve morale during an emergency or living off the grid.

Is Simple Living For You? Answer These Questions To Find Out.
If you've ever thought of simplifying your life, there are likely many things that you haven't considered and a few that you have. You may picture it as easy and something that is far more fun and exciting than the life that you’re currently living. Be as it may, there are still some things that you'll want to ask yourself before you embark on this journey. Answering these questions may help reveal the truth.

Flood-Proofing Your Home
As floods become more frequent and severe, protecting your home becomes even more crucial. Here’s how to assess your risk—and make sure you’re prepared for the worst.

Benefits of Prepper Web Sites
  I believe that if everyone physically and mentally prepares for inevitable catastrophic events, there will be less shock and more calm when emergencies happen.

Beginner’s Guide To Enjoying an Outdoor Herb Garden
Herbs are not only a tasty addition to meals, they are packed with essential medicinal properties proven beneficial for many ailments and to help boost immunity and overall health.

The Ultimate Preparation - Heart, Mind and Soul
. . . is not stuff or detailed plans but heart, mind and soul.

Why Have Non-Power Hand Tools?
If the Grid goes down, or I’m out in the middle of nowhere, my highly advanced electric/battery tools are collectively no more useful than a bright yellow bag filled with boat anchors.

Protect Yourself Against the Wet Season - As if the Virus Isn't Bad Enough
The wet season is here with the usual cold, cough, and excessive discharge or buildup of mucus in the nose or throat (catarrh). The best way to prevent cold and any wet season infection is through natural remedies that boost the immune system, fight of virus, bacteria and fungi, and help the body cleanse toxins.

Best Immune-Boosting Supplements to Fight Cold, Flu & Virus
Inadequate nutrition is among the most common causes of a weakened immune system. Supporting optimal immune function begins with consuming the essential vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients necessary for immune health. When our diets fail to provide the necessary nutrients, the next best option is to consume quality supplements. Here are some of the top nutrients and How They Support Immune Health.

Why Use an "Old-School" Push Lawn Mower?
An old school mower may sound kind of boring, but I was excited when my friend brought one home from an auction for only a dollar. So why do I think mowing the “old school” way may be better than a self-propelled or riding mower?

Crisis Journal: Take Notes to Prepare for the Future
Unfortunately, a crisis is the perfect time to learn. Before all is forgotten, write down the things that went well and those that did not. Make a journal (take notes) as things happen during the crisis. Our note taking may improve our future preparations and handling the next crisis.

Repurpose Old Cell Phones into Remote Security Cameras
With this App, nearly any cell phone with a built-in camera can be setup as a security camera to send real-time video activity to the smartphone you always use.

Adding Emergency Information on Android Devices
On Android 7+ Rescuers can have access to emergency contacts and other vital information without unlocking the phone or entering any password or PIN. For those without Android 7+, emergency info can be placed on a locked screen using the text field under Settings/Security/Owner Info

Home Schooling - A Better Way to Educate Children
When sending our children to school is against our beliefs or not feasible, homeschooling is a great alternative. You can do a much better job than public school teachers, regardless of your level of education, so long as you can read. Just do what teachers do – buy books with a year's curriculum (program), and do what it says. Don't let our children's education be stunted by public education indoctrination. When the opportunity arises, take advantage of homeschooling. There are lots of helpful resources and support groups.

Entertainment Ideas on a Budget Without Being Boring
Here are some ways to have fun without breaking the bank.

How to Form a Local Militia
The U.S. Constitution provides for States to organize and train their Militias according to standards established by the U.S. Congress, and to appoint the officers, but it was not the intention of that clause to authorize states to forbid local organization and training of Militia units, but to require that they be organized and trained. Here are some Steps to take:

Safety Measures for Handling Groceries and Food Deliveries
Handling food, and food packaging, properly and safely is essential to preventing food-borne illness and flu contamination on packaging. Washing hands frequently and wiping down food packaging and fresh vegetables and fruits, with soap or sanitizing liquid will reduce infections. Here are some Safe Handling Guidelines for groceries and food deliveries.

Teaching Children About Internet Safety
The Internet can be a source of education and fun for children. They can use it as a resource for school projects, watch fun videos, play interactive games, and learn more about the world. However, it's also possible for them to stumble on inappropriate content or become a victim of cyberbullying and online predators. Here are ways to educate children on protecting themselves, and others, on the internet.

Uncommon Uses For Aluminum Foil
In a crisis, you make the most out of everything you have, which means you might need to get a little creative. Things like paracord and duct tape have fairly obvious uses, but other items may require a little more critical thinking. Today let’s take a look at one of the most common items you have in your kitchen — aluminum foil.

Raising Healthy & Happy Outdoor Children
Fresh air is one of the best ways to stay healthy. A generation or two ago parents were raising outdoor children who congregated in forests, parks, streets and backyards. They would play for hours on end only to be called in for supper or bed. Over time our culture has shifted and children spend less and less time outside, spending the majority of time indoors on their electronic devices. Outdoor children are healthier, happier, stronger, more intelligent and learn to care for nature. Let's all go outside (again) and get some Vitamin N (Nature); adults as well as children.

Watch Survival Movies & TV Shows to Improve Preparations Education
Have you watched any survival movies or TV shows lately? There may be some lessons learned for preparing and survival, possibly including what NOT to do!

Protection From Identity Theft & Breaches
The more we are online, the greater the chance of our ID or financial information being stolen.  It's in the news constantly; a credit card company, a large chain store, social networks, even non-profit organizations are hacked and personal data is stolen which can lead to identity theft. Here are some pro-active things you can do to protect yourself even when those organizations don't.

Reduce Dependency on Commercial Food – Grow or Buy Locally
Nearly any food you can buy at the grocery store can be made/grown at home often with the tools and equipment you already have. It can be less expensive and always tastes better – but it takes a little practice. Breaking commercial food dependency is important and another step to self-sufficiency and a way to control what goes into your family’s food.

Homemade Self-Defense Weapons
We all know that purchasing a weapon can cost a lot of hard-earned money. Fortunately, you can make your own brutal weapons without breaking the bank. Although these weapons are homemade, they are reliable when emergency circumstances arise. We can never be sure that we are safe or complacent about our security so it’s better to be protected than sorry.

Toilet & Toilet Paper Alternatives in the Home or the Great Outdoors
It's a fact of nature that everyone needs to take a dump or two or more a day. Consider alternative sources and methods for doing the deed and cleaning up when the reliable Toilet Paper is not available.

Surviving Job Loss & Getting Paid 'Under the Table'
. . . "under the table" generally implies that you are being paid out of pocket and not documented. It can be illegal and devastating for the employer and the employee. Further research at:

Surviving Under Martial Law
Martial law is implemented because of the perceptions of persons in authority. They feel a need to gain control of a situation which they feel is out of control. Typically, some common restrictions placed upon the population are Travel Restrictions, Restrictions on Public Gatherings, Curfew, Control of the Media, Blocking Personal Communications, Business Restrictions, Loss of Freedom of Speech, Weapons Confiscations and Citizen Relocation.

Have Fun During the Virus
When facing an emergency situation, the focus is so often on meeting physical necessities. Stress can become a major issue. Here are some ways to lighten the mood and stay busy. Undergoing too much stress has been shown to be detrimental to physical, mental, and emotional health; something you certainly want to avoid during a crisis.

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Ducks
Homesteaders have long raised flocks of chickens for eggs and meat, but now a growing number of folks are adding ducks to their barnyard as well. Ducks make cute farm pets that are entertaining to watch waddle around, but they also lay deliciously rich eggs and can provide an additional source of protein. While ducks are generally as easy to care for as chickens, there are still a few basics that you need to know, in order to ensure that your ducks are as healthy and as happy as can be. Whether you are hatching your own ducklings, or purchasing your first adult ducks, this guide will take you through all of the important steps when it comes to raising ducks.

2020 Census - Truth and Scammers
Between March 12-20, each home will receive, in the mail, a notice to respond to a short questionnaire. This can be done online, by phone, or by mail. If you do not respond, in Late April, Census Taker Staff will come to your door for the Census Information only. They will not ask for your Social Security Number, Credit Card Number or any kind of payment or bank account information or political information. If you have any questions about this process or to confirm the Census Taker Person, you may call 844-330-2020 or get help and answers online at

Natural Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives
There’s a reason everyone from elite athletes to 8-year-old soccer players relies upon energy drinks and electrolyte drinks for vitality, energy, or replenishing nutrients lost while sweating. But commercial energy drinks are pretty bad for you. Stock up on these few ingredients for the same beneficial effects of energy drinks or sports drinks but are much healthier.

Why Precious Metals can be Better Investment than Stocks or Cash
Precious Metals are always a good investment that should be part of a diversified portfolio. One of the best reasons for investing in precious metals, instead of conventional monitary vehicles, is that they are, usually, not monitored by, or reported to the IRS.

Comparison of Civilian MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
  So how do the different brands of civilian MREs compare to each other? Which one most closely resembles the military MREs? Which one packs the most calories per case? We’ll attempt to answer those questions and more.

Using Wind Power at Home
Taking advantage of alternative energy technologies, like wind, has advanced leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, and even more in the last 2 years. However, we are way far off from the ease of use, Plug and Play Systems that the average homeowner can pick up at the local Walmart but it's not rocket science. There will be an investment of time and money that may benefit in times of public grid power outages and fuel shortages.

Want to Raise Chickens Near Town? Quiet Chicken Breeds
When you are homesteading in your backyard in the suburbs or even in a small town, there is only one thing as important as egg quality when deciding what breed of chickens to raise – how much noise they make. Quiet chickens breeds do exist, and you do not have to sacrifice egg quality to raise them! If you do not want angry neighbors pounding on your door or stopping you in the driveway over the constant chatter of your beloved flock, invest in a breed known for its polite demeanor.

Seniors Emergency Preparedness Tactics
As time goes by, we realize that natural and manmade disasters are inevitable, and we become more and more vulnerable each day. Unfortunately, the seniors in our community are the most affected given their situation and physical condition. The following emergency preparedness tactics should help senior citizens everywhere.

The 5 Smelliest Parts of the Body
The way someone smells can either make you want to cuddle up close or head for the hills. To avoid being the person that everyone avoids, follow these odor emission guidelines.

Daylight Savings Time — Why some have a hard time making the switch
Even though a one-hour time change does not sound like something that could do much harm, it can have some alarming effects on the body's internal clock, which scientists call the circadian rhythm.

Flare Gun for Emergency Signal or Defense
While not the most accurate, and certainly not what they are designed for, a Marine or Aviation Flare Gun can not only signal for emergencies but can be used for defense and can inflict a serious, if not deadly, injury to an attacking predator.

Practice Survival with Skill Over Gear
When the ultimate catastropy occurs, there will be a huge group left that will be doing everything they can to survive. Learning Skills is more important than gathering stuff. You are a stranger surrounded by enemies and everyone around you feels the same way. What should you know before this happens?

Killing My Electrical Vampires
Electrical Vampires are appliances and devices in the home/office that use massive amounts of electricity or suck 50 to 100 watts when they're not even being used. Here's how to find and kill them.

Re-Purposing Plastic Bottles for Home & Survival Tools
Garbage is abundant everywhere you look and a large percentage of that garbage consists of plastic bottles.  This may be sad for our environment, but there are many ways to repurpose them instead of trashing them.

Building an Essential Preparedness Library
Build an Essential Library of MUST HAVE manuals on Keeping your Personal Information Safe, Food Storage, handling a Martial Law situation, designing a Home Survival Plan to transform your home into a rock-solid bunker and lots more.

Faraday Cage: Protection Against EMP & Solar Flare
An Electro-Magnetic Pulse could result in the loss of many lives and a nationwide blackout, lasting a year or more. One thing to do, for personal protection, is to understand and apply "Faraday Cage" principals to protect electronics and digital information.

Rare Disease Day: Raising Awareness to the Most Rare Diseases in the World
Rare Disease Day takes place on the last day of February each year. Its main objective is to raise awareness about rare diseases and their impact on patients' lives.

Agenda 21/2030: United Nations Plan to Reduce the World's Population
Under Agenda 2030 many of the world’s freedoms and conditions are targeted for elimination by 2030 including: All private property ownership & rights, Livestock production and most meat consumption, Privately owned vehicles and personal travel, Single family homes and suburban communities, Overpopulation (genocide by world war, global epidemic or widespread starvation) and more.

CoronaVirus: Pandemic Preparation and Practice
Whenever a new virus is announced, a bell goes off in my head to think "this could be the one that gets out of control". Then I review my pandemic preparations AND plan my actions. Think, for a minute, how often we come into contact with things that others have touched; . . . the list is endless. Unless you continually wear surgical masks and gloves, you WILL be exposed to the germs of someone else you may, or may not, know and those persons could be infected with any number of nasty communicable germs that could make you mildly sick or worse. Suggested Reading: Agenda 21: United Nations Plan to Reduce the World's Population

Search & Rescue - Tracking Prey
Knowing how to find a lost person, or track an animal, may save a life and provide food but it can also help in evading the enemy.

Savings on Prescription Drugs
GoodRx collects prices and discounts from over 60,000 U.S. pharmacies. Print free coupons. Show the coupon to your pharmacist for massive savings on your meds. GoodRx featured on Dr. Oz. Other resources are mentioned here.

Things That Won't Hurt Your Credit Scores
The following items may influence your finances, but they generally won't have any effect on credit scores:

Creative Designs for Reused Wooden Pallets
From sheds to furniture, the re-use of the simple Wooden Pallet is limited only by one's imagination. Generally, they are free and come with the nails needed to reshape its next life. Pick your project then search the web for building instructions.

Solar Powered Gadgets to Save Electricity and Money
Solar power provides cleaner, more sustainable electricity, but few people can afford to mount solar panels on their houses, and few power providers have invested significantly in solar power generation. It’s time to take solar power into your own hands. These devices won’t let you take your house off the grid, but they will help reduce your power bill and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Ways to Improve Your Life
It's a new year, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's time to make some improvements! Luckily, it's just about as easy said as it is done -- even the smallest things can feel like giant leaps to becoming a better you.

4 Building Blocks to Financial Health
A healthy relationship with money starts at an early age. This guide will provide you with tips and tools to have that all-important conversation, a big step in getting your teen started on the road to financial independence.

Homes can Survive a Wildfire
Research about how homes ignite during wildfires, and the actions homeowners can take to help their home survive the impacts of wildfire flames and embers.

Keeping Vehicle Batteries Charged
So, there I was (alone) at my secluded cabin, after a week of nature, getting ready to pack up and leave for home. I pressed my door unlock button and "NOTHING HAPPENED". From past experience, Roadside Assistance will not come to my cabin. When I came home I did more car battery research and updated this web page. I have made some new purchases. I urge you to consider these preventive measures.

Endless Hot Water - No Electricity or Gas
Building a wood-burning water heater out of used parts using a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermosiphoning process.

Start or Join a Neighborhood Watch Group
Neighborhood Watch is an organized effort by concerned residents to look out for each others safety, and to help law enforcement officers protect people and their homes against criminals. If your neighborhood has not yet become a crime statistic, consider crime preventive measures by starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. At the very least, call the police any time something looks suspicious or out of place. If your neighborhood has already become a crime statistic, a Neighborhood Watch Program can tackle this problem. Ignoring the problem will not fix it.

The Will to Survive
Not having this one key component has killed more people in a survival situation than any other issue we can talk about. It’s probably the single most important aspect of survival; The Will to Survive.

Capitalism vs. Socialism and Other Political & Economic Ideologies Comparisons
What do you believe? What do others believe. These charts, comparing Political & Economic Ideologies, may help understand them and put labels on the beliefs.

Off-Grid Water Supply Systems
Along with a long term water storage program, a renewable water source program should be part of your overall Emergency Plan. Additionally, it's helpful if there is a less-manual method of moving the water from the water source to a better-accessible location. Here are some options to consider.

Emergency Preparations on a Budget
Money is tight for most of us. We’re living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet. We have very little in the way of extra funds we can put toward preps. Sure, we’d all love to be able to drop a few thousand dollars on dehydrated food every other month but that just isn’t going to happen for most of us. So, let’s talk about ways we can stretch our dollars and get the most bang for our buck.

Cabin Gray Water System. DIY Installation On The Cheap
Water should never be wasted. A graywater system is used to take used water, from places like your laundry, shower and sink, and divert it for other uses. Here are some resources for installing and using a graywater system.

Homemade All-Natural House Cleaning Recipes and Techniques
Cleaning products without toxins and chemicals for our households.

How to Become an Informed Voter
The responsibility of voting is more than just the act of voting; it's being educated on the candidates and current issues through your independent research to make informed decisions. Being spoon-fed by biased press and social media is a thing of the past.

Re-Purposing Enemy Weapons and Ammo
Have you ever watched an action or war movie and said to yourself "take their ammo and weapons"? Well, that's exactly what needs to be done (with caution) in any armed conflict.

Sanitize Books to Reduce Spreading Germs
At local libraries and during garage-sale season, used books for sale abound. For the ridiculously low price of, say, ten cents, you might be able to snag a hardcover classic. But the joy of augmenting your book collection may be quenched when you consider the germ-factor. Just how many filthy fingers have been on this book?

Looting vs Scavenging
There are any number of "what if" scenarios that could play out, preventing access to emergency supplies. Regardless of how it happens, you suddenly find yourself standing in front of a wreck of a building. Once upon a time, it was a convenience store. Near as you can tell, it isn't occupied by anyone. Odds are pretty good you could find at least a few canned goods, possibly a bottle or two of water. What do you do?

Setting Up My Own Grid
Being on the “grid” is generally considered to mean that one is connected to the electrical grid supplied by a local electrical provider. Today, labeling yourself as “off grid” can mean a whole bunch of things. Here are the top 3 questions we get on a regular basis about our alternative energy setup.

Living Without Running Water
Reaching for the faucet and expecting water to flow out of it, is so ingrained in us that for many it seems impossible to imagine a life without that luxury.

Organizing Long Term Food Storage
It is not enough to just collect food and stick it away somewhere until it's needed. Knowing where and what it is and when it will expire is essential. A little planning ahead of time will save a lot of space and organizational problems in the future.

Preparing for a Global Financial Collapse
Today’s global cyber attacks, affecting banks, grocery stores, power plants and other industries around the world, are warnings to be prepared for a global financial collapse. These are believed to be "proof of concepts" (tests) to determine if it can be done. Now that the tests have proven to be successful, when will the more sinister attack occur? How will you handle it? Use this link for other preparation resources:

DIY Raw Pet Food Recipes
Raw feeding for cats and dogs is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With commercial cat food containing everything from indigestible grains to contaminated ingredients to harmful additives, a raw, species-appropriate diet is really the best way forward.

Pros and Cons of Washing Clothes in Hot Water
Ah, the washing machine; arguably one of the great inventions of our era, this device has freed up hours of time and energy. But even now, some questions remain. Namely, is washing clothes in hot water always the way to go? Or is all that heat doing your favorite shirt more harm than good?

Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Stove
Proper maintenance is crucial to a top-performing, long lasting stove. Without it, the stove will not function as intended. A poorly functioning wood stove can lead to smoke damage or cause a fire.

Sharing Personal Pollution - Tobacco & Vaping
I love the outdoors, the fresh air. So I am all for banning the total and complete manufacture, sale and use of tobacco products and other air pollutants such as eCigarettes; at the very least, the use of them in public and anywhere non-smokers can be affected.

Why We Should Never Say “Never”
When we say “I could never…” we are limiting the possibilities for our lives.

The Great Fluoride Debate
Regardless of the dental health community’s support of fluoride, many individuals, independent scientists, and some dentists have been speaking out in recent years about their concerns regarding the possible risks of fluoride.

Support Term Limits for Congress
With the congressional fiascos over the past several months, it's been made clearer to me that "career" politicians continue to waste my tax money on non-issues and they need to go away. You can help make that happen. Suggested Resource:

Technology Scares Me the Most
Technology is fast replacing the working man and will eventually reduce the work force to bare minimum. And government's "Universal Basic Income" is the idea that every citizen with a social security number will be given a set amount of money every month, directly deposited into their bank account, to help them with their basic living expenses, whether they work or not.

Using Sunlight to Sterilize Water
Every grown up human being needs about two litres of drinking water each day. It is very important to have pure drinking water. Otherwise you can suffer from diarrhea or even worse diseases. This article shows you how to sterilize water at no cost. Use a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle with water that is not turbid (murky, opaque, cloudy, unclear, muddy, thick, milky, roily)

Exaggerating Value and Importance
"A cup of tea really IS just something you drink". It's not some magical elixir. . . . So, let's step back and look at the big picture of a person, thing or situation and avoid sensationalizing its value, importance or impact. 99.9999999999% of the time, it's just regular ol' tea.

Risk Analysis: Pre-Calculating How an Emergency Can Impact Me
A Risk Analysis helps me identify all of the possible threats that can disrupt my way of life and helps me prepare for those threats including supplies and things I can do to reduce damage and impact.

Tactics to Stay off the Government's Grid
How to Stay off the Government's Radar Across the world, our lives are being tracked and monitored as never before. Maybe you want to be off the government grid. Or maybe you just want to have less information out there about yourself for privacy reasons. There are ways to do this. While implementing these methods all at once may not be practical, they can be phased in a little at a time. Knowing that it's possible is the first step.

Stockpiling -vs- Hoarding
I conclude that Hoarding is not a good thing and Stockpiling is a prudent and responsible thing. But today, with food and other goods so conveniently close to home, stocking up seems unnecessary. However, crap does happen, so just how much stocking up should we do?

Kidnapping: How to Reduce Being a Target and Respond if it Happens
The methods behind kidnapping are as varied as their motivations. While kidnapping, especially for ransom, can be a crime of opportunity, foreigners are often targeted due to their high-profile appearance, vulnerability, and assumed wealth.

Politicians are Public Servants, Not Celebrities, Royalty or Nobility
When politicians are treated as being more than public servants, their egos inflate, they become more selfish and less effective to their constituents. This is why Term Limits is so important; to reduce the potential for corruption and to get politicians back into the workforce because, as a politician, they aren't actually creating any value or wealth to the community. Don't treat them as celebrities. What they really need is to get back to a real job. Help them OUT; Vote Them Out!

Things To Consider Before Investing In Off-Grid Energy
We live in an age where our electric infrastructure is half a century past its prime... From freak storms to targeted terrorist attacks, we are never more than a minute away from an outage. Are you ready for a power outage? When it comes to off-grid energy, solar might seem like the ultimate stand out option… But consider these things before investing time and money...

A Guide for Best Practices for Mail Screening and Handling Processes
This might seem to be a strange thing to consider in a home defense plan but this is one of the easiest ways to inflict injury without actually 'being there'. Knowing the signs of a suspicious letter or package could save a life.

DIY Ethanol = Pot Still + Sugar + Yeast
Pot Still + Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol/Ethanol. It's very possible to produce a limited amount of our own ethanol for fuel. With a few modifications, this can be used much of the time like normal fuel.

Rubber vs. Silicone Car Hoses
If it has crossed your mind to upgrade your vehicle’s rubber radiator hoses to silicone ones, you might be wondering what the benefits and drawbacks are for both options and whether it’s worth it to go for silicone. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each type.

Discover Your True Passion!
Are you doing what you love? Are you passionate about what you currently do to earn a living? You may have heard it before… do what you love and the money will follow.

Off-Grid Shower
It never hurts to be prepared with a good shower alternative when clean running water may not be available when you might need one. Feeling clean is a boost to morale. Here are some shower options to consider.

Write out the year '2020' instead of just '20'
Scammers can change '20' to '2019' or '20-anything'

Throwing Money At It Will Work. NOT!
The typical government approach to a problem is "fund it and it will get fixed or go away". Government needs to change its strategy; finding effective alternatives to ineffective programs.

Helping Others, Helps Ourselves
When we help others prepare for potential future events, they will become more self-sufficient and less dependent on others when those events take place (Example: Retirement Planning vs. Welfare).

DIY Electromagnet
An electromagnet can be made using common items. A magnet is always a magnet. It always attracts. Sometimes you want that, such as with a fridge magnet, but not always. Because the magnetic field, of an electromagnet, can be turned on/off at will, the potential uses for electromagnets are endless.

National Anthem of the United States of America
On September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key pens a poem which is later set to music and in 1931 becomes America's national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The poem, originally titled “The Defense of Fort McHenry,” was written after Key witnessed the Maryland fort being bombarded by the British during the War of 1812.  Listen Here to the USNA Glee Club Sing The Star-Spangled Banner:

Farmageddon - The Unseen War on American Family Farms
Farmageddon - The Unseen War on American Family Farms . . . anxiety-laden documentary about government "oversight" (sometimes at gunpoint) of our farming and food ... story of family farms that were providing healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop by agents of misguided government bureaucracies. Regardless of when this documentary was produced, monitoring of government intervention must continue and their unjust practices brought to light.

Don't throw away dead car batteries - Recondition them.
Car batteries are too expensive to just throw them away when they lose their full power. They can be restored to their former glory or repurposed for backup or other DC Power uses.

No Sense of Community in Modern Society
Throughout history, humans have always lived in small, tight-knit communities and relied on these communities for our survival. Recently, we’ve moved toward a much more isolated way of life. The effects of these choices may be further reaching than we could have imagined. Could this be the cause of rising levels of depression, anxiety, chronic loneliness, PTSD and even the growing level of divisiveness and crime that’s apparent today?

Avoiding The Tin Foil Hat Club
Unfortunately, many people couldn't come up with an original thought in their head if their life depended on it. Many believe what they want, regardless of the facts. Others believe anything they read or hear; they believe what they have been fed. The Internet and media are Not always your friends. Even friends may not be friends when seeking the truth. Weed Out The Crap!

How to protect against identity theft and respond if it happens
It's a jungle out there in Cyberspace. Everyone is after your information to steal everything you own, including your personal identity (who you are). The only sure way to prevent this is to stay off the internet and get rid of your cell phone. So how inconvenient is that in todays world? Very. So what can be done to mitigate the potential, and probable, attacks?

Teaching Children About Money & Finance
In an attempt to protect children from the “real world”, parents often fail to teach important lessons about money and finance. Discussing the topic of responsible money management openly can help children understand the “whys” and “hows” of budgeting, saving and investing with real-life examples. Here are some resources for teaching children the important life concepts of money and financial responsibility . . .

Are You Able to Survive a Worst-Case Scenario?
Chances are GOOD that something BAD will happen to you during your lifetime. Do you prefer not to think about that or choose to be prepared for it? Thinking through possible scenarios can prepare you to think on your feet when the bottom falls out and keep a cool head when the heat is on.

Top 10 Rules For Success (Warren Buffett)
He is the single most successful investor of the 20th century. Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world. Here he shares his Top Ten Rules for Success.

Learn How, and What, To Barter
Bartering is a skill that can be used in good times and bad when non-monetary goods can be more valuable than a fistful of dollars by having something of value to others that can get stuff that is of value to you.

Itemize Inventory of Your Home Assets for Insurance Purposes
If homeowners need to file an insurance claim, they should be able to recall and report all the valuable items they own? If they want to get their money's worth, it's important to have an updated inventory of their home. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Use a smart phone to video the home and contents and do a commentary on what is being viewed. Save to a USB drive or the Cloud for safe keeping.

Survival and Natural Medicine Resources Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, are the two most popular speakers in the country regarding crisis medicine. Their entire focus is preparing the average person to handle medical issues during or after a disaster, either short term or long term.

House Jackasses Subverting Voter Rights
For nearly 3 years, the House Jackasses have been trying to reverse the decision of the American People to vote President Trump into office. In their desperate attempt to reverse the decision of the People, the House Jackasses filed articles of impeachment against the President without any concrete evidence. Now, the house Jackasses are delaying to send their [urgent] articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Cowboy Coffee: Making the Best Cup of Coffee
Of all the pleasures of camping, sipping a freshly brewed cup of joe around the morning fire is, as the old TV commercial hummed along, the best part of waking up. Here's how to make the best coffee in the West.

Long-Term Water Storage for Emergencies
Water does have a shelf life. Prepare yourself by building a supply of water that will meet your family’s needs during an emergency.

Glow Sticks v Chemical Lights
Glow Sticks v Chemical Lights and the science of glow sticks Anyone who has spent time in the military is familiar with chem lights, 12-hour military grade light sticks. Don't be fooled by the dollar store variety. Military grade chemical sticks can be seen a mile away

Canned Hamburger - Yum!
Cooking & Recipes Using Canned Hamburger Resources and Recipes for canned ground meats with a shelf life of nearly 10 years.

Selling People and Aborted Baby Body Parts
. . . pro-life investigators David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt will stand trial on nine felony counts of secretly recording conversations as part of their exposé of Planned Parenthood’s illegal harvesting and trafficking of aborted baby body parts.

Dangerous Hiking Mistakes Most People Make
When planning a hike, keep in mind to have a solution for the following. . . even highly experienced mountain packers can get into trouble – in a heartbeat.

Simple Ways for a Successful Bugging-Out “On Foot” During A Crisis
There is a common issue that I see with a big percentage of those that want to go out on the trail and travel for distance…They rarely make it to the midway point! I have seen many factors, continually repeated, that contribute to this failure. I would like to go ahead and share more issues that stand out the most to me in hopes that you do not make the same mistakes.

New Breads That Can Help Lose Weight
New breads to feel better about. Coconut, Ezekiel and Tapioca with Pistachio butter.

Character, Conduct and Attitude Outweigh Talent
Too much emphasis is placed on talent when trying to explain how people achieve great things. Talent plays a much smaller role in the success someone has compared to their attitude.

National Debt: Who Cares?
The amount of money the U.S. government receives each year is considerably less than what the government spends. That is just bad business. As of February 2019 the National Debt was 22 Trillion Dollars with interest being paid at 33 Billion Dollars a year. Can this be fixed? Do politicians care?

Building a Snow Cave For Winter Survival
The colder seasons bring a new set of survival scenarios. So, you need to find new ways to make it out alive if you're caught in the wilderness. Knowing how to build a survival snow shelter is essential. Find out how to build one that is strong, sturdy and durable to withstand all winter weather situations.

Kill Off Unwanted Gift Exchanges for Less Holiday Stress
Whether it's the economy, a desire to be more careful with your money, you're burnt out on getting and giving gifts that just clutter up your house and theirs, or a combination of everything above, it may be time to reconsider gift giving traditions.

DIY "Goggles" for Eye Protection When No Sunglasses are Available
Do It Yourself (DIY) emergency goggles to protect eyes from blowing sand, dust, wind, desert sun or snow blindness. Make from tree bark, wood or your supplies (duct tape, cloth, etc.)

Lose Weight and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Eat More Fat.
Eat more FAT, reduce Protein intake and stop eating Carbohydrates. Dr. Sarah Hallberg and Nina Teicholz explain.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain and Stiffness
Millions of Americans, with joint pain and stiffness, most likely rely on some type of painkiller, whether prescription or over-the-counter, just to get through the day. Unfortunately, some drugs come with very nasty side effects.

Obey the Police or Get Arrested - It's YOUR Call
It is NOT okay if you fail to obey the Police. If you fail to obey, you have just created your own serious problem and you cannot win.

Preparing Against Illegal Immigrants Sapping U.S. Resources
OK, so we have politicians who want to let the world into this country and let those stay who have already illegally entered. We have employers who are purchasing illegal immigrants to work for them. We have the illegals (over 12 million) 'demanding' rights and sap the resources that Taxpayers provide. And, we have DACA kids 'demanding' citizenship. Here's what should be done:

Rodent-Proofing, Control and Elimination to Prevent Disease
It’s simply common sense to take measures to prevent rodent infestation in the home and eliminate those already there. Once an infestation has occurred, much more effort is required to dislodge these unwanted guests. Rodent-proofing a home requires careful evaluation for points of entry from the level of the foundation to the roofline.

2nd Amendment Sanctuaries: Preserving the Second Amendment.
There is a movement sweeping across the country. Average citizens are taking destiny into their own hands by using the initiative process.

Angry at government? Orderly Ways to Fight Back and Win.
Often, individual citizens find themselves overwhelmed by the threat of coercive power and bureaucratic excessiveness. How can one person confront government? It's much easier to simply go passive but don't be intimidated. There are a number of things you can do.

Make Potato Flakes With 5 Years Shelf Life (without refrigeration)
Dehydrated potato flakes are a highly portable, convenient source of nutrition. They are fairly easy to cook, don’t weigh much and keep for a long time without refrigeration. Also, you know what’s in them when you make them from scratch and they taste better.

Plants That Help Clean Indoor Air
Houseplants are very efficient at removing indoor air contaminants, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides (released by burning wood) and formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene released by interior furnishings.

Snowboarding Accident in a Tree Well - Whaddyado?
Avoid deep powder skiing. Stay clear of trees. Use the buddy system (keeping your buddy in sight). Suggested reference:

Building and Storing Food Reserves for an Emergency
Power outages, and emergencies that disrupt our routine lives, are unpredictable and can last an hour, a day, a week or more. Foods with a long shelf-life and don't require heat or cooking are ideal for stocking the pantry in case of a power outage. Here are some suggestions:

Are "Preppers" Whack Jobs or is the World?
Zealots and extremists exist for every opinion but animals store things, and humans get insurance, to prepare for hard times. In the volatile world in which we live, maybe the real Whack Jobs aren't those who plan but those who fail to plan.

Cashless Society Pros & Cons
The concept of “cashless” is either a heated debate, the wave of the future, or a term you’ve never heard of. Governments have a love-hate relationship with cash because it is anonymous money which may represent untaxed earnings. This helps explain why the fix is in to outlaw cash.

My Favorite EveryDay Carry (EDC)
I not only use these tools but give them as inexpensive, useful gifts.

Stranded in the Wilderness? Whaddyado?
What do you do when you are lost in the wilderness in winter? How to properly prepare for your activities. Part 2:

What is Estate Planning and Why It is Important?
You're never too young, too old, too poor or too rich to record what happens with you and your possessions when you are no longer able to make those decisions. Don't leave your family with a mess that could create family confusion and drama and give away your possessions to the government.

Too Thin Skinned
Remember the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Like society, this saying is breaking down. Not only are there more cry-babies but society is caving to them, like irresponsible parents who don't discipline their children. Well, boo hoo. Get over it kiddie. If there is any hope for you to survive the real world, grow up. Suggested video:

Frequently Change Diapers & Politicians (for the Same Reason)
To make changes to government, politicians need to be replaced regularly. Voting in new faces gets new perspectives in goverment and "career politicians" back into the work force.

What Labor Unions No Longer Do: Are They Still Relevant?
Forty years ago, labor unions were a major economic and political force. They helped form the labor laws of today. But are they still needed or just raising the cost of goods and services, forcing companies out of business or causing staff reductions or outsourcing to other countries? Suggested reading:

Bug Barometer®: 2019 Fall and Winter Seasonal Projection of Pest Activity
Pest activity will be heightened this fall and winter as extreme fluctuations in temperature and precipitation across the U.S. are expected throughout the season. Suggested resource:

Harnessing Earth’s Most Powerful Fluid - Hydroelectric
. . . one thing we can always count on is gravity. And one special type of electric generation uses the power of gravity to harness electricity from moving water: Hydroelectric power.

Recycling – Benefits of Taking Responsibility for a Better Environment
Recycling is a simple way every person can contribute to making a cleaner environment. But, surely, there must be more benefits of recycling than just reducing the amount of trash we throw out. It takes time and effort to collect, separate and send away the trash. But the fact is that there are many ways in which this process makes for a better and happier world. Suggested Reading:

The Battle to Control Information and Sway Public Opinion
It's perhaps one of the most important and pitched battles of our time. What can you believe? Who's telling the truth? What's real? . . . the web is a free-for-all, where news is faked, and popular sites are subject to manipulation or censorship. Suggested reading:

Smart Spending for Financial Freedom
Using your money wisely can pay many dividends for you over time. Learning to spend your money wisely is a habit most people must learn through discipline, it is usually not inbred into a person’s lifestyle.

Reasons to Bundle Up and Get Outside During Winter
When it's chilly outside, the temptation might be to hunker down and stay indoors until Spring. However, staying indoors during colder months won’t do anything to improve mood or health – in fact, research suggests the opposite is true. Suggested reading:

Essentials for Choosing Bug-out Locations
The purpose of a bug out location is to get away from the chaos and potential danger a SHTF situation can generate. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bug out location. Suggested readings: and

Trans-Insanity – Mother Forcing Castration of 7-Year-Old-Son to make him a girl
Man the maker is not the maker of man, because he is not the maker of nature. Human nature, for those of us who believe what our eyes tell us, is partitioned into men and women. Moreover, the differences between men and women are the differences that instruct us in the reality of the whole of nature. . . Suggested readings: and

Eating Rules
Your pants never get too tight if you don't wear any. But seriously . . .

Making Wilderness Cordage
In a dire situation in the wild, a piece of string can become an important survival item. Making cordage from plants is a good skill to master. It will help in the construction of almost any need. Making cordage from common plants is a forgotten skill; one that is being kept alive thanks to survivalists and bushcraft enthusiasts.

Making Food Storage Easy
. . . breaking down the Food Storage process into EASY and FUN Baby Steps.

Camping Survival Tips
Here are some camping survival tips and tricks to make your [camping] experience a little more manageable and enjoyable.

Reality Prepping
In reality we prepare ourselves for things every day without thinking. We put gas in our vehicles today, so we don’t have to walk tomorrow. We buy groceries so we don’t have to go out and forage for food. We buy insurance just in case. Think of "prepping" as insurance to have necessary items at times when they may not be available.

Hate vs. Justice
We can't function on emotions (boo hoo); they are too fickle. Get back to seeking the FACTS and enforcing the laws.

Home Heating Tips and Energy-Efficient Alternatives
We can’t always rely on the power grid to keep our homes warm. In case of an outage, we should have a backup plan and know how to heat our homes even without electrical power. Search for heating alternatives:

Living a Life Without Money
Sometimes, in hard situations, people have to live and survive off of very little. Knowing how to do this now, instead of when disaster strikes, will only help you survive the more difficult situations. Here are some tips to get rid of your money addiction and live life without the pressure of money. Suggested Reading:

Surviving Hypothermia: What To Do Until Help Arrives
Step by step actions to take for surviving hypothermia if symptoms occur. Read about the hypothermia 1-10-1 Rule, a simple way to remember the first 3 phases of Cold Water Immersion:

Beware of Hackers When Using Home Surveillance Cameras
Web cameras have become popular to keep an eye on our homes, children, or pets while we are away. But they could be vulnerable to hacking and risk having images of homes and loved ones published online.

Boron (Boric Acid / Borax) – Health, Household, Garden and Pest Control Uses and Benefits
Boron is a trace mineral, common supplement and nutrient that is neglected by many. Found naturally in several plants, it offers several benefits, not just to plants but also to all of us. Do lots of research before using Boron products. Suggested reading:

DIY Eye Care and Vision Preparedness
. . . it is recommended to deal with medical issues BEFORE a societal collapse occurs. Bad eyesight [correction] might be one of those issues. It also helps to know how to self-treat many eye injuries and ailments.

Making Shuriken Throwing Stars from Sewing Trimming Scissors
Shuriken, commonly referred to as ninja, or throwing, stars were commonly used to slow down attackers or as a distraction. Evidence shows that they were sometimes partially buried in the ground to maim attackers when stepped on. Here's how to make them. Scissors Link: Trimming Scissors

Cold-Weather Injuries to Look Out for and How to Treat Them
Cold weather is no joke. It can lead to severe injury and even death. Check out this post to learn how to treat a variety of cold-weather injuries.

Winterizing Toes and Fingers
Despite covering hands and feet during frigid weather, suffering from icy toes and fingers can still happen . . . What's a person to do?

Must-Have Survival Items for RV or Camper
Aside from the comforts of home (yeah, I still bring my pillow with me), safety is also a concern. There are lots of things needed to have in a safety kit. That’s all the more true if an RV doubles as a bug out vehicle. Here are essential items to survive an emergency in an RV or Camper.

Hiding From Thermal Vision
Modern surveillance technology can be scarily effective, and it’s getting better all the time.Thermal imaging, also called passive infrared, doesn’t need any light to detect you. But, if you know what you’re doing, it isn’t impossible to evade detection.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance and Emergency and Winter Preparation
Chances are, if you are not at home when an emergency strikes, you will be in, or near, your vehicle. So, for the majority of us, our everyday car or pickup truck will need to be ready to serve us in nearly any emergency big or small, while driving to the local grocery store or taking a cross-country trip, while changing a flat tire or surviving a serious accident, blizzard, hurricane, tornado or whatever else in the middle of nowhere.

Taking Good Health for Granted
As I watched, on TV, these people suffering through their incurable and painful diseases, I thanked God for my health and asked Him why they have to suffer. Then I thought of how we “healthy” people abuse our bodies with unhealthy diets, smoking, drugs, alcohol and activities (or lack of) and how much those suffering people would give anything for what I have.

Essential Oils and Their Thousands of Uses and Benefits
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, pest control, personal beauty care, natural medicine treatments and more. Ready to harness the power of the world’s most proven therapeutic compounds?

Needs and Wants
I ask myself the question "do I NEED this or do I WANT it?" Is it a necessity for my health or to perform a task, or is it something I want, just because? This usually saves money and prevents accumulating unwanted junk.

Survival (Bug Out) Vehicles - When Traffic Grinds to a Halt, What Will You Drive?
Generally, every vehicle should be ready for bugging out because we never know where we will be when a "get outta Dodge" situation happens. Here are a few things to consider when selecting and preparing a vehicle. Suggested resources: and

The Many Uses of WD40
It’s not just for squeaks and rusted metal anymore; WD40 has proven to be a great cleaning and adhesive-removal product and so much more.

Respect for Others is Nearing Extinction
There is a steadily increasing climate of disrespect in the family and society. Lack of respect is a problem the majority of people don't seem to mind even though it poses a serious threat to our values and character. When we tolerate disrespectful behavior, it can lead to crime and violence. Clearly, our present society lacks the perception about respect.

Delete Google Web Search History & Tracking
Google stores Web Search History on their servers for Google/Gmail personal accounts. Here's how to delete history and disable, or pause this setting. To stop Google from tracking your movements, read instructions at: Look at this alternative Search Engine:

Cold & Flu season: How to protect and prevent spreading the disease
The Cold and Flu season is fast approaching. Here are ways to reduce the chances of getting it and ways to prevent spearding it. Suggested Readings: and

Paying off Student Loan Debt
Student loan debt is what might be considered a ‘superglue’ kind of debt. It’s tenacious, and it sticks to you. Immune even to bankruptcy, a student loan simply doesn’t go away. So how should someone approach their student loan repayment? Suggested reading:

Building a Debris Hut for Hunting or Survival
Resourcefulness is one of the most important traits of a great hunter or survivalist, especially when it comes to building an outdoor shelter. But when it comes down to it, being sure that the shelter is strong enough is key.

Build a Bug Out Bag for Greater Chances of Survival
There is nothing we can do to prevent calamity, but there is plenty that can be done to prepare for it. The chief handicap in all disasters is a lack of preparation. Taking the necessary steps today, may mean the differ-ence between life and death, tomorrow. So, what can you do today to prepare for anything tomorrow may throw at you? Suggested reading:

Practical Camo Tips For A Successful Hunt
Don't risk ruining a hunt. Anything that could cause a distraction or risk chances of ending the day with a kill should be avoided. That's why the clothes worn to hunt are important to consider; nothing too noisy, uncomfortable or bright. Here is some practical advice to stock up on useful hunting clothes at a reasonable price.

Decreased antibiotic use can reduce transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms
. . . nearly half of all antibiotics prescribed may be inappropriate. Overuse of antibiotics reduces their effectiveness and the effectiveness of other drugs.

The Cycle of Poverty and the Relationships with Addiction and Incarceration
Poverty is a state of mind visible through an individual's actions, accountability, and personal/professional choices. The consumption of our most valuable assets - time and money. To win the war on poverty we must share our knowledge - become a living example of how to break the poverty mindset.

The Power of Family and its Impact on Society
The benefits of living in a healthy family are too numerous to mention. The family impact on society includes how people socialize, the beliefs people have, communication, lawfulness and economic activities. Suggested Readings: and

Dumpster Diving: One Man's Junk is Another's Treasure
Looking through dumpsters for useful items that people throw away can yield just about anything; building materials, furniture, books, tools, clothes, food and even CASH!

The Dumpster List - Acquisition Guidelines
This list helps us stretch our dollars, limit our output of refuse, and choose items that are easier to transport and maintain should we be forced to evacuate or relocate during an emergency event.

What does a Well Stocked First Aid Kit Contain?
A basic first aid kit should contain items listed in this article. The kit should be stored in a waterproof container in a cool, dry place. It should be easily accessible, properly labelled and reviewed on a periodic basis to make sure all contents are present and not expired. Suggested resource:

Convert Diesel Vehicles to Run on Waste Vegetable Oil
When Rudolph Diesel invented his internal combustion engine, he used refined peanut oil as fuel so farmers could grow their own fuel for their tractors. This article will give the basics of converting a standard pickup truck or car to run on Dinodiesel, Biodiesel, or Straight Vegetable Oil. Suggested reading:

There is No Safe Place
You are not safe anywhere. Situational awareness & heeding warning signs are key to knowing your surroundings for a better understanding of circumstances and options that can reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Your safety is your responsibility.

Water Filtration Methods For Survival
Access to clean water could be the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Whether in the aftermath of a natural disaster or out in the wilderness, prepare for the worst by knowing how to filter water for drinking. Suggested Reading:

Emergency Preparation Items for less than $5
Inexpensive, useful items for emergencies, camping or everyday use.

Stock Market Trading and Tax Preparation
After reporting my Stock Market gains/losses while doing my taxes, I discovered an option I love that some online brokers offer; automatic importing into my tax preparation software.

It used to be "quieter out there" . . .
. . . before everything got amplified. It's been said that people are afraid to be quiet because they do not know how to enjoy their own company or are afraid of what they may hear, or not hear, in their minds.

Low-tech Detection Using Telltales
About 25 minutes into the James Bond, 007 movie “Dr. No”, 007 (Sean Connery) arrives at his hotel and gets his vodka martini (shaken, not stirred). He then shakes some powder onto his briefcase latches and pulls a hair from his head and places it across the crack between the room door and door jamb. Why; to detect if someone opens the door or his briefcase after he leaves. In the spy/detective business, these are called “telltales”. They tell of activity when the spy can’t be there to observe. These techniques can be used to alert of unwanted access/activity.

Emergency Escape from a Vehicle
Vehicle Escape Tools may not work on all cars. Tempered Glass Windows will break. Laminated Glass Windows will not. Escape pre-planning starts with knowing your vehicle(s), what type of glass is installed, and thinking through escape scenarios.
Escape a Sinking Car:
Escape from a Trunk:
Escape an Overturned Car:

Simple Survival Hacks Using Household Items
Household items may be the only available items to rely on when an emergency happens. Here's how to to turn them into survival tools. A few simple hacks to make matches, compass, water filter and more may be the key to surviving a bad situation.

Should We Always Say Something When We See Something?
Outside-influenced terrorism is not the only threat in our communities. Local, home-grown, threats are becoming more prevalent (disgruntled employees, students making threats, etc.). Most times, people are just making bad decisions or just being "people". Less often, there are real threats. While we should report behavior that is reasonably indicative of criminal activity or violent behavior, we need to avoid becoming paranoid, living in unreasonable fear. Suggested Reading:

Safety Before, During and After a Hurricane or Storm
Being prepared and knowing what to do, in the event of any type of storm, is key to staying alive and limiting property damage. These articles will help prepare and reduce injury and property damage left behind after a hurricane. Suggested Reading:

Outsourcing Our Family Values
Over the decades, there has been a steady decline of family values; going to church, patriotism and raising children. Former generations have become apathetic, giving up the responsibility to “educators”, government, television and social media and “self” is the root cause of the younger generations. So, how can we reverse these trends?

Body Language: Reading Non-Verbal’s and Building Trust
“Soft skills” are important in survival. Knowing how to read a person or situation is hugely beneficial in day to day life and in survival situations, and body language is one of the best ways to do this. Suggested Video:

The Scam and Fraud You WILL Fall For
Most of us believe that humans are, basically, good. That perception needs to change. Here's help to keep from falling victim to those who prey on the careless and naive.

Making a Mini Root Cellar In The Backyard In Less Than Two Hours
Once upon a time, root cellars were the only way people had to preserve their food. It's still a great way to store fruits and vegetables, especially when you need to store more than you have room indoors and without electricity. Take advantage of nature’s “ice box.” All it takes is a shovel, a little elbow grease and a trash can.

Backup Your Backups
Never should it be assumed that things will always be as they are. Jobs are lost, vehicles break down, electric goes out, weather can stop us from getting to the store. It's the prudent thing to do to think of what I need to live and implement/purchase methods that will back that up and then come up with a 3rd [or 4th or 5th] backup option.

Automobiles: Boxes On Wheels; Waste of Money
Automobiles; they are mobile money pits. Let's look at its most basic form and function; it's a box on wheels that conveys us from point A to point B. Is it really necessary to dump a lot of money into it?

Good & Bad Uses for a Home Equity Loan
Taking out a loan on the equity of your home (Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit) can be a good thing as long as it is NOT used for things that depreciate in value or do not improve your financial worth.

Carrying a Knife - U.S. Laws By State
Knife laws vary wildly by state. Knives like switchblades, spring-assisted knives, butterfly knives and others are legal in some states and illegal in others. Getting caught or crossing state lines with an illegal knife or switchblade can lead to serious consequences. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, so arm yourself with the right information on knife laws by state.

When are Children Ready for Cell Phones?
Our digital culture nearly demands the need for everyone to have a Smartphone. But do our children need them? At what age? How about something more basic for just tracking and communicating? Suggested Reading:

Survival Companions: The Company We Keep
Far into my teenage years, my parents always wanted to meet my friends and either encourage or dissuade my continuance of the relationship. The decision was mine but, ultimately, I would find that my parents were correct in their assessments. An Emergency Plan should include working together with a trusted group of people to prepare for any emergency. Personal survival relationships should be based on moral and upright principals and character.

Enduring Pain Without Medicine
What if all of your favorite coping mechanisms (ways of getting through sucky circumstances) were GONE?

Am I Fit to Bug-Out? An Essential Guide to Prepper Fitness
Improving my survival fitness doesn’t mean perfecting my body to fitness model standards. It means conditioning my fitness level to enable my body to handle the various physical tasks that will be necessary in a disaster scenario.

First Amendment Religious Liberty Under Attack
Insight into anti-religious groups using any means necessary to stifle their opponents who support the concepts of religious liberty that America was founded on. Those who care to maintain the foundations of this country must be on the offensive.

Demand on the Rise for Bullet-Proof Clothing & Accessories
The demand for bulletproof clothing is on the rise. From children’s backpacks to executive suits, it's available for everyone. Suggested Reading:

Helping Our Children to be Ready to Face Disasters
With mass shootings and bullet-proof backpacks, helping our children learn the need to prepare for emergencies is a good thing. Children can better cope with disasters if they know what to expect and feel like they can help protect themselves and the family. When they are allowed to be part of the process, you give them the ability to face situations with confidence, and you give your family better odds of surviving a crisis. You also help them develop skills they need to stay safe throughout their life.

Back to School for Preppers
Just because the kids are going back to school, doesn’t mean preppers are off the hook! Whether you consider yourself a prepper or not, it's a good time to review some skills, stock-up on supplies, get prepared and help your children learn the need to prepare for emergencies.

Installing a Wall Safe to Hide & Secure Valuables & Firearms
A wall safe can be simple to install and a secure way to hide valuables. However, if installed incorrectly, criminals can simply cut out the safe and take it with them. Following these steps will provide a safe and secure location to store valuables and keep firearms from curious young children.

Do We Really Need to Keep Hate Mongering Alive? Can We Finally Heal and Stop Picking at the Old Wounds?
When public officials and celebrities propagate racial language, they do a disservice to their constituents/fans . . .

Make Your Own Altoids Urban Survival Kit
This pocket-sized kit may be small, but don’t let its size fool you. It contains all the supplies you’ll need in case of emergency to keep you prepared at all times. Research other options that suit you:

Sometimes A Push Is Needed to MAKE Dreams Come True
. . . When I first got the news, for about a minute I thought, "Oh crap". But the plans I had made started coming to mind. I did not freak out. I could visualize how much of a good thing this could be.

Self Defense and the Bible (ACLDN)
An in-depth multi-part series about the Bible, believers and the issue of self defense, with a look at the concerns that may cause individual Christians, as well as congregations, to seek out defense strategies and provisions. What is ACLDN? (

Turn Robocalls Into Cash
Robocallers invade our homes and privacy. They circumvent the Do Not Call list. And they cost us real money – an estimated $350 million a year is lost to phone scams. Now, make them pay you. Register your phones at: Related Link:

Secret Languages That Allow You To Communicate Anywhere
It occurred to me that every family or close-knit group of friends should have at least one way to convey information and messages to each other secretly. What are these languages? American Sign Language, Gregg Shorthand and International Morse Code.

Societal Decay, NOT Gun Availability, has Increased Gun Violence
What has changed to make gun violence worse is NOT the availability of guns (which has actually decreased) but Societal Decay. This Chinese-American Man Destroys the Gun Control Debate. Government cannot write laws to stop moral decay. That is the responsibility of "the people". Suggested Reading:

Could Rabies-Flu Hybrid Create "Zombie Virus" ?
Rabies is still a mystery illness without a cure once the illness "sets in". So, what if this illness, contracted after being bitten by an infected animal, became airborne? Of all the things that could cause a wide-spread Public Emergency, a virus is the most probable. Shouldn't we prepare?

Starting a Friction Fire
If you find yourself in the wilderness with no lighter or matches on hand, knowing how to start a fire will save your life. In this tutorial, we teach you how to start a friction fire using a wooden spindle and fire board.

Summer Carry Compromises (ACLDN)
Violent crime increases when summer temperatures soar. But many law-abiding folks admit that when it’s hot, they find it too difficult to carry a concealed gun for self defense. Here are some hot weather concealed carry strategies. What is ACLDN? (

Living without Refrigeration
. . . She sent me a message recently with a recipe she thought that I might want to try: Smoothie Popsicles. It made me laugh so hard! I told her that they looked delicious, but I have two problems. I don’t have a blender and I can’t freeze anything! It’s hard to understand what it means to live off grid. Even someone who spent four days in my home has forgotten that I don’t have a freezer. I don’t blame her because EVERYONE has a freezer. Everyone except me. So how does my family live without refrigeration?

So What happened to Family Fun Night?
So when people ask if we do family games night my instinctive reaction is to stifle a laugh. Family games night? Ha. No, we just game All Of The Time. But, lately, life has been busy and it has fallen to the wayside. Realizing that makes me feel melancholy. So maybe we do need to have family games night.

The 10 Commandments of Survival
To help overcome my own dizzying sense of having too much to do and prepare for, I sat down a couple of years ago and attempted to put my own rules (“10 commandments of survival”) into words to help bring focus and meaning to preparing for hard times.

Social Media Content Could Cost You a Job
Make sure your social media profile doesn’t work against you. A survey of job recruiters found that 63 percent of respondents said they screen potential job candidates by perusing their profiles on social media sites in search of warning signs that a candidate might not be a good fit.

How to Escape Thick Mud or Quicksand
Walking along and suddenly the ground beneath starts swallowing you. How do you keep from sinking further? How do you get out? Here's how. Read a real life story here:

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?
Water is earth's most valuable resource. All living things need it to survive. But in the near future, there may not be enough to sustain life on our planet. Can we assume the water coming out of our faucets is safe to drink? And what about well water, home filtered water or bottled water? Would you like to know about the lead, bacteria, pesticide, iron, and copper content of your water? Recommended Resources: and

More Emergency Survival Hacks - Quick Video
How well would you survive in an emergency situation? We've got you covered...

Top Diseases of Concern After a Disaster
When the infrastructure is compromised, understanding and preparing for these diseases will help you survive.

DIY List Of Survival Hacks, Projects and Recipes
Many people think DIYs are just for fun. When they hear “DIY,” they think of cute crafts and recipes. The fact is, DIYing is a truly lifesaving skill, and many DIY enthusiasts have other interests that include homesteading, survival and preparedness. DIY and self-reliance go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that so many DIY-ers are survival and homesteading enthusiasts, as well.

DIY Pest Control
Make your own natural Pest Control products to rid yourself of annoying and destructive critters. Other resources: and Also search DIY insecticides at

Protect Yourself Against Ticks, Chiggers and Mosquitos
Ticks, chiggers and mosquitos can make life miserable and even be life threatening. Here's how to protect yourself. Suggested Readings: and

Moisture & Mold Problems: Preventing & Solving Them in Your Home
Household mold is more than unsightly. In some cases, mold in your home can make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Here's what you can do to combat mold problems, and take care of yourself and your home. Suggested reading: Suggested video:

DIY Natural Household Cleaners & Deodorizers
Household cleaner, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, laundry booster - make your own and forget the toxic, store-bought, costly commercial products. Suggested video: Suggested Reading:

Survival Hacks And Skills for Adults and Children
So what can be the most useful survival hacks and skills that can get you out of any hitch? There just isn’t one, not two but a lot of them. We will never know what nature, or humans, can throw at us on any given day wherever we are and whatever we may be doing. That’s why we should learn to be skillful in so many things and pass them on to our children for their safety.

Aquatic Survival Skills
When you think of survivalist, you’re probably thinking of igniting fires, building shelters, and hiking miles of wilderness. Though survivalists do these things, many people don’t think about the aquatic survival skills people need to know in order to survive places like rivers, oceans, and other larger bodies of water. Suggested reading:

Melting Aluminum for Casting in Your Mini Foundry
Using your mini foundry, a few coals and a ton of heat, you can turn soda cans into aluminum pucks that can become practically any object. This technique is a great way to recycle old soda cans, and you can make awesome new objects in just a few steps.

Crazy Simple Tips To Build Your Emergency Food Supply
Advice on what to buy, how much to buy, where to buy it, how to store it and, to a lesser degree, how to eat it.

Passing On
A unique documentary telling the sensitive, powerful stories of people facing their own mortality, of the family and friends caring for them, and of the medical professionals trying to ease their patients’ pain and the families’ burdens.

Many Americans are Worried About This Financial Threat
Unlike the doomsayers, I see some strong times ahead for our country, and for those ready to embrace the investing opportunities.

Climate Change / Global Warming
Just as the North and South Poles will, eventually, swap places, I believe Alaska will become the new Florida and the "green movement" uses scare tactics to further their agenda.

Words Without Meaning
Isn't there enough worthless chatter? Is it really necessary to add to it?

Free Medical, Dental & Vision Care
Remote Area Medical (RAM - provides free medical, dental, and vision care to hundreds of thousands of people. Every RAM roving clinic is free and open to the public. There are no qualifying questions and ID is not required.

The World is still 'grossly underprepared' for infectious disease outbreaks
The world remains "grossly underprepared" for outbreaks of infectious disease, which are likely to become more frequent in the coming decades, warn a team of international experts. "We will not be ready for the next outbreak without deeper and more comprehensive change"

Chigger Bites - Home Remedies
Chiggers are members of the arachnid family. They are extremely tiny, and my guess is you won’t even see them as they jump from the tall grass onto your skin and/or clothing.

Make Your Own Double-Wide Paracord Bracelet
A great survivalist knows how valuable a paracord bracelet can be in a survival situation. This double-wide cobra bracelet allows you to carry multiple feet of paracord around your wrist at all times. Check out this tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Living With Chronic Anxiety & Depression
For those who have never experienced this, it must be very difficult to comprehend the affect it has on those who do. It's not as simple as "just get over it". Here is Andrew Solomon (Depression, the secret we share) with his very articulate explanation.

Nuclear Survival: Bugging Out Safely After the Blast
With many rogue nations gathering plutonium for nuclear warheads, nuclear preparedness should never be ignored. Learn how to stay safe while bugging out.

Building Your Own AR-15 (Parts List & Links)
Instructions for putting the parts together is not included (I'm sure you can easily find that on the web) but the 2016 list includes estimated pricing and where you can get each part. 2016 links may be out of date.

How to Dispatch and Butcher a Rabbit
If you raise or hunt rabbits, you need to know how to kill and butcher one. This tutorial will teach you how to butcher a rabbit Step-By-Step. Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing, especially to younger readers.

Raising Rabbits for Food
The decision to raise rabbits, for me, came down to a few factors. I wanted an animal that would supplement the usual meats in my diet: chicken, beef, and pork. I also wanted an animal that would be easy to take care of, easy to clean, wouldn’t cost too much, and one where I would not have a big allergic reaction. I found out later that rabbit meat is very high in protein and very low in fat.

Ways To Storm-Proof Your Home
Are You Living In A Storm-Proof House? Here are some trouble-free tips to make that happen.

Daily Habits of Prepared People
The way prepared people spend their time before an emergency is the real key to survival. This is something that no amount of money can buy. It’s the small daily habits that become an innate part of our everyday lives – habits that may not even be noticeable to someone outside the lifestyle.

Protest Something That Actually Matters
I'm always amazed how much drama people can manufacture from the least important things; making the proverbial mountain out of a mole hill (ant hill, more like it).

Microgreens and Vertical Farming
The modern ideas of vertical farming use indoor farming techniques and controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) technology, where all environmental factors can be controlled.

Escape and Evade
Whether you're trying to evade a hostile military force, kidnappers in a foreign land, or a group of looters or rioters in a situation of civil unrest, the following information can help for disguising your movement and remaining undetectable while on the run.

Do Cell Phones Cause Health Problems?
Studies linking cell phone use to health problems bring mixed results. Cell phones emit non-ionizing, electromagnetic radiation. Human tissue closest to cell phone antennas absorb some of this energy. Using the speaker or hands-free device may prevent/reduce health problems suggested to be associated with cell phone use. Suggested resources:

The Many Ways to Generate Electricity at Home
Learn different ways to generate electricity at home in case you can no longer rely on the power grid.

Improvised Survival Gear - Think Outside the Box
Anyone can find themselves in a sticky situation without all of the gear they’d like to have. But just because you aren’t prepared doesn’t mean you can’t save the day. Don’t let MacGyver have all the fun. Other Resource: and

Simple Everyday Items That Can Save Lives
. . . you’d be surprised to know how the most simple of items and ideas can save millions – yes, millions – of lives. Check out these ten surprisingly simple everyday items that can definitely save lives.

How to Hide or Camouflage Your Valuables from Visitors or Looters
Need to hide some money? Documents? Keys? Maybe even your meds. The first rule; don’t talk about things you want to keep private. The second thing is to use your imagination and research ideas to hide your private things. Here are some ideas. Suggested reading: and

Switching to Solar-Powered Security
Most security systems require electricity and a large budget. But anything that depends on the grid and money isn't a solid plan. Switch up your home security to solar-powered systems (lights, cameras, alarms) for more assurance.

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook
United States Army Ranger Handbook (PDF file for download or online reading)

Booby Traps to Arm And Protect Your Home
Remember Home Alone? Little Kevin had to come up with some creative and innovative ways to booby-trap the house against the burglars. This flick serves as a great reminder that just about anything can be used for home security if you put your mind to it.

How to Make Your Own Paracord Strap
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a paracord strap that is strong and durable. Using this technique, you can make other paracord items.

US Army Survival Handbook
US Army Survival Manual (PDF file for download or online reading)

Protecting Online Purchases from 'Porch Pirates'
At least 23 million Americans have packages stolen from their porches, mailboxes, and stoops. Take measures to deter the 'porch pirates'

Ecotourism - Connect with Nature, Help the Environment
Through visiting areas of stunning natural beauty, seeing animals in their native habitats and meeting members of local communities, travelers can increase their awareness of the importance of conserving resources and avoiding waste, experiencing traditions and cultures of their destination without missing out on adventure, excitement and relaxation. Ecotourism helps protect natural habitats and pristine environments and benefits the local job markets. Suggested Reading:

Benefits of Personal Hygiene
Good personal hygiene, makes you come off as a capable person with self-worth and self-confidence. It also helps you stay healthy, clean-looking and attractive. Poor hygiene spreads illness, affects interpersonal relationships, social interactions and job or school performance.

Making Use Of Improvised Weapons
. . . where ammo is scarce or you’re forced to leave your supplies behind, improvised weapons may be your only choice for self-defense.

Why Whole Foods are Better Than Nutritional Supplements
Have you taken your multivitamin today? Well, you might want to reconsider that decision. A number of studies have shown that not only is synthetic vitamin supplementation unnecessary but it may also be a potentially harmful habit altogether.

Sun Protection Tips
The great outdoors is tons of fun, but you shouldn’t be skipping out on sun protection when you’re out there. Before you feel the burn or see how the heat has damaged your skin, protect your skin with the help of these important tips! Read "Natural Sun Block and Sun Burn Treatment Methods" here:

Ammunition Stockpiling
When budgeting, it makes sense to buy when ammo is cheap, but we need to have a plan to use that ammunition during training. Suggested Reading:

Transpiration Bag for Water Collection
Transpiration is the process in which plant life collects distributes and finally evaporates/dispels moisture from certain parts of the plant in particular the leaves. Transpiration bags work similar to a solar still, but with considerably less effort.

Best Emergency Preparation and Survival Handbook
In my opinion, the SAS Survival Guide (not Handbook) is highly recommended due to its comprehensive content and compact size.

How to Achieve Financial Stability
Nothing is guaranteed to last. That includes your job, your finances, the condition of the government to name a few. Planning ahead will help strengthen and improve your financial way of life. Suggested reading:

How to Make Moonshine
Step-by-step process documented from video

More States are Adopting Permitless Gun Carry . . .
. . . embracing self defense as "natural born" right.

Freedom from Nocturnal Panic Attacks
A nocturnal panic attack occurs in the midst of your sleep, waking you up for no apparent reason. They can disrupt your daily life and get you caught up in chronic sleep anxiety. Here's how to ease these problems out of your life.

Survival Quiz - Could you survive the wilderness?
Would you know how to survive if you were lost or wounded in the wilderness? Each survival scenario is different and requires unique skills. Let's see what you've got.

How to Open a Can of Food Without a Can Opener
To prevent metal shavings from contaminating the contents and injury with sharp tools, rub the can on concrete/rock, to break the lid/bottom seal.

Future of Social Security for Millennials and Beyond
Whatever you might want to believe, it is strongly suggested that Millennials and Beyond start, as quickly as possible and stay diligent, to build their own personal financial future and retirement nest egg.

Breaking Firewood Safely
Don't . . . whack it across your bent knee . . . place the stick against your knee and slowly increase the pressure until the stick hopefully broke . . . hitting them against a tree trunk or propping them up against a log and jumping on them. When in survival mode, taking any unnecessary risks is not a good idea. Injury can ruin a camping trip or make a survival situation worse.

Once Bitten Twice Shy: Recovering from Yellow Jacket Stings
While putting up a wooden fence for a friend yesterday, I disturbed a yellow jacket nest in a bed of ivy. . . Knowing my reaction to wasp stings, I started walking the yard to find my favorite remedy,

Can Quitting Smoking Reverse the Damage it has Done to the Body?
Both smoking and "vaping" are hazardous to health but it may be possible to reverse the effects. Read:

White Water Rafting Trip Preparations
Rafting excursions are offered at travel destinations worldwide and can last for a few hours or an entire week. Wherever your trip takes you, arrive prepared for a great, and safe, adventure with the proper pre-raft workout plan, attire, and raft-and-paddle know-how. Checklist:

Uses for Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance
Our ancestors walked woodlands learning to use the resources most modern outdoor enthusiasts overlook. They seem to be invisible to the modern eye. Things in the backpack or bug out bag are consumable. Eventually, they'll be used up. No problem if we learn to identify and use natural resources that can help get out of many "sticky" situations in the woods. Pine trees, for example, produce a sticky resource with many benefits.

Fighting Food Waste. Feeding People.
Roughly 50 percent of all fresh produce in the United States is thrown away — some 60 million tons (or $160 billion) worth of produce annually. Mostly, food that is perfectly good to eat. What can we do? Here are some organizations that are working to reduce this waste:

Charcoal: Survival Uses
Before you dump the coals, make sure you read this blog first; these tips might just be able to save your life in a survival situation.

One Thing; Just one thing.
The mad rush to do everything. The brainwashing that we need it all and need to do it all. The demands of others to do what they want. The frustration, depression and emptiness because it couldn't be done. Stop the pursuit of everything and find the "one thing" that causes joy, peace and fulfillment.

How to Make Hardtack: A Cracker That Lasts for Years
A hard cracker made from flour, salt, and water will last for years and through temperature extremes. Once taken on long sea voyages and carried by soldiers on long military campaigns it was called things like sea biscuit and sheet iron.

Making Pemmican: One of the Hardiest Non-Perishable Survival Foods
Among all of the food preservation methods that are so popular with preppers, there is one little known method that stands out. It is by no means unheard of, but it isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be. I’m referring to the process of making pemmican.

Don't Spend More on Energy Than Necessary - Search for Cheaper Providers
What are you paying for your energy utilities? Many states have deregulated utility pricing making for competition between energy companies. Research to see if you can get them cheaper. Review annually for cheaper providers. See also:

Colloidal Silver; Quackery or Cure?
Many tout Colloidal Silver as a panacea for all human ailments, from the common cold to staph, aids and cancer. But the medical community, FDA and many others view this liquid as quackery and potentially harmful to internal organs.

Law of Attraction
. . . the theory that you attract the energy you exude. Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about, or focus on, the most will be your life to come. See full video here:

Can You Effectively Defend Yourself If Attacked?
No matter what age, size, or level of fitness; you can benefit from a class on self-defense. A very large part of knowing how to defend yourself is the ability to read a situation - being aware of your surroundings and having the tools to avoid risky situations. See Also: and

Ditch These Habits. They Won't Help You During an Emergency
. . . having bad habits that stand in your way could be just as detrimental to your survival as not arming yourself with the proper skills and equipment. Suggested Reading:

Solar Still for Water Collection
A solar still will provide you with 100% pure water, and will not require purification or boiling prior to drinking. This technique will work just about anywhere, provided that there is enough sunlight to assist the process. Here are simple instructions how to build a solar still to extract pure drinking water from the earth.

Social Media Photos Could Put Privacy At Risk
While posting photos on social media sites and other photo sharing sites has become commonplace for many people, there are certain risks associated with it that can come back to bite you. Other Resource:

Bear Safety
Seeing a bear in the wild is a special treat. While it is an exciting moment, it is important to remember that bears are wild and can be dangerous and their behavior is sometimes unpredictable. Although rare, attacks on humans have occurred, inflicting serious injuries and death. Following bear safety guidelines is the first step to avoiding an encounter with a bear that could escalate into an attack. Read also: and

Prepare for the Inevitable Power Outage
Everyone has experienced some form or level of public utility outage. It's inevitable. During those times, maybe some notes were taken to prepare for the next inevitable outage? If not, here are some things to consider doing and acquiring before the next outage:

Home Emergency Planning & Practice
Does your family know what to do in case of fire, tornado, hurricane, or robbery? If not, putting some thought into making some emergency preps is an important step to saving lives. Make a plan, set up procedures, and practice them with your family until everyone knows what to do — without panicking — in case of emergency.

Fire Starting Materials You Probably Have at Home
If you can't find matches or a fire starter, don't freak out. There're probably plenty of items around your house that you never realized could start a fire. Once you know what they are and how to use them, you're guaranteed fire. Here's our list of items from around the house to get your fires started anytime.

Quiz Yourself: Are You Prepared for a Disaster?
Disasters come in a variety of forms and can strike any time of the year. People of all ages should have a plan of action in place.

Sharpen a Knife Without a Sharpener
No knife sharpener? No problem. We found a few quick and easy tips to make your knives good as new, and best of all, it only takes a few seconds!

DIY Gel Ice Pack On the Cheap
Have you priced gel ice packs lately? They're not cheap and one is not enough. A backup pack is needed while a melted ice pack is rejuvenating itself in the freezer. When I turned to the internet for help, I found hundreds of recipes for DIY gel ice packs.

Home Remedies For Tooth Pain Relief
Seek relief from toothache pain with items you may already have in your kitchen.

Homemade Remedies to Treat Hay Fever and Seasonal Allergies
Homemade remedies for hay fever can quickly reduce seasonal allergy reactions, providing relief from symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, itching, congestion and coughing.

Natural Remedies for Rashes
Skin rashes are frequently caused by issues like eczema, psoriasis, allergies, insect bites, mites, acne, excessive sweating, contact with certain poisonous plants, or soaps, detergents, shampoos or cosmetics that do not suit your skin. Here are 10 natural home remedies for rashes. Suggested Reading:  Essential Oils for itching:

Think Outside the Box for Emergencies & Survival
Emergency planning is mostly about education and developing a think-outside-the-box view of what most would consider obvious.

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes & Other Insects & Pests
A problem that most of us have in common no matter where we live is trying to rid ourselves of pesky and bothersome insects like mosquitoes, flies, fleas and ticks. Certain plants have the ability to repel different types of insects. Suggested Reading: Suggested video:

21 Prepper Tips I Wish I’d Known BEFORE I Started Prepping
Don’t waste your time, money and energy by repeating the same mistakes that I and so many others have already made. Instead, read this list of prepper tips I wish I’d heard before I started prepping.

No Fishing Gear? No Problem. (DIY Survival Fishing)
The wilderness is known for its lack of grocery stores and restaurants, so if you accidentally wander off to the woods without a trusty tool like a fishing pole, knife or gun -- are you out of luck? Also Read: Wacky Tips for Fishing Like a Redneck and Fishing Without a Rod

Compass and Map Use Basics
A thorough yet simple explanation of how to navigate with just a compass and map. Regardless of why and how times are spent in the great out of doors, it is essential to know the basics of map and compass navigation and basic orienteering.

Best Guns For Home Defense
Having nothing more than a baseball bat isn’t going to give you much mental assurance or real physical protection in the event of a break-in while you or a family member is at home. Countless people have taken the responsibility to arm themselves appropriately for the protection of themselves, their property, and their families. There is little reason why you shouldn’t be prepared for the event of a home invasion for the same reasons.

Surviving a Knife Attack From Behind
It may seem like being attacked from behind is one of those situations in life you can’t really prepare for; but you would be wrong.

3 Zones of Assessment in a Disaster Scenario
Assessing what you have on your person (zone one), what’s in your immediate surroundings such as your car (zone two), and then what might be accessible nearby by short walk (zone three). Suggested video:

5 Components of Survival

1 - Supplies you have
2 - Skills you have
3 - Your physical abilities
4 - Luck
5 - Your will to live
Suggested Viewing: Survivorman in Patagonia s07e07 video (

Homemade Weapons
When things get really ugly, we’re left to fend for ourselves. What would you do when there is no gun or ammo around? Suggested viewing:

Survival Laws of 3
Suggested Reading:
3 minutes without AIR
3 hours without SHELTER
3 days without WATER
3 weeks without FOOD
3 months without HOPE

Life Hacks To Help You Breeze Through the Apocalypse (or at Least the Next Power Outage)
Here are a few life hacks that are applicable not only to regular everyday lifestyles but to those crazy preppers – ahem – people who are of a preparedness mindset as well. While all of these aren’t necessarily life-saving, they all have the potential to save you money and effort in a survival situation.

Native American Survival skills
How did the Native Americans survive? How were they so deftly able to sustain themselves in the unforgiving North American wilderness?

3-Lemon System
A method used to determine whether or not it's safe to continue onward. See also:

Survive the Urban Jungle
Urban environments present their own unique challenges when it comes to survival. But if you arm yourself with these “street survival skills,” you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to survive.

Uses for Old Newspaper
For years, newspaper was used as insulation in homes. Shredded and placed in the walls it acted just as the insulation of today does. It was even used to wrap water pipes to help keep them from freezing.. Yesterday’s Newspaper Its Still worth Plenty today.

What is Paracord and How Useful is it?
There are plenty of creative uses for paracord. Check out our list and learn a ton of paracord hacks! If you are wondering what paracord is, you’re in the right place to start learning.

Deadly Myths About Survivalism
If you’re considering living the survivalist lifestyle, you should know the truth about these myths!

Have A Basic Emergency Kit
  . . . don't come knocking on my door expecting a handout when you have done absolutely nothing to prepare for an emergency. Take a basic step to buy or build your own one person 3 day emergency kit style=.

Plans B & C in Case of Job Loss
Job Loss - Plan B - Don't wait for it to happen. - Have you established a Plan B source of income? Have you thought about what you would do if you lost your job in today's volatile and uncertain economy?

When You & Significant Other Disagree on Firearms in the House
Suggested readings:

Winter Storm Preparedness
Winter storms create a higher risk of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heart attacks from overexertion. Winter storms and blizzards can bring extreme cold, freezing rain, snow, ice, and high winds. It's never too early to prepare. Suggested Reading:

5 Worst Firearms For Home Defense
. . . while many firearms on the market are perfectly suited for home defense, there are some firearms that are absolutely terrible for this purpose. Here are five of the worst types of firearms to use for home defense.

Surviving Where You Are
Tips for preparing to stay at home during a threat of severe weather or other external emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness. Are You Ready?
Regardless of your personal feelings about the government or FEMA, their website,, is a storehouse of useful information. This Guide to Emergency Preparation is chock full of useful information presented in a format that is easy to read with photos, charts and checklists and can be downloaded or mailed to you, FREE, via the U.S. Postal Service by emailing a request to or call 800-480-2520.

Compost Toilets - How They Work
Often referred to as "Nature's Head" the Compost Toilet is a waterless toilet solution wherever you like the convenience of a toilet without connecting to a septic tank or public sewer. Review some state regulations here: Go to to view one line of Compost Toilets.

DIY Water Filter
Having clean drinking water is THE top priority in ANY situation. 2 filtering methods are presented; a domestic type (video) and survival type shown here:

Hawaii's Hurricane "Planning" (Panic)
How prepared are you for an emergency so you do have to run to beat everyone else who is panic shopping? Hawaii residents emptied store shelves, claimed the last sheets of plywood to board up windows and drained gas pumps as Hurricane Lane churned toward the state.

DIY Methods to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are nasty little creatures and you can find them at various places easily. Here are some effective natural home remedies to eliminate bed bugs permanently from your house.

Solar Power Solutions for the 3rd World
A global for-profit enterprise that designs, manufactures and distributes Solar Lighting Systems and small home appliances and offers income opportunities to families and businesses in 3rd World countries.

How To Purify Water
We all know the significance of clean water in our body. Without clean water, it would be difficult to survive or persevere especially in an emergency. So, what happens if you find yourself in a survival situation with no access to clean water? Suggested reading:

Emergency Communications
In the event of a civil unrest or environmental emergency/disaster, cell phones, telephone land lines and even satellite communications may not be available. What are your options to summon help or stay in touch?

Medical Insurance Alternatives & Options
There are alternatives to government-mandated Health Insurance requirements. Health Share Programs may be one to consider but here are other considerations. Related Link: Take a look at these discussion groups for more ideas for reducing the cost of health insurance:

Off-Grid Winch: Incredible Power from 2 Logs and Rope
The power of simple machines, smartly employed, are capable of moving most anything. Daddy didn’t possess superhuman strength, he simply understood the power of simple machines.

Universal Basic Income? Promoting Laziness?
The government's "Universal Basic Income" is the idea that every citizen with a social security number will be given a set amount of money every month whether they work or not. Pros & Cons:

Apps That Turn Smart Phones Into Life-Saving Devices
Cell Phones can do much more than check emails and take pictures; they can do CPR too (well, almost). With thousands of apps coming out each day the smart phone can be more useful in an emergency situation than you may realize. More Apps at

Stay Tuned With Dangerous Times
I am not a fan of "The News". Unfortunately, if I am to be prepared for times ahead, I need to be in tune with the pulse of the world.

Portable Solar Panels for Backpacking & Camping
Going camping? Take Solar Power with you to charge batteries, lights, cell phone and other appliances.

Foods That Should NOT be Stored Long Term
There are lots of foods that store well for a very long time under the right conditions, however there are foods that do NOT store well for long term (1 year or more) storage. Suggested Reading:

Tomatoes: Health Benefits
Tomatoes are some of the healthiest foods you can eat and may lessen the chance of many cancers, help lose weight and many other benefits.

Ways to Protect Your House From Lightning
In less than a microsecond a lightning discharge can generate upwards of 200,000 amps of electricity. Preventing lightning from hitting your home is not always possible, but protecting your house is. Read how.

Heat Exhaustion Signs, Symptoms & Prevention
Heat exhaustion comes in two forms: 1) salt depletion, where your body loses important salts by sweating and urination; and 2) water depletion, which is simply the medical jargon for dehydration. Heat exhaustion can quickly lead to heat stroke, a much more serious and possibly deadly condition.

DIY Fertilizers to Improve Your Soil
Fertilizers can be synthetic or organic. Synthetic fertilizers can deplete beneficial microorganisms. Organic builds populations of helpful microorganisms.

Curbing Social Media Addiction
Herein lies the problem for anyone trying to be a productive member of society right now: the decision between connecting with friends and family and talking about news on social media, and keeping your sanity.

Good Leaders Must First Become Good Servants
The terms servant and leader are considered opposites of each other but this quote from Robert K. Greenleaf lead to the term "Servant Leader" which means that one must first have a desire to serve others which then pushes to want to lead others. Matthew 20:25-26

Grass Clippings: What Do We Do With Them?
Grass clippings may seem a nuisance but, after reading this, you may find they are so useful, you may be asking other people to bring theirs over to your house.

BURGLARS - How They Target & Enter, What They Want, What Deters Them
86 burglars were asked how they broke into homes. Read/hear what burglars said were the biggest deterrents, what didn't stop them and how to protect your home. Watch the video and read the responses to the 17 questions asked. Detailed Video:

Building a Safe/Panic Room in Your House or Apartment
The homes of many rich, famous people have a secret. Somewhere, in the depths of the home, is a secure room where the residents can retreat in case of home invasion or violent intruder. But you don’t have to be a movie star or a multi-millionaire to build your own version of a safe room.

Private DNA Results from Genealogy Websites Used in Criminal Investigations
People who send in DNA testing requests to find relatives (from, 23andMe,, etc.) should not expect the results to remain private. Police are using this information for criminal investigations. Suggested Readings: and

How to Do the Right Thing
Making the best possible choices to avoid negative consequences.

Discover Your Passion & Achieve Your Dream Career
Finding Your Place in the World - begin your journey by doing things that naturally harmonize with your values, skills, abilities, and God-given talents. Create a vision—your game plan for your personal path through life—then map out how you'll get there. If you haven't found out already, you'll learn that the things you do right now affect who you will become in the future.

Natural Remedies for Daily Life
. . . many people are finding themselves splitting off from things that have been considered mainstream, including medicine, and seeking new or improved ways to live. Everyday Roots is a place to discover and plant new ideas to inspire people to make changes, big or small, that will benefit the wellbeing of everyone.

Setting Up a Emergency Fund
An emergency fund is a stash of money set aside to cover the financial surprises life throws our way. These unexpected events can be stressful and costly. Having a separate fund for emergencies is a smart financial strategy.

Why Our Anonymity is a Thing of the Past
Everywhere you walk you’re subjected to an array of CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) cameras. When you’re in the convenience store, the shopping mall, in a restaurant…all of these cameras are continually capturing your photographs. No big deal, right? I mean, you’re a twitter and tweet social butterfly with e-mails, texts, and Facebook posts…what could be the harm in that?

Preparing Your Significant Other for a Preparedness Lifestyle
Most preppers are familiar with the sideways looks and awkward situations that arise when they tell others of their emergency plans and readiness. When that skepticism comes from within the immediate family, things become much more complex. Suggested Readings: and

Know the Signs of, & Treatment for, a Heart Attack
Knowing some heart attack treatments and recognizing warning signs can save a life or reduce heart damage; maybe your own.

Scratches In The Paint
Sometimes, we can superficially remove the tell-tale signs of indiscretions but the effects are indelibly etched in the soul.

Over-the-Counter Meds: What to Stockpile & How to Store
Preparing for an emergency means storing, among other things, medical supplies including life-critical prescription, and over-the-counter, medications. While bandages and instruments may keep acceptably in a variety of environments, medications are another story. Storing Meds:

Foods to Stockpile Before a Power Outage
Power outages are unpredictable and can last an hour, a day, a week or more. Prepare a fully stocked pantry of foods with a long shelf-life and don’t require heat or cooking. Check out this list.
Suggested Reading:

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater
Harvesting rainwater is the process of catching rainwater in tanks for use in landscaping and home usage. It is a process that has been around for thousands of years, and as our distant ancestors knew, it’s one that has many benefits. Suggested Readings: 100-Year-Old Trick for Filtering Rainwater ( and Water Collection, Purification & Storage (

Thailand Cave Rescue Reminder: Always Carry Basic Survival Items
In June, 2018, 12 teenaged boys & coach went missing in a labyrinth of flooded caves in Thailand ( Their backpacks were left outside the caves before they entered but, fortunately, some of them did take some supplies with them. They were found, alive, 9 days later. Suggested Reading: Sample Emergency Backpack

Can You Drink Too Much Water?
There is such a thing as overindulgence when it comes to H2O. It’s called hyponatremia, or “water intoxication,” and the effects range from uncomfortable to quite serious. Suggested Readings: and

Is Carbonated Water Good or Bad?
Carbonated (Seltzer/Sparkling) water does not dehydrate you as long as there are no additives such as sodium or caffeine. Videos: and

Reversing The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body
Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages over an elongated period can result in serious damage to the brain and liver in addition to other health issues. The good news is that a portion of these negative effects can still be reversed. Also Read: Can You Reverse Liver Damage? and Can You Reverse Kidney Damage?

Aging, Curing & Smoking Meats for Long Term Storage
Methods to prepare meat for long term storage. Also Read: [Artisan] Curing and Aging Meat

How to Survive WITHOUT a Salary
Too many of us trade our happiness and well-being for the reliability of a steady paycheck. When that paycheck turns out to be not so reliable, we panic. Unemployment terrifies us. Is there any way out of this dilemma? Security doesn't come from having more but from needing less.

Environmentally Safe Homemade Weed Killer
White Vinegar (1 gallon) and Salt (1 cup of table, Epsom or rock) have proven to be natural effective plant killers. Liquid dishwashing soap (1 tablespoon) will act as a surfactant to make the vinegar and salt solution adhere to the weeds more efficiently. View Video at Also Read: Concentrated Salt Water to Kill Plants

Duct Tape: Ultimate Tool!
Duct tape has become so popular because of its versatility. Ask anyone who is familiar with the polyethylene-coated, pressure-sensitive roll of adhesive about how they have used it and they will tell you about the many ways it has helped them. Click here for photos of many Duct Tape uses and also read Duct Tape for Survival.

POW! The tick virus far deadlier than Lyme - What You Need To Know
CDC warns of disease that kills 10%, permanently disables 50%

Rules for Picking Edible & Medicinal Plants
Next to mastering fire, a knowledge of picking edible and medicinal plants is considered one of the most difficult and complex, yet rewarding, survival skills. Also Read: The Art of Forgaging: 54 Wild Edibles

25 Common Garden Pests and How to Get Rid of Them
Garden pests can turn a beautiful looking garden into a damaged, gnawed-on mess. Here are 25 common garden pests and effective ways to get rid of them:

29 Reasons Living in an RV is Better Than Living in a House
One couple's challenges and adventures of casting off "the norm" for an RV lifestyle. "It teaches you to value experiences over belongings, and relationships over work. At the core of it, this is what our lifestyle is truly about." Read their on-going RV blog at:

New Inventions for Off-Grid, Camping, & RV Living
New inventions to make RV, camping and off-grid living a bit more comfortable. Some are still in the funding stage to get a good deal.

Using Cobwebs or Spider Webs to Heal Wounds
Spider webs and Cobwebs make for an excellent natural treatment for healing cuts and scrapes! This is a long-forgotten natural remedy for sealing open wounds and accelerating healing. Even modern science has embraced spider web as a great treatment for scrapes and wounds.

What You DON’T Know About Your Credit Report Can Hurt You
Credit reports may affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment requests, or even your job application. Suspicious activity or accounts you don't recognize can be signs of identity theft. Review your credit reports to catch problems early. Get a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from all 3 credit reporting companies.

Staying Cool in the Summer, Without AC
My grandparents didn’t have air conditioning and my parents didn't have it until I was 14. So, how did we stay cool during the Summer? Here are some basic things to consider when the temperatures and humidity increase to uncomfortable levels.

Prepare by Exercising Now
For those who prepare for emergencies, exercise should be part of the overall plan. Exercise has a major impact on a person's health. You do nothing, you feel poorly; you exercise, you feel better. Like diet, exercise helps prevent or reduce the effects of illness and injury. Here are some suggestions:

America’s Ultimate “Must See” Campgrounds: Listed By State
Campgrounds are abundant in this country so if there’s one thing you’ll have problems with, it’s going to be choosing which one to visit first! We’ve included just about everything from mountains to beaches, wilderness, and lakes; we’ve got you covered!

How to Safely Forage for Mushrooms
If you are interested in getting into mushroom foraging, but are (justifiably) afraid of poisoning yourself, this article is for you. It contains lots of advice to help people get started with these gourmet treats! Once you start, you are likely to be hooked!
Suggested Video: - Online Course Intro to Foraging for Edible and Medicinal Wild Herbs

Survivalist Retirement Guide: Your Foolproof Strategy
As survivalists, we know preparation is key. Outliving your money is part of that preparation. We’re used to preparing for the worst-case scenarios, but don’t forget about prepping for when s*** DOES NOT hit the fan. In the best case scenario, here’s the survivalist retirement guide on how to outlive your money smartly.

Cell Phone Pre-Paid Plans Comparisons for the Main Carriers and Their Sub-Carriers
Often, Cell Phone Sub-Carriers offer better deals than the Primary Network Carrier. Check out this site to find your best Pre-Paid or Pay-As-You-Go plan.

35 Surprising Uses for Household Vinegar
People have been using vinegar for thousands of years for everything from food preservation to sanitation! There have even been traces of vinegar found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating as far back as 3000 B.C.! Discover how this one simple household staple is worth more than gold.

The Hidden Power of Garlic
Natural medicine and remedies have been around a lot longer than this current fad. One of the most popular ingredients for home health is garlic, and for good reason. A study from Washington State University shows that garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting disease-causing bacteria commonly responsible for food-borne illness. Talk about healing power.

TMI can lead to IDT
TMI (too much information) can lead to IDT (identity theft).

10 DIY Solar Projects to Consider for Your Home
Solar power is of great benefit on a home – while it’s just plain better for the environment, it also saves a good bit of money. Every homeowner wants to have a little more padding in their monthly budget.

How To Identify Edible Insects And Eat Like A King
It may sound unappetizing but pound for pound, insects are more valuable and nutritious than any meat. But how do you identify edible insects and stay away from the ones that could kill you? Sometimes it pays to think small . . . especially when it comes to eating in a survival situation.

Mail Forwarding and Processing Service for People on the Move
Taking an extended leave of absence from home? Receive mail and packages wherever you travel in North America, whenever you want.

DIY Cell Phone Signal Booster
DIY 2G/3G/4G wireless cell phone signal booster is a home-brew booster which uses common household items. Do your own research for many other options including commercial solutions.

Can We Have a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood World?
5 things 'Mister Rogers' can still teach us.. Mister Rogers: It's You I Like

Family Camping Tips - Roughing It With The Kids
We don’t like to camp in a trailer. It doesn’t give children an appreciation for nature and the world around them.

How To Craft Safety - Survival Tools From Ordinary Items
With every natural disaster that comes, the know-how and tactics of survival are improved, based upon ideas and knowledge handed down from survivors. Also view:

Keep Buttons From Falling Off Using Nail Polish
Before you wear that new shirt or when your first see a button thread fraying, use this to prevent the botton from falling off. Apply nail polish or Crazy Glue on the front a back threads of the buttons.

My Foxhole Moments
Have you had a foxhole moment; a time when you felt your world was at a complete end with no possible relief in sight; a time when you cried so hard, your stomach hurt and you felt as if your brain was going to explode? I have.

18 Things to Stop Buying and Start Making/Growing
Stop buying easy-to-make products and start making them on your own. You’ll reduce your reliance on external suppliers and have greater control over the quality of the final product. You’ll save money, too.

What Rural Living is Really Like
So, you’re tired of the hustle and bustle and high prices of city living, and considering a move to the country. It can be an amazing experience with some amazing opportunities, and it will almost certainly be life-changing. However, before you take the plunge, there are many things you should consider. There are many challenges to living in the country. Let’s take a close look at what rural living is really like.

20 Ways To Save Money On Laundry
We all want to save money on laundry, right? Even if you aren't living on a tight budget, finding ways to save $$ in every department is the responsible thing to do. Here are some ideas and recipes that anyone can do to save money on laundry:

Should I Shut Off My Water Before I Leave for Vacation?
Water damage from frozen pipes, ruptured washer hoses, leaking supply lines and dripping water heaters costs billions every year. This checklist will help you avoid water leak problems in your house.

What to do if Squatters Take Over Your Property
Squatters are people who move into abandoned, foreclosed, or otherwise unoccupied homes. If you suspect you have squatters in your neighborhood, contact the police and the homeowner, but stay calm and let the authorities deal with the situation. Also read: How to Get Rid of Squatters and Legal How-To: Getting Squatters Evicted

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Effects On People
You’re likely already familiar with the effects of an EMP on electrical components (power grid failure and so on), but what effect does an EMP actually have on people? Read also: Protecting Your Electronics with a Faraday Cage

Securing Fence Posts Without Concrete
This expandable foam secures posts in the ground as well as concrete with less hassle.

Bathe Without Showering
Stay clean even when time and resources are at a minimum or the place is inconvenient.

Sustainable Electric Power
The quality of life you will have after a grid collapse depends on the choices you make today. You have the opportunity, right now, to make your life after the grid comfortable and worry-free or one of constant struggle to survive. The choice is yours. There are solutions available, and there are people who can help you. But you must take the initiative. What you do after reading this article could determine your lifestyle tomorrow.

Making A Concealment Cabinet
Concealment cabinets are designed to hide valuables, firearms, or other things you want to keep away from thieves, but they do so in plain sight, usually in a decorative way.

International Travel Safety Using S.T.E.P.
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate to receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans and to help the U.S. Embassy and family and friends contact you in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.

Stock Market Investing
I started trading in the stock market in November 2012 with about $1500. Since then I have gradually increased my investment. There are several "rules" I have adopted over the years by learning the hard way and still learning:

Hooked on the World (Invasion of the Soul)
Close friends who visit, inevitably say the same things like "very relaxing", "peaceful", "what, no internet, no HBO, no running water . . .?!" Oh, how the world's noisy, fast-paced, social media, money-grubbing, stuff-collecting, gourmet coffee lifestyles have invaded so many souls.

Blame it on someone else. Don't Accept Responsibility.
I'm disgusted with the commercial, by Merck, on HPV. "Did you know, Mom?, Dad?"

Low-Tech, High Security Perimeter Alarm
Whether you are camping or home alone, this low-tech perimeter alarm is guaranteed to startle intruders and alert you as soon as something goes awry.

Ways to Recover When Life Sucks
Alas, in life, curve balls come out of nowhere all of the time. Something unexpected happens that throws you off your game. . . . When this happens, we suffer fear, disappointment, vulnerability, and a loss of control. In general, life sucks. But there are ways to recover.

My Friend, The Dollar Store
Consumables go right down the drain. Why spend top dollar? With my shift to a "Conserver Lifestyle", I have a new-found friend; the Dollar Store.

DIY Lock Picking Tools
Lock picking can be tricky even when you have all the right tools and expertise. We’ve found several approaches which use unique tools to crack locks.

Know When to Bug Out
During an emergency, you may need to decide whether to stay where you are or leave (Bug Out). The acronym R.E.D.O.U.T may help to determine your course of action.

Perfect Spots To Set Up Your Home Security Cameras
Even if you have the best home security cameras, you still need to install them in the right spots to make sure your home is protected against crime.

Is it Safe for Humans to Take Animal Meds?
Among the many articles regarding ‘fish antibiotics’ being the same thing as antibiotics prescribed for humans, one of them was written by a doctor (who is apparently into prepping), ordered a variety of ‘fish antibiotics’ for his preps – to discover that these antibiotics were the same that he would otherwise prescribe to his patients.

Personal Safety and Security Guide
No one is immune from being a victim of some sort of calamity or another. While you can't be ready for every possible scenario, you can be prepared for basic responses and avoidances of most situations.

Have an Emergency Plan for Realistic Reasons
A common misunderstanding to preparing is for some end of the world situation or Hollywood doomsday scenario. Truth is, it's not about preparing for some statistical anomaly, but for the real life challenges that we are all going to face at some point in our lives; the kind of situations that feel like the end of your world if you're not prepared. Consider these reasons to have a real, documented plan:

Pre-Vacation Checklist
For a carefree vacation and homecoming, what you do before you leave home can be as important as what you do when you are away. Here’s a check list to consider for planning before leaving home for extended periods of time.

Bartering: A Skill Worth Learning
Job loss or when things go south, particularly in an economic collapse where the dollar is nearly worthless, a number of non-monetary goods will be more valuable than a fistful of dollar bills. Stockpiling these things, a little at a time, is good planning.

Make Your Own Homemade [Survival] Cement
There are many uses for survival cement. If you are trying to survive in the wilderness or if a disaster destroys your home, it could be your saving grace.

How to Make Dandelion Wine, Step by Step
Dandelion wine is hard to find, unless you make it yourself. Fortunately, it is very simple to brew at home. It is easy to gather enough dandelions to make this delightful beverage. It is a rare treat made from a common plant, that most Americans consider a nuisance!

Incredible Edible Dandelions
The dandelion contains a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, as well as naturopathic applications that are astounding. It is edible in its entirety. Its tinctures and teas can be used to help the liver and gall bladder, and the root can be tinctured and used as a diuretic, especially good for women with excessive water weight caused during the normal course of menses.

Duplicate Keys By Hand
It may be a bit troublesome to have the keys to your house and other locks duplicated by a locksmith. Not to mention the cost of having one made. If you want to save a few bucks and have the time for a hobby, then you can start this one.

Spread the Truth, Not Rumors
Before passing on information, search for the Truth using research tools available online.

Pocket Survival Guide for Nearly Any Situation
Easy to carry document provides very basic reference material for surviving nearly any situation.

Traveler's Guide for Safety & Security
Even during seemingly harmless situations, travelers need to be, what security professionals describe as, "situationally aware." It's the foundation of personal security. It extends to every minute you're on vacation -- whether you are walking down a street, riding a bus or shopping in a crowded market. Predators look like us and act like us but they are looking for their next victim. Avoid putting your data at risk while travelling:

Refrigeration Off the Grid
This has been one of my greatest challenges to leaving civilization so I have collected these ideas for contemplation. Take a look at some alternatives:

Why Should I Remember This?
Useless information. The world is full of it. Is it useful for my practical, everyday use? If not, it should be forgotten and discarded like trash.

Gathering, Filtering & Storage of Water
Produce Drinking Water from the Air, Ground and Undrinkable Water.

Stay-Put Survival
Learn the secrets of urban survival to keep you alive after man-made disasters, natural disasters, and breakdowns in civil order.

Importance of Shelter
Even more important than having a source of drinking water, shelter is your top priority in most survival emergencies. Severe weather conditions can kill within a few hours if you don’t have some type of shelter to defend you from the elements. Luckily, there are a wide array of techniques and materials (wherever you may be) for escaping the elements.

Why Am I Here?
As I look back on past opportunities to share, . . . I think, "why didn't I do this or say that?"

Minimalist Style Living
The older I get, the less I need, and the more I realize how my possessions have become more burdensome than comforting. The more I have, the more I have to lose. I am a slave to my stuff. The more money I make, the more stress I have and more fearful of losing what I have strived so hard to accumulate. "The one with the most toys wins" is a favorite saying for the one who seeks stuff to make them think they are happy. A movie called "LESS: Losing is Everything" helps to make the point that "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and you will gain a new-found sense of freedom.

Why Doesn't the Little Voice in My Head Ever Say Nice Things?

Can You Retire at 40?

Freeze-Drying Your Own Eggs Can be Cheaper

Survival Medicine & First Aid
Naturally, when disaster strikes, people will be injured as a result and normal health issues, sickness and injuries will still occur. In a public emergency, chances are great that medical facilities and first responders will be overwhelmed. Whether in crisis or normal routine living, everyone should be ready to handle their own personal medical conditions(s), first aid and serious injuries without the aide of trained medical personnel.

Basic Firearms Safety & Training
These training videos are intended to provide basic information on the functions and use of a variety of firearms and some Concealed-Carry information. Your are encouraged to attend a formal firearms training course usually offered by local firearms merchants.

Tax Time Brings Tax Scams
In 2016, there was a 400% increase in tax related phishing and malware attacks, and 969,000 potentially fraudulent refunds claiming up to $6.5 billion. You may be unaware that you’re a victim until you try to file your taxes and IRS tells you something’s wrong.

Removing an Embedded Tick From Your Skin
Pull off with tweezers. Don't try smothering it or burning it off. Most ticks do not carry diseases, and most tick bites do not cause serious health problems. But it is important to avoid and check for ticks, and to remove a tick as soon as you find it.

Fishing Without a Rod
The wilderness is known for its lack of grocery stores and restaurants, so if you accidentally wander off in­to the woods without a trusty tool like a fishing pole, knife or gun -- are you out of luck?

Outdoor Home Security Without Looking Like a Fortress
Fortifying your home security doesn’t mean you have to make your home look like a fortress. The best security is actually when your home doesn’t look like a fortress. Practical softscaping, hardscaping, and few other tricks can keep would-be intruders at bay better than a moat.

Air Conditioning with Off Grid Solar...Can It Be Done?
Answer: YES. Do research, on YouTube, for other options that may better suit your needs and budget.

Heating Your Electric Hot Water Heater with Solar Panels
PV Direct Water Heating - Reduce your water heating bill by having Solar and Electric Power work together inside your existing Electric Hot Water Heater.

5 Minute Emergency Preparation Projects for People with No Time
One excuse used for not preparing for an emergency is that it takes a lot of time. True enough. Anything you pursue with passion and intensity is going to take some time. On the other hand, there are plenty of preparation activities that can be undertaken in just five minutes.

How to Change a Negative Character Trait
The trick is to make these simple, objective statements without condemnation or judgment. Awareness is everything. And slowly, these character faults within us begin to change. Suggested Reading: Is It Possible to Change Your Personality Type?

Portable Generator Noise Control and Reduction
When we first moved off the grid, we tried to save a few bucks and didn’t put a lot of thought into the type of generator that we should have and ended up going with a large generator that was very loud. Most of the people that I know who have also done this end up looking for ways to make their generator quiet enough that it’s at least tolerable. Read Also: How to Quiet a Generator to Tolerable Sound Levels

Brandishing & Warning Shot? NOT!!!!
Warning shots only serve two purposes—getting you killed or killing the unlucky recipient of a stray bullet that should never have been fired in the first place. View video

What Are Those Black and White Square Patterns and Why Should I Care?
Those little squares that look like a crossword puzzle mated with an ink blot. And as you look closer at one you are probably thinking, “Sheesh, is this another tech thing I have to learn? Do they actually do anything? Isn’t this just some trend among Hipster marketers?” Answers: Yes, Yes, and A Little Bit for Right Now.

How to Repair a Broken Zipper
When the teeth on a zipper don’t line up right, most people will get rid of the entire garment. What a shame, because this is such an easy fix! Follow these basic instructions to easily fix your zipper.

100 Uses for Baking Soda
If your home is like most , you have a few boxes of baking soda laying around; one in the refrigerator, one in the cupboard, and maybe one in the pantry. It may be one of the least costly things you have in your home that will do so much. Let’s take a look.

Everyday Uses For Your Emergency Kit
Though we probably can’t convince doubters to believe in preparing for catastrophes, we can show them how important preps are for everyday disasters. Read on to find out how you can use your preps for practical, everyday use.

Artificial Intelligence - Are We Prepared for Its Takeover?
AI or artificial intelligence has been around for some time now… probably longer than many of us realize. AI is everywhere. Though the idea of an Artificial Intelligence world domination may have a cartoonish status, the concept is closer to the truth than you might think.

Debt - GET OUT NOW !
Debt can be the single most debilitating "disease" we can have in our lives. We are, truly, a slave to the lender. It affects our relationships, our jobs, our joy (even though we feel that getting more stuff will make us happy). Getting out of debt, frees us from the bondage it has on us. If you feel that debt is affecting your joy of life, you can free yourself from it. If you have gotten into the habit of immediate gratification, spending more than you make, it won't be easy. But the habit that you made, you can break and create new and better ones.

Does Toothpaste Expire?
Some may be surprised to know that toothpaste does have a shelf life; typically it is two years after the manufacture date. So, what do you do with an expired tube of toothpaste? Definitely don’t throw it away, surprisingly; there are a ton of uses for toothpaste outside of the mouth.

Fire Bricks From Scrap Paper
Don't throw away that outdate newspaper or publications or junk mail. Use it to heat the house.

Why The World Needs Capitalism
Virtually all of the socialism that has any success has run on a foundation of capitalism because capitalism has been the only reliable creator of wealth in history.

Surviving Sleep Deprivation
There will be times when you have projects due or presentations that need to be finished and there just isn’t enough time to sleep. When that does happen, there are some easy tips to help you stay awake and alert.

6 Prepping Tips for the Mobility Challenged
As true survivalists, we have to focus on every scenario that could possibly take place. Whether you’re mobility challenged because of a temporary injury or permanent disability, you need to know how to handle a disaster situation just like anyone else would.

Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow In Your Indoor Garden
Growing medicinal herbs indoors could save you a trip to the doctor for minor illnesses like rashes or coughs. Wouldn’t it be great to have these herbs right at your fingertips when you need them?

Surviving Natural Disasters: Safe Points in the Household
Surviving a natural disaster with safe points in your household may vary depending upon the region of the country that you reside in. But, it is important to be aware and to prepare for surviving a natural disaster of any type with safe points in your household.

An Easier Way to Cut Firewood
I’ve heated with firewood for nearly 50 years. In doing so, I knew my aging back would need to find a better way to do things, so I started cutting my logs into two-inch slices. Here are the major advantages of this:

Couples Defense: What You Can Do With Your Partner To Stay Safe
Forget the chocolate and flowers! What better way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day than to commit to staying safe with your partner. This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate couples defense as a vital skill everyone should learn.

Can Your Security System Be Hacked And Used To Spy On You?
I have what is supposed to be the cutting edge of security systems.. I can control my alarm from my phone, turn lights on and off, and even control my air condition if I am feeling too lazy to get out of bed and change the temperature manually. So does it make any sense to you that my entire security system can be compromised by a single $10.00 piece of equipment that can be bought on

Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and bitterness
When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness and move forward.

Diversify Your Income Sources Not Just Your Investments and Assets
"Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" is good advice for income as well as the sources of income. Just as putting your money in multiple investments is good, having multiple ways to make money is just as good.

Kindness: How to Teach Children to Care for Others
8-year-old Martin Richard lost his life in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. He believed in peace and kindness, values he proudly displayed on a poster he made at school. How do we honor Martin’s wish for No More Hurting People? We start by teaching children to care about others every day throughout the year and setting the example by practicing it ourselves.

Herbs to Relieve Stress
Stress crops up in many situations, not only when you’re out in the wilderness, but also in your everyday life. Adaptogens are natural substances known to empower the hormonal response of your body to stress.

Natural Remedies For Headaches
Popping an aspirin or pain reliever rather than considering natural remedies for headaches seems to be the only solution that comes to mind for a lot of people. But synthetic solutions do have devastating side effects on our body.

Loneliness: A Worse Killer than Obesity + What to Do About It
At this very moment there are so many people feeling lonely that many nations like the United States now face what is being called a “loneliness epidemic.”

Growing Mini and Small Vegetables and Fruits
Most things are cuter when they're small. Miniature fruits and vegetables are no exception. Perfect for small gardens and children's lunchboxes, these tiny versions of everyday fruit and vegs are bound to be a hit in your household. Not only are they perfect for garnishing a cocktail, or adding interest to a Sunday roast, it's also cheaper to grow your own. Read Also: Nine Adorable Miniature Fruits and Vegetables to Grow and Tips For Growing Baby Vegetables In The Garden

Insurance You Can Eat
Some will never wake up until TSHTF (the stuff hits the fan) ...and they will likely be one of your biggest problems. Count on it.

When Technology Fails, How Will You Respond?
Massive power outages and data systems failures are a result of an aged grid in the US. Unfortunately, most citizens are too reliant on technology. Getting back to basics once in a while will help prepare for the inevitable. Read also: Is the U.S. Energy Grid in Danger and The Grid

Grow Your Garden All Year Long With An Indoor Garden
Just because the warm weather takes a vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. Garden indoors.

Storing and Securing a Firearm
A self-defense firearm must be within easy and quick access when you need it but secure from those who should not have access to it. Regardless of the preferred security option, controlling who has access to your firearms is fundamental to gun safety.

Building Simple Snares And Traps for Survival Food
Would you know how to hunt for food during a long-term emergency or grid down scenario?

Baby Steps to Help Make the World a Better Place
Baby steps. Small changes. Daily moments of kindness. LITTLE things. That’s what matters..

Weather Forecasting Without A Gadget
Want to know how to do a weather forecast without gadgets? If you’re relying too much on modern technology to tell the weather, it’s time to go back to basics.

Homeless Survival Tips For How To Survive On The Streets
This information will be crucial once SHTF, or if you do find yourself homeless one day due to natural disaster, financial ruin and lack of friends/family ties.

Shoot Until The Threat Stops
In self defense, the goal is to STOP the attack as quickly as possible. The attacker must be discouraged from attacking, or incapacitated such that they cannot continue their attack.

The Concealed Carry (Stealth) Lifestyle
Carrying a firearm while avoiding to draw attention to oneself. View these other videos from Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Defending a Self-Defense Shooting (ACLDN)
A discussion with attorneys James Fleming and Royce Ferguson on What to expect immediately after a shooting, What do prosecutors look for, Why you should worry if you are not arrested, and much more . . . Suggested references: and

What is ACLDN? (

Lessons on Gunfighting From Wyatt Earp
For a man who learned his lessons on gunfighting in the mean and dusty streets of some tough cowtowns, Earp’s teachings ring true today, nearly 90 years after his passing.

Benefits of Coffee & Alternatives to Sweeten and Flavor It
Coffee, the bitter nectar of life, the breakfast of champions, the fuel that sustains parents everywhere. It really is one of the best parts of life. It does more than warm the soul; there are many health benefits. But the things we add to it may be working against us.

High-Rise Building Evacuation Kit
Most buildings have an evacuation plan that can lead everyone to safer grounds. But when the initial plan falls apart, you need to have a ready-to-go emergency kit nearby. Having a kit with the right items can make a huge difference in getting out of a high-rise and avoiding injury or death.

Urban Life: 10 Ways to Solve Food Storage Problems
Living in the city offers many advantages, but food storage space is, usually, not one of them. Here are some tips to maximize available space.

Emergency Kit Contents
Do More Than Cross Your Fingers. Jamie Lee Curtis builds her preparedness kit as part of the American Red Cross campaign. Also View Part 2: Customizing Your Kit and read about how to Start Preparing for an Emergency

SAS Survival Guide
In my opinion, the SAS Survival Guide (not Handbook) is highly recommended due to its comprehensive content and compact size. Purchase on and read about how to Start Preparing for an Emergency

Can you love someone else if you don't love yourself?
Loving Yourself—How Important Is It? Also read: Loving Others Without Loving Yourself: A Reconsideration

Should People With Bipolar Be In Relationships?
Is it true that a bipolar can’t have a positive impact on another person because of the disease and it's best to avoid being in a relationship?

Top 3 All-Time Home Remedy Products
There are three things that are well-tried and time-tested to be extremely effective for almost any type of ailment you can think of. These ultimate home remedies should take pride of place in every home and be put to use regularly.

Get Weather Forecasts Far in the Future
Planning for a major life event? Find out what the weather will be like anywhere in the world for nearly any time in the future.

Top 5 Digital Safety Tips for 2018
Electronically stealing your information and money is BIG business. Here are ways you can defend yourself.

Why loud & repetitive verbal commands can hinder compliance
Using loud, repetitive verbal commands can be more of a hindrance than a help when trying to gain compliance from a resistive subject. Like any other tools, the use of communication can be sharpened with new knowledge, training and experience.

Layman's Explanation of Why The FBI Now Says 9mm Is Best Law Enforcement Handgun Round
Both “9mm” and “.45” factions have quickly resumed their age-old talking points, seemingly oblivious to the improvement of ammunition over the last three decades. Read Also: How the FBI reignited the pistol caliber war

Modesty: Is it a Lost Virtue?
Modesty is no respecter of gender and is exhibited by what is "in the mind" (heart) as well as what is worn (or not worn) on the body. It, generally, reflects one's true inner desires/intentions. Also Read: Modest or Immodest: A handy guide for telling the difference

How to Survive a Fall
You need to know how to fall properly for one simple reason: you’re going to have a bad fall. Even insanely high falls are survivable. Indeed, whether it’s a small or ridiculous fall, the secret is understanding how to fall correctly. A well-executed fall can save your life, or at least save you a broken bone or two.

Taker or Leaver; Which are You?
Fictional account of a surprising journey by a person responding to a newspaper ad by a teacher looking for a student interested in saving the world.

Where does money come from and Who controls it?
What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? This video reports that the Federal Reserve was established, and continues to be controlled, by private individuals, not the government who gave the Federal Reserve (banks) sole control of ALL of the nations (our) money and that we the people (and the government) are manipulated by Federal Reserve. Here is a link to the video transcript:

How to End the Financial Enslavement of Central Banks World Wide
A look a stopping the private banks (including the Federal Reserve) who control the world's money and create debt to keep citizens, and governments, enslaved to them. Suggested video:

What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Work?
Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. Also View this video:

How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
While assertive communication can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogant, selfish, or unhelpful, by learning how to establish clear boundaries and communicate your needs and ideas clearly and respectfully, you can enhance your relationships with others, whether they’re work colleagues, friends, or romantic partners.

Nail Biting - Causes, Complications & Treatment
Compulsive nail biting (onychophagia) can be considered an addiction due to both the psychological and physical manifestations. Nail biting is definitely a psychological issue which can also lead to medical complications. Read Also:

Fear of Caring Too Much for Someone?
“Never let it be said that I cared too little.” — a quote that I thought I lived by, and then realized I was the world’s biggest hypocrite by thinking that.

Fear of Being Alone
The fear of being alone is a powerful motivating force in life, maybe the most powerful . . . most people will do just about anything to escape from.

Fear of Getting Old and Becoming a Burden
None of us can predict the future, but we can prepare for possible eventualities and the only way I know of fighting fear is to get it out in the open and shine a big, bright light on it and – focus on what we can control.

Is it Love or Lust?
As a psychiatrist, I've seen how intense sexual attraction is notorious for obliterating common sense and intuition in the most sensible people. Why? Lust is an altered state of consciousness . . . Also Read:

Natural Sleep Aids that Really Work
Sleep is precious time that allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate, and without enough sleep, our health suffers. That means we must find ways to get proper rest. Unfortunately, many people either can’t sleep or don’t get enough sleep, which is where natural sleep aids come in.

Cancers are Profitable, Cures are Not
I feel like I know more and more people getting cancer. While the causes may not be easy to pin down, there’s a single truth you have to understand. Cancer treatment is a thriving, profitable business. Billions of dollars are made in treating those who contract cancer, emptying their financial reserves or leeching from insurance coffers.

Testing of Non-Electric EcoFans for Wood Stoves
A thermoelectric wood stove fan circulates heat from the stove throughout the room without any electricity or batteries. Look for a model with a High CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Low Start Temperature. Place the fan as far back on the stove as possible. See Also:

Travel with People to People International for a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures
PTPI participation knows no boundaries as members and friends work together to foster cross-cultural understanding in order to be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Christmas Story with a Twist
Full-length movie of the Bible story, modernized.

The Perils of the Quickaholic
I tend to plan my schedule and my budgets based on perfect scenarios. The problem with that is obvious. Rarely are there perfect scenarios. In other words I have no margins.

Frugal to survive or frugal to be rich?
For the past couple years my frugal way of thinking was led by a need to survive or scrimp to pay off debt. Being mindfully frugal allowed me to save money that was redirected to paying down my debt faster.

Make Drinkable Water From Urine
If you are stranded in the wild or in an environment that lacks water you have to make do with what you’ve got in order to survive. We will do anything if we are in danger and recycling urine is something you should consider if water is scarce. Knowing how to make water from urine is a skill that could save your life during a crisis.

How Much Does the Hot Water Heater Affect an Electric Bill?
Water heating systems are the second biggest user of electricity in the home, accounting for an average of 18 percent of electricity costs. Here are some tips to reduce costs.

How to Keep New Year's Resolutions
This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make change, but then not following through. The best way to stick with your new year's resolution is to plan ahead.

A New Year; For Myself or Others?
I guess it's normal to look back on the previous year and ask "did I make a difference?". In asking that question, I also have to ask if what I did made things better for others or only myself. When I hear, read and watch the things going on in this world, there seems to be so much anger, injustice, cruelty and need. Am I making things better or worse for my fellow earthlings?

Preparing for a Snowstorm
The weather forecast is calling for snow. Lots of snow. How do you prepare for a snowstorm?

Winter Survival Methods: Keeping The Heat In Check
A winter storm can take a variety of forms from snow storms, freezing rain, snow pellets, graupel and rime which is why we need to know a few winter survival methods to keep warm. In certain continents, this event doesn’t occur only during the winter but may also happen during early spring and late autumn. But we all know it is not just being directly exposed to these elements that make winter overwhelming and, at times, unforgiving. Keeping the heat in check at home, blackouts, frozen water pipes and keeping warm are just some of the problems you need to deal with. But what if you have useful information to help you get through the winter like never before? The following winter survival skills will change your outlook on winter for good! See also:

How To Build A Salt Water Distiller
How would you like to make your own salt water distiller from the simplest materials? The human body can last three weeks without food but only a few days without water. The worst case scenario is you only have sea water available and no resources to boil it. Your best bet is to make an improvised salt water distiller to extract pure H20 from sea water. Below, you’ll find out how it’s done.

How to Split Wood Without Hurting Yourself
For centuries, an ax and a maul were the only ways to split wood. However, if you have a lot of wood to split, it’s going to take a lot of time and can be painful on your shoulders. There are better methods.

Camping Guide: Checklists & Essential Tips for Campers
Camping offers a unique experience, and whether you are going with friends, family, or alone, you are sure to make lasting memories while you are out on your trip. With this guide, every novice will find the art of camping (and preparing for it) is actually a lot easier than it appears.

Gifts for Off-Grid and Homesteader Friends/Family
What do you get the person who wants to get away from everything? We have quite a few suggestions.

National Fire Prevention Week - Plan 2 Escape Routes
Take steps to prevent a fire in your home/business and train family/employees in case a fire occurs. President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first National Fire Prevention Week on October 4-10, 1925, beginning a tradition of the President of the United States signing a proclamation recognizing the occasion. It is observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls, in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began October 8, 1871, and did most of its damage October 9. The horrific conflagration killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres. See also:

30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge for National Preparedness Month!
How long could you survive without going to the grocery store? Take the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge with me in honor of National Preparedness Month, and see how long you can hang!