Couples Defense: What You Can Do With Your Partner To Stay Safe
Forget the chocolate and flowers! What better way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day than to commit to staying safe with your partner. This Valentine’s Day, we celebrate couples defense as a vital skill everyone should learn.

Can Your Security System Be Hacked And Used To Spy On You?
I have what is supposed to be the cutting edge of security systems.. I can control my alarm from my phone, turn lights on and off, and even control my air condition if I am feeling too lazy to get out of bed and change the temperature manually. So does it make any sense to you that my entire security system can be compromised by a single $10.00 piece of equipment that can be bought on

Forgiveness: Letting go of grudges and bitterness
When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness and move forward.

Diversify Your Income Sources Not Just Your Investments and Assets
"Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" is good advice for income as well as the sources of income. Just as putting your money in multiple investments is good, having multiple ways to make money is just as good.

Kindness: How to Teach Children to Care for Others
8-year-old Martin Richard lost his life in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. He believed in peace and kindness, values he proudly displayed on a poster he made at school. How do we honor Martin’s wish for No More Hurting People? We start by teaching children to care about others every day throughout the year and setting the example by practicing it ourselves.

Herbs to Relieve Stress
Stress crops up in many situations, not only when you’re out in the wilderness, but also in your everyday life. Adaptogens are natural substances known to empower the hormonal response of your body to stress.

Natural Remedies For Headaches
Popping an aspirin or pain reliever rather than considering natural remedies for headaches seems to be the only solution that comes to mind for a lot of people. But synthetic solutions do have devastating side effects on our body.

Loneliness: A Worse Killer than Obesity + What to Do About It
At this very moment there are so many people feeling lonely that many nations like the United States now face what is being called a “loneliness epidemic.”

Growing Mini and Small Vegetables and Fruits
Most things are cuter when they're small. Miniature fruits and vegetables are no exception. Perfect for small gardens and children's lunchboxes, these tiny versions of everyday fruit and vegs are bound to be a hit in your household. Not only are they perfect for garnishing a cocktail, or adding interest to a Sunday roast, it's also cheaper to grow your own. Read Also: Nine Adorable Miniature Fruits and Vegetables to Grow and Tips For Growing Baby Vegetables In The Garden

Insurance You Can Eat
Some will never wake up until TSHTF (the stuff hits the fan) ...and they will likely be one of your biggest problems. Count on it.

FAA Requirements for Drones (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
Whether you're a novice drone pilot or have many years of aviation experience, rules and safety tips exist to help you fly safely in the national airspace.

When Technology Fails, How Will You Respond?
Massive power outages and data systems failures are a result of an aged grid in the US. Unfortunately, most citizens are too reliant on technology. Getting back to basics once in a while will help prepare for the inevitable. Read also: Is the U.S. Energy Grid in Danger and The Grid

Grow Your Garden All Year Long With An Indoor Garden
Just because the warm weather has taken a vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. Garden indoors.

Storing and Securing a Firearm
A self-defense firearm must be within easy and quick access when you need it but secure from those who should not have access to it. Regardless of the preferred security option, controlling who has access to your firearms is fundamental to gun safety.

Building Simple Snares And Traps for Survival Food
Would you know how to hunt for food during a long-term emergency or grid down scenario?

Surprisingly Simple Home Remedies for Cold and Flu
When you’re healthy, home remedies are the last thing on your mind. But when winter comes, the freezing temperatures and winds do not only mean snow and thick jackets, it also means irritating colds and frustrating flu that can hit you quickly.

Baby Steps to Help Make the World a Better Place
Baby steps. Small changes. Daily moments of kindness. LITTLE things. That’s what matters..

Reasons to Join a Survival Group
A personal social integration with others can be more beneficial, in bad times, than going it alone. But having the right kind of members is vitally important.

Weather Forecasting Without A Gadget
Want to know how to do a weather forecast without gadgets? If you’re relying too much on modern technology to tell the weather, it’s time to go back to basics.

Homeless Survival Tips For How To Survive On The Streets
This information will be crucial once SHTF, or if you do find yourself homeless one day due to natural disaster, financial ruin and lack of friends/family ties.

How to Improve Your Life
It's a new year, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's time to make some improvements! Luckily, it's just about as easy said as it is done -- even the smallest things can feel like giant leaps to becoming a better you.

Self-Defense: 21 Feet Rule (Tueller Principal/Drill)
21 feet seems far away but an attacker can reach you in less that 2 seconds from 21 feet. Also view this second video.

Shoot Until The Threat Stops
In self defense, the goal is to STOP the attack as quickly as possible. The attacker must be discouraged from attacking, or incapacitated such that they cannot continue their attack.

Self-Defense: Reasonable Man Doctrine/Standard
The question isn’t “what is reasonable force”; the question is “would a reasonable person who was standing in your shoes at that time, facing what you faced and knowing what you knew, have made the same decision to use the same force that you used at the time that you used it”....

The Concealed Carry (Stealth) Lifestyle
Carrying a firearm while avoiding to draw attention to oneself. View these other videos from Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting
Interacting with responding officers, duties of police and conflict with your immediate concerns, providing an accurate report in spite of pressure, and more . . .

Defending a Self-Defense Shooting
A discussion with attorneys James Fleming and Royce Ferguson on What to expect immediately after a shooting, What do prosecutors look for, Why you should worry if you are not arrested, and much more . . .

Raising Outdoor Kids
“Let’s go outside and get some Vitamin N (Nature)”. A generation or two ago parents were raising outdoor kids. Kids congregated in forests, parks, streets and backyards to play for hours on end only to be called in for supper or bed. Over time our culture has shifted and kids started spending less and less time outside, spending the majority of time indoors.

Lessons on Gunfighting From Wyatt Earp
For a man who learned his lessons on gunfighting in the mean and dusty streets of some tough cowtowns, Earp’s teachings ring true today, nearly 90 years after his passing.

Benefits of Coffee & Alternatives to Sweeten and Flavor It
Coffee, the bitter nectar of life, the breakfast of champions, the fuel that sustains parents everywhere. It really is one of the best parts of life. It does more than warm the soul; there are many health benefits. But the things we add to it may be working against us.

Does Carbonated Water Dehydrate You?
Carbonated water does not dehydrate you as long as there are no additives such as sodium or caffeine.

High-Rise Building Evacuation Kit
Most buildings have an evacuation plan that can lead everyone to safer grounds. But when the initial plan falls apart, you need to have a ready-to-go emergency kit nearby. Having a kit with the right items can make a huge difference in getting out of a high-rise and avoiding injury or death.

Eye Protection and Injury Treatments
If you ask average joe which of the five senses they would most like to preserve, you can bet that they’ll say their eyesight. Here are some links to consider for injury prevention and treatment. Suggested Reading: Eye Care in a Collapse Situation, Parts 1 & 2

Urban Life: 10 Ways to Solve Food Storage Problems
Living in the city offers many advantages, but food storage space is, usually, not one of them. Here are some tips to maximize available space.

Emergency Kit Contents
Do More Than Cross Your Fingers. Jamie Lee Curtis builds her preparedness kit as part of the American Red Cross campaign. Also View Part 2: Customizing Your Kit and read about how to Start Preparing for an Emergency

SAS Survival Guide
In my opinion, the SAS Survival Guide (not Handbook) is highly recommended due to its comprehensive content and compact size. Purchase on and read about how to Start Preparing for an Emergency

Introducing Character Evidence (Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, Inc.)
Some of today’s best citizens have turned their lives around but have histories of past illegal violence. Is there a time line after which one’s past isn’t considered relevant to whether current acts constitute a violent crime or self defense?

Can you love someone else if you don't love yourself?
Loving Yourself—How Important Is It? Also read: Loving Others Without Loving Yourself: A Reconsideration

Should People With Bipolar Be In Relationships?
Is it true that a bipolar can’t have a positive impact on another person because of the disease and it's best to avoid being in a relationship?

Top 3 All-Time Home Remedy Products
There are three things that are well-tried and time-tested to be extremely effective for almost any type of ailment you can think of. These ultimate home remedies should take pride of place in every home and be put to use regularly.

Get Weather Forecasts Far in the Future
Planning for a major life event? Find out what the weather will be like anywhere in the world for nearly any time in the future.

Top 5 Digital Safety Tips for 2018
Electronically stealing your information and money is BIG business. Here are ways you can defend yourself.

Wild Lettuce as a Healthy Painkiller Alternative
From injury to disease, pain is a very common ailment or symptom that can take down the toughest of the tough. Alternative solutions help to fight the epidemic with opiate dependency. Here is one alternative. Also view this video:

Why loud & repetitive verbal commands can hinder compliance
Using loud, repetitive verbal commands can be more of a hindrance than a help when trying to gain compliance from a resistive subject. Like any other tools, the use of communication can be sharpened with new knowledge, training and experience.

Layman's Explanation of Why The FBI Now Says 9mm Is Best Law Enforcement Handgun Round
Both “9mm” and “.45” factions have quickly resumed their age-old talking points, seemingly oblivious to the improvement of ammunition over the last three decades. Read Also: How the FBI reignited the pistol caliber war

20 Plants to Grow for Calcium
Calcium plays an important role in everything from your nervous system to your muscle control, making it important that you are consuming enough of this mineral. Most people turn to dairy when it comes to their calcium intake, not realizing that there are actually a number of plant-based calcium sources.

Which Is Better, a Back Stretcher or an Inversion Table?
Stretching your back allows it to realign itself, relieving pressure and pain. Stretching with either a back-stretching device or an inversion table can provide the best results.

Why You Need A Dash Cam For Your Vehicle
A dash cam is not merely a fancy gadget that records events, it is a very useful device that is capable of much more. It does not only record your trip, it can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as legal protection against lawsuits and insurance fraud and more . . . read on

Modesty: Is it a Lost Virtue?
Modesty is no respecter of gender and is exhibited by what is "in the mind" (heart) as well as what is worn (or not worn) on the body. It, generally, reflects one's true inner desires/intentions. Also Read: Modest or Immodest: A handy guide for telling the difference

DIY 5 Gallon Water Filter
When it comes to survival, nothing is more important than having clean drinking water. This should be your top priority in any emergency situation. But don’t think you have to drop hundreds of dollars on an expensive water filter in order to achieve this. Remember that "filtered" water is not "purified" water.

How to Survive a Fall
You need to know how to fall properly for one simple reason: you’re going to have a bad fall. Even insanely high falls are survivable. Indeed, whether it’s a small or ridiculous fall, the secret is understanding how to fall correctly. A well-executed fall can save your life, or at least save you a broken bone or two.

Could You Survive The Open Ocean?
You never know when you may be stranded in the ocean. Whether it be a plane crash, a sinking boat, or getting swept out to sea, the isolation of being stranded in the ocean can be a frightening experience. Follow these survival tips to keep yourself alive in the open ocean until rescue comes.

Taker or Leaver; Which are You?
Fictional account of a surprising journey by a person responding to a newspaper ad by a teacher looking for a student interested in saving the world.

Warren Buffett Indicator Signals Upcoming Stock Market Crash in 2018
Buffett has not said . . . “the stock market will crash in 2018.” But this is a time for contemplation; reflect on the wealth you have and keep it. Don’t gamble it away . . . interest rates can only move higher. Retirement savings in volatile funds may be at risk. Also Read:

Consider Adding a Pellet Rifle to Your Arsenal
When I was a child, my uncle bought me a BB/Pellet rifle. Then, when I was a teenager, my father bought me a Ruger 10/22 and my pellet rifle was quickly forgotten. I saw real bullets as superior to pellets and equated my BB/Pellet rifle to a toy for younger kids. Now that I am older and wiser, I can think of several reasons that a pellet rifle would be useful tool instead of a simple toy.

Where does money come from and Who controls it?
What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? This video reports that the Federal Reserve was established, and continues to be controlled, by private individuals, not the government who gave the Federal Reserve (banks) sole control of ALL of the nations (our) money and that we the people (and the government) are manipulated by Federal Reserve. Here is a link to the video transcript:

How to End the Financial Enslavement of Central Banks World Wide
A look a stopping the private banks (including the Federal Reserve) who control the world's money and create debt to keep citizens, and governments, enslaved to them. Also Read:

What is Cryptocurrency and How Does it Work?
Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. Also View this video:

Edible Landscaping: What Is It, How to Design It and What Plants to Choose
Edible landscaping refers to mixing food plants in with your ornamental ones, to create a setting that is not only visually appealing, but productive as well.

Training With Your Survival Gear: Common Exercises
Survival gear is everywhere and abundant. Many people purchase bug out bags, SHTF bags, weapons, equipment, chest rigs and plate carriers, but very few actually go out and thoroughly train with them.

How to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive
While assertive communication can sometimes be misinterpreted as arrogant, selfish, or unhelpful, by learning how to establish clear boundaries and communicate your needs and ideas clearly and respectfully, you can enhance your relationships with others, whether they’re work colleagues, friends, or romantic partners.

Nail Biting - Causes, Complications & Treatment
Compulsive nail biting (onychophagia) can be considered an addiction due to both the psychological and physical manifestations. Nail biting is definitely a psychological issue which can also lead to medical complications. Read Also:

Fear of Caring Too Much for Someone?
“Never let it be said that I cared too little.” — a quote that I thought I lived by, and then realized I was the world’s biggest hypocrite by thinking that.

Fear of Being Alone
The fear of being alone is a powerful motivating force in life, maybe the most powerful . . . most people will do just about anything to escape from.

Fear of Getting Old and Becoming a Burden
None of us can predict the future, but we can prepare for possible eventualities and the only way I know of fighting fear is to get it out in the open and shine a big, bright light on it and – focus on what we can control.

Essential Oil Blend for [varicose & spider] Veins
It is possible to get rid of the pain and discomfort arising out of varicose veins (spider veins) with home remedies. Among the many natural remedies available, essential oils are most effective in removing the blood clots that cause spider veins. Here are the best essential oils that you can use for getting rid of varicose and spider veins. Also read:

Is it Love or Lust?
As a psychiatrist, I've seen how intense sexual attraction is notorious for obliterating common sense and intuition in the most sensible people. Why? Lust is an altered state of consciousness . . . Also Read:

Addiction is Slavery
First we experiment. Then it becomes fun. Then it becomes a habit. We start making bigger sacrifices for it. We are stuck on a hamster wheel and tell ourselves that we are "choosing" the hamster wheel but the hamster wheel is actually in control.

Don't dip your pen in the company ink
One thing my father always taught me is that you should never date co-workers or clients or patients. Basically, you should never try to date someone you met through work or use your job as a way of meeting men/women because you could be jeopardizing your livelihood.

Natural Sleep Aids that Really Work
Sleep is precious time that allows our bodies to heal and rejuvenate, and without enough sleep, our health suffers. That means we must find ways to get proper rest. Unfortunately, many people either can’t sleep or don’t get enough sleep, which is where natural sleep aids come in.

Don’t Be Afraid To Pursue Your Biggest, Boldest Dreams
. . . her words were like poison to my soul and they caused me to doubt my ability to live my dreams. As a result of her poisonous words she made it unsafe for me to dream my biggest, boldest dreams and to utter them out loud.

Find Hope When Things Seem Bleak
Hopelessness leads to powerlessness. And powerlessness (the inability to affect change in our lives) leaves us desperate and sad. So how do you become more hopeful when things look bleak? Let's look at ways you can tap into.

Cancers are Profitable, Cures are Not
I feel like I know more and more people getting cancer. While the causes may not be easy to pin down, there’s a single truth you have to understand. Cancer treatment is a thriving, profitable business. Billions of dollars are made in treating those who contract cancer, emptying their financial reserves or leeching from insurance coffers.

Off-Grid Cabin Life
No Public Utilities. Oh, no! What's a person to do? Think outside the box. What if . . . ?

The Best Off-Grid Homes
Designing and building an off grid house for a survival retreat is an exciting endeavor . . . Only a small percentage of homes in America are off the grid, but they enhance a level of self-reliance, while saving money on a daily basis.

The Survival Rule of Threes
Survival, at the most basic level, is staying alive despite circumstances. People, interested in improving their survival chances, should concentrate on surviving for a period of time. To help guide this thought methodology, there is the “Rule of Threes”.

Six Ways to Escape from Handcuffs, Zip Ties & Duct Tape
Get ready to learn some life skills – Brian teaches us a bunch of different ways to escape from handcuffs.

Can you survive the legal aftermath of self defense incident?
Our members recognize that an individual may not carry much weight against the legal system. The Network's strength, its experts and the fund amassed from 25% of all membership dues, provides vastly more power to protect your legal rights and legal survival.

How To Build The Perfect Pocket-Sized Survival Kit
You can never be too prepared when it comes to wilderness safety, but that doesn’t mean your survival kit should weigh you down. Check out this tutorial to make the perfect pocket-sized survival kit.

The Bible and Self Defense
In 2008, as we were launching the members' journal, we were pleased to publish an in-depth multi-part series about the Bible, believers and the issue of self defense, with a look at the concerns that may cause individual Christians, as well as congregations, to seek out defense strategies and provisions.

Ring stuck on finger? Here’s How to get it off.
One of the most common injuries in the world is a hand injury. If you wear a ring, things can go from bad to worse very quickly. As your finger swells the ring cuts off circulation and if you don’t get the ring off fast, you could lose a finger. Here's an effective way to remove a ring from a swollen finger. See video at:

Stay Prepared With This DIY Riot Mask
Learn how to make a mask that filters the air in an emergency situation. See video at:

14 Ways a Beer Can Could Save Your Life
Just ask Clifton Vial of Nome Alaska, who was stranded for more than 60 hours outside of town on Nov. 28, 2011. Mr. Vial survived his ordeal thanks to turning his attention to an unlikely hero - a beer can.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
It is common advice amongst lawyers and judges that when first confronted by the police after a self-defense shooting, you should say nothing, because anything you say “can and will be used against you” in a court of law. The latter part is true, of course, but the fact of the matter is, if you are tried for an alleged criminal act associated with your use of deadly force in self defense, you are likely going to have to testify in court anyway.

Choosing Self Defense Guns
Much is written in gun magazines and on Internet forums about the kind of weapons we should employ in our self-defense plan. In this article, I will give my perspective as both a trainer and an expert witness in self-defense cases, while drawing on my experiences as a cop for about 30 years, since I still carry a special police commission.

Three Most Common Post-Self-Defense-Shooting Errors
Failing to call police after the incident, Running Off At The Mouth, Embellishing the story of what happened.

How “livable” is your vehicle?
Your car is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there, right? Well, what if you had to live in that vehicle for several days? Think of it as a cross between camping and being homeless. See also:

Essential Preparedness Library
Essential library of MUST HAVE manuals on Keeping your Personal Information Safe, Aquaponics and Hydroponics for Food, handling a Martial Law situation and a Home Survival Plan to transform your home into a rock solid bunker.

Testing of Non-Electric EcoFans for Wood Stoves
A thermoelectric wood stove fan circulates heat from the stove throughout the room without any electricity or batteries. Look for a model with a High CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Low Start Temperature. Place the fan as far back on the stove as possible. See Also:

Exceptional Souls
I believe there are people in this world who are not pretentious, care for the interests of others above their own, give of their time and resources to help others and display a quiet strength and commitment to righteousness and modesty (a word that is foreign in today's world).

Apple Device Users - Beware of this scary new scam
If you use an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.), beware of a message similar to the one below. The first clue is the absolutely non-Apple "From" address; a second clue is the atrocious grammar; a third clue is that no name is given after "Dear"--not even "Customer" or "User"; a fourth clue is the gobbledegook near the end of the message. Do NOT click on any links in such a message. Just delete it pronto!

"Primal fear" - False Alarm In Hawaii
For several years now, Hawaii has been warning their population of the threat of North Korea, yet, when a false alarm was sounded people panicked. Why? They are not prepared emotionally and with the necessary supplies. Don’t be “that guy”. Keep your composure with a plan starting at:

Control Insects By Bolstering Your Bat Habitat
Attract bats to your property with a bat habitat. Enjoy the natural insect control and enhanced ecosystem biodiversity that accompanies them. It may seem too early to think about the coming of the insect seasons but preparing now will have a solution in place when the time comes.

Solar Lighting for Home Security
Solar lighting does not need an electric supply. The sun charges up the battery. When darkness falls, your security lighting is there ready to protect your home.

Make Homemade Waterproof Matches
Ordinary matches don’t mix well with wet conditions. Having waterproof matches is essential to your outdoor activities gear. Buying them is expensive. Here are three easy methods to make your own.

How to Plant Fruit Trees
Growing fruit trees is very beneficial but involves looking at a number of factors. It is not as easy as growing non-fruit bearing plants. You need to keep these factors in mind:

Travel with People to People International for a deeper appreciation of diverse cultures
PTPI participation knows no boundaries as members and friends work together to foster cross-cultural understanding in order to be an active force in creating and sustaining a more peaceful world.

Christmas Story with a Twist
Full-length movie of the Bible story, modernized.

The Perils of the Quickaholic
I tend to plan my schedule and my budgets based on perfect scenarios. The problem with that is obvious. Rarely are there perfect scenarios. In other words I have no margins.

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
Ask "What is essential?" and eliminate the rest. Everything changes when we give ourselves permission to eliminate the nonessentials. At once, we have the key to unlock the next level of our lives.

Frugal to survive or frugal to be rich?
For the past couple years my frugal way of thinking was led by a need to survive or scrimp to pay off debt. Being mindfully frugal allowed me to save money that was redirected to paying down my debt faster.

8 Frugal Entertainment Ideas
The sun comes out, the money spending tends to get loose, and plans go a flyin’! I thought I’d share some the great ideas we partake in to help curb our spending. Here are some frugal entertainment ideas for the whole family.

Most Asked Homesteading Questions
There is a movement going on to learn how to live more self-sufficiently and without all the trappings of a “normal” American lifestyle. We love this movement because that is where our heart is. We want others to know that living more simply is possible! We have put together a list of our most asked questions.

Convert Old Cell Phones into Remote Security Cameras
Nearly any cell phone with a build-in camera can be used as a security camera to send real-time video activity to the smartphone you always use.

Make Drinkable Water From Urine
If you are stranded in the wild or in an environment that lacks water you have to make do with what you’ve got in order to survive. We will do anything if we are in danger and recycling urine is something you should consider if water is scarce. Knowing how to make water from urine is a skill that could save your life during a crisis.

Save on Prescription Drugs
GoodRx collects prices & discounts from over 60,000 U.S. pharmacies. Print free coupons. Show the coupon to your pharmacist for massive savings on your meds. GoodRx featured on Dr. Oz.

Metals Are Saying The Dollar & The Stock Market are Heading for Trouble
Retirement accounts are at risk. Don't use the news for your investing advice. It will be far too late by then. Right now with the stock market being at "crash level" P/E valuations and stretched so far above 200-week moving averages, it behooves us to hold WAY more than normal cash in our portfolios and I recommend not having broad market exposure . . .

Romaine Lettuce Linked to E. Coli?
Over the past seven weeks, 58 people in the U.S. and Canada have become ill from a dangerous strain of E. coli bacteria, likely from eating romaine lettuce. Five people in the U.S. have been hospitalized and one has died, according to officials. There has also been one death in Canada. Canadian health authorities have issued an official warning recommending that everyone avoid this popular lettuce, while they investigate further. But, the U.S. response has been far quieter.

Seven most innovative alternative housing ideas
Most of us find it difficult to think beyond our regular houses and apartments with all modern amenities, security etc. Believe it or not, there are still alternate housing options that are there and they are absolutely great.

11 Affordable Housing Alternatives for City Dwellers
As post-suburbanites move back into cities, escalating housing costs are forcing low and middle income folks and people of color out to the suburbs. The result is that the diverse communities that make cities resilient creative centers are being displaced or forced to find new, affordable housing options.

How Much Does the Hot Water Heater Affect an Electric Bill?
Water heating systems are the second biggest user of electricity in the home, accounting for an average of 18 percent of electricity costs. Here are some tips to reduce costs.

Protect Yourself From Bad Eggs
Did you know that many of the eggs that you purchase by the dozen in your local grocery store are already weeks old before they hit the shelf? There is a simple test that will tell you just how fresh an egg is and all you need is a bowl of water.

It's looking pretty bare here. If I think too much about it, I get a bit sad that this era in my life is ending. But that's been happening with so many things (and people) recently; especially in 2017. It is, however, the way life is.

How to Keep New Year's Resolutions
This year, stop the cycle of resolving to make change, but then not following through. The best way to stick with your new year's resolution is to plan ahead.

How to Avoid Hurting Other People
To make real concrete change in your life is to practice causing no harm to anyone - yourself or others. It’s harder than you think but here are some suggestions.

Permanently delete your Google Web Search History
  Google stores your Google Web Search History on their servers for your Google/Gmail personal accounts. Here's how to delete your history and disable, or pause this setting. I've known of history being saved as far back as 11 years. See also:

A New Year; For Myself or Others?
I guess it's normal to look back on the previous year and ask "did I make a difference?". In asking that question, I also have to ask if what I did made things better for others or only myself. When I hear, read and watch the things going on in this world, there seems to be so much anger, injustice, cruelty and need. Am I making things better or worse for my fellow earthlings?

Preparing for a Snowstorm
The weather forecast is calling for snow. Lots of snow. How do you prepare for a snowstorm?

Tired of RoboCalls? Support Efforts to Stop Them.
Consumer Reports gives you the facts on how to fight back against invasive robocalls that steal your time and money.

Self-Defense Weapons You Can Make at Home
Although these weapons are homemade, they are reliable when emergency circumstances arise. We can never be sure that we are safe or complacent about our security so it’s better to be protected than sorry. We all know that purchasing a weapon can cost a lot of hard-earned money. Fortunately, you can make your own brutal weapons without breaking the bank.

56 Ways to Reuse plastic bottles
Garbage is abundant everywhere you look. It is sad to admit that our planet has come to this, but it is true. A large percentage of that garbage consists of plastic bottles. Where you see water meets land, you can find an abundance of plastic bottles. This may be sad for our environment, but it is a win for survival.

Winter Survival Methods: Keeping The Heat In Check
A winter storm can take a variety of forms from snow storms, freezing rain, snow pellets, graupel and rime which is why we need to know a few winter survival methods to keep warm. In certain continents, this event doesn’t occur only during the winter but may also happen during early spring and late autumn. But we all know it is not just being directly exposed to these elements that make winter overwhelming and, at times, unforgiving. Keeping the heat in check at home, blackouts, frozen water pipes and keeping warm are just some of the problems you need to deal with. But what if you have useful information to help you get through the winter like never before? The following winter survival skills will change your outlook on winter for good! See also:

11 Uncommon Uses For Aluminum Foil
In a crisis, you make the most out of everything you have, which means you might need to get a little creative. Things like paracord and duct tape have fairly obvious uses, but other items may require a little more critical thinking. Today let’s take a look at one of the most common items you have in your kitchen — aluminum foil.

Americans can't rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to fend for themselves.
FEMA chief Brock Long says: 1.FEMA is broke. - 2.The system is broken. - 3.If this is the new normal, Americans can't rely on a federal cavalry when disaster strikes. They will have to take care of themselves. See also: Emergency Planning 1.0

5 Cold-Weather Injuries To Look Out For (And How To Treat Them)
Cold weather is no joke. It can lead to severe injury and even death. Check out this post to learn how to treat a variety of cold-weather injuries.

7 Reasons Why A Tiny House Is A Great Idea
The tiny house movement has been growing steadily for years now. And I feel using a tiny house has not been fully realized. Check out this article to learn more.

10 Reasons Every Prepper Should Own A Pit Bull
From my earliest recollection as a child, I always had a dog as a pet. The dog breeds ranged from chihuahuas to German Shepards… And everything else in between. But a vicious Pit Bull? HELL NO!

12 Culinary Herbs To Grow on Your Own
Not only do herbs add so much depth and flavor to dishes, but they also contain more antioxidants than just about every fruit and vegetable out there. See: AeroGarden

Just say what you want -- puhleeeze!
  Hanging back, dropping hints, and generally mousing around gets you nowhere and drives other people nuts. Here's what you should do instead. See also: Why Can't Women Just Come Out and Say What They Mean?

What is Net Neutrality?
. . . all the Internet traffic (data) should be treated as equal . . . all the websites on the Internet should be working at the same average speed provided by your ISP.

Save Net Neutrality - Tell Congress Here
The FCC voted to gut net neutrality protections, paving the way for internet providers like Verizon and Comcast to control what we can see and do online with new fees, throttling, and censorship. But the fight isn't over, we can still get Congress to reverse the decision and to restore our open and free internet. Write Congress now and tell them to reverse the FCC's vote.

Healthy Energy Drink Alternatives
There’s a reason everyone from elite athletes to 8-year-old soccer players relies upon energy drinks and electrolyte drinks for vitality, energy, or replenishing nutrients lost while sweating. Consider this: energy drinks are pretty bad for you. But there are a few ingredients you can stock up on that have the same beneficial effects of energy drinks or sports drinks but are much healthier.

How To Add Emergency Information on Android Devices
On Android 7+ Rescuers can have access to emergency contacts and other vital information without unlocking the phone or entering any password or PIN. For those without Android 7+, emergency info can be placed on a locked screen using the text field under Settings/Security/Owner Info

How To Build A Salt Water Distiller
How would you like to make your own salt water distiller from the simplest materials? The human body can last three weeks without food but only a few days without water. The worst case scenario is you only have sea water available and no resources to boil it. Your best bet is to make an improvised salt water distiller to extract pure H20 from sea water. Below, you’ll find out how it’s done.

Post Self-Defense Response Procedures Card
Just in case of a self-defense incident, this may help to guide you through.

How to Split Wood Without Hurting Yourself
For centuries, an ax and a maul were the only ways to split wood. However, if you have a lot of wood to split, it’s going to take a lot of time and can be painful on your shoulders. There are better methods.

Could You Effectively Defend Yourself If Attacked?
No matter what age, size, or level of fitness; you can benefit from a class on self-defense. A very large part of knowing how to defend yourself is the ability to read a situation - being aware of your surroundings and having the tools to avoid risky situations. See Also: and

Capturing Wind Power at Home
Wind turbine design encompasses multiple disciplines, but perhaps the most important—and often the least understood, even by would-be turbine designers—is fluid dynamics. Understanding the physics laws that govern wind power, presented here, can help consumers make wise wind turbine technology choices.

Practice Advanced Urban Survival with Skill Over Gear
When the ultimate catastropy occurs, there will be a huge group left that will be doing everything they can to survive. I don’t see a quiet walk down an abandoned street. I see a frightened one filled with leery eyes coming at you from windows and across roads. Tension in the air that is so extreme people can snap at any moment. You are a stranger surrounded by enemies and everyone around you feels the same way. What should you know before this happens?

The 9 Biggest Obstacles That Are Keeping You from Homesteading
Homesteading is a new trend in old ways – people who are tired of the noisy, congested city and seek open air and refuge are turning back to cultural traditions of our grandparents and great-grandparents. We’ve spent generations moving away from our family farms and wide open spaces into cities with better job opportunities and more activities to occupy our time, but many of us have found that at some point we passed a feeling of more security and entered into some sort of stress-breeding hamster wheel that we can’t step off of

Camping Guide: Checklists & Essential Tips for Campers
Camping offers a unique experience, and whether you are going with friends, family, or alone, you are sure to make lasting memories while you are out on your trip. With this guide, every novice will find the art of camping (and preparing for it) is actually a lot easier than it appears.

What kind of dog breed should you get? Take this quiz to match you to your perfect pet.
Use our Dog Breed Selector to determine which breed is the best fit for you and your lifestyle; the type of dog that is meant for you. See also

Homemade Raw Pet Food Recipes
Raw feeding for cats and dogs is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With commercial cat food containing everything from indigestible grains to contaminated ingredients to harmful additives, a raw, species-appropriate diet is really the best way forward.

Hawaii prepares for nuclear attack as North Korean threat grows
Hawaii’s civil defense agency issued guidelines to residents that included: listen for warning sirens, stay away from windows and remain sheltered until they are told it is safe to exit or for 14 days, “whichever comes first,” according to the directive.

Best Training Targets & Target Distance
How to determine the type of target and target distance for your firearm(s) training goal(s).

Top 10 Quiet Chicken Breeds
When you are homesteading in your backyard in the suburbs or even in a small town, there is only one thing as important as egg quality when deciding what breed of chickens to raise – how much noise they make. Quiet chickens breeds do exist, and you do not have to sacrifice egg quality to raise them! If you do not want angry neighbors pounding on your door or stopping you in the driveway over the constant chatter of your beloved flock, invest in a breed known for its polite demeanor.

Is Simple Living For You? Answer These 25 Questions To Find Out
If you’re considering a simpler way of life, these questions will help you to determine if that lifestyle is truly for you. Keep in mind that these are personal questions; there are no right or wrong answers. The only wrong answers are if you’re lying to yourself. Leading the simple life is a journey, not a destination.

So, You Want to be a Police Officer?
See Also: Dangers of being a police officer and Pursuing a Career as a Police Officer

Gifts for Off-Grid and Homesteader Friends/Family
What do you get the person who wants to get away from everything? We have quite a few suggestions.

Survival Movies
Have you watched any survival movies lately? There may be some lessons learned for survival, possibly including what NOT to do!

You killed or injured someone in self-defense, what happens next?
We see this scenario play out regularly across the country. A legally armed citizen uses a gun in self-defense, then appears in court to prove that the legal requirements were met to justify using deadly force. When the court rules that the citizen complied with the law and is not guilty of any crime, life just goes on, right? NOT!

Emergency Preparedness Tactics For Seniors
As time goes by, we realize that natural and manmade disasters are inevitable, and we become more and more vulnerable each day. Unfortunately, the seniors in our community are the most affected given their situation and physical condition. The following emergency preparedness tactics should help senior citizens everywhere.

Firearms Safety & Training Basics
These training videos are intended to provide basic information on the functions and use of a variety of firearms and some Concealed-Carry information. Your are encouraged to attend a formal firearms training course usually offered by local firearms merchants.

Exaggerating Value
"A cup of tea really IS just something you drink". It's not some magical elixir. . . . Let's step back and look at the big picture of a thing or situation and avoid sensationalizing its value, importance or impact. 99.9999999999% of the time, it's just regular ol' tea.

Raising Ducks – The Ultimate Guide
Homesteaders have long raised flocks of chickens for eggs and meat, but now a growing number of folks are adding ducks to their barnyard as well. Ducks make cute farm pets that are entertaining to watch waddle around, but they also lay deliciously rich eggs and can provide an additional source of protein. While ducks are generally as easy to care for as chickens, there are still a few basics that you need to know, in order to ensure that your ducks are as healthy and as happy as can be. Whether you are hatching your own ducklings, or purchasing your first adult ducks, this guide will take you through all of the important steps when it comes to raising ducks.

Civilian MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Comparison
So how do the different brands of civilian MREs compare to each other? Which one most closely resembles the military MREs? Which one packs the most calories per case? We’ll attempt to answer those questions and more

KRACK Attack Puts Wi-Fi Connections at Risk
A serious new vulnerability called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks) was announced recently, likely impacting anyone who uses Wi-Fi. All Wi-Fi connection points and devices could be vulnerable—your local coffee shop, home, or workplace connection.

Keeping Your Car Battery Charged - A Personal Experience
So, there I was (alone) at my secluded cabin, after a week of nature, getting ready to pack up and leave for home. I pressed my door unlock button and "NOTHING HAPPENED". From past experience, Roadside Assistance will not come to my cabin. When I came home I did more car battery research and updated this web page. I have made some new purchases. I urge you to consider these preventive measures. See also:

The four building blocks to financial health
Having the “money” talk with your teen is as important as speaking to them about any other life challenges. A healthy relationship with money starts at an early age. This guide will provide you with tips and tools to have that all-important conversation, a big step in getting your teen started on the road to financial independence.

NFL Boycott Declared For Veterans Day Weekend, Nov. 12-13, 2017
A Facebook group is calling for people to not watch and not listen to NFL games on Veterans Day in a counter-protest to the national anthem demonstrations. The group wants members to not watch or listen to any NFL games on November 12 and 13 in deference to Veterans Day. This would affect all Sunday NFL games and the Monday Night Football game. “We love football, but we love our flag more,” it concludes.

Neighborhood Watch - Start or Join a Group
Neighborhood Watch is an organized effort by concerned residents to look out for each others safety, and to help law enforcement officers protect people and their homes against criminals. If your neighborhood has not yet become a crime statistic, consider crime preventive measures by starting a Neighborhood Watch Program. At the very least, call the police any time something looks suspicious or out of place. If your neighborhood has already become a crime statistic, a Neighborhood Watch Program can tackle this problem. Ignoring the problem will not fix it.

National Fire Prevention Week - Plan 2 Escape Routes
Take steps to prevent a fire in your home/business and train family/employees in case a fire occurs. President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first National Fire Prevention Week on October 4-10, 1925, beginning a tradition of the President of the United States signing a proclamation recognizing the occasion. It is observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls, in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began October 8, 1871, and did most of its damage October 9. The horrific conflagration killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2,000 acres. See also:

Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire
USDA Forest Service, explains current research about how homes ignite during wildfires, and the actions that homeowners can take to help their home survive the impacts of flames and embers. See also:

Personal Pollution - Tobacco & Vaping
I love the outdoors, the fresh air. So I am all for banning the total and complete manufacture, sale and use of tobacco products and other air pollutants such as eCigarettes; at the very least, the use of them in public and anywhere non-smokers can be affected.

Equifax Data Breach Petition
Equifax’s data breach compromised personal data for nearly half of all U.S. adults — over 145 million people! Millions are now at risk for identity theft. In the wake of this crisis, it’s critical that Equifax takes the correct steps to help make things right for all of the consumers affected. Consumers Union members have already collected more than 134,812 signatures on our petition to Equifax asking them to do right by consumers in danger. To date, Equifax’s response to these requests has been negligible. Sign our petition calling on Equifax to take the right steps in the wake of the breach. We will be delivering your petition to Equifax leadership soon!

The Perfect Human Diet
Diet, no doubt, has a major impact on a person's health. You eat poorly, you feel poorly; you eat better, you feel better. But is there a formula for eating better?

Kill The Electrical Vampires - Revisited
After making some serious lifestyle changes, I thought this would be a good reminder about a major money-saving venture.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!
A few handy tips and tricks that may just come in useful one day.

Hide Your Things in Plain Sight
Need to hide some money? Documents? Keys? Maybe even your meds. Here are some awesome ways to secure your items.

Purpose of Prepper Web Sites
I believe that if everyone physically and mentally prepares for inevitable catastrophic events, there will be less shock and more calm when emergencies happen.

How To Make Copper Tube Coils
Pipe being used is 1/4". Larger diameter pipe will be more difficult to coil and increase the diameter of the coil.

Endless Hot Water Without Electricity or Gas
Building a wood-burning water heater out of used parts using a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermosiphoning process.

Take A Knee
I received this message via email and wish I had written it.
See also:

Candid Thoughts on Living Without Running Water
Reaching for the faucet and expecting water to flow out of it, is so ingrained in us that for many it seems impossible to imagine a life without that luxury.

Fitbit Fits Negate Common Courtesy
As for the fitbit, go for regular walks outside in the fresh air and don't waste money on a fitbit to tell you how fit you are. You might also meet other people with similar interests and you won't be annoying your neighbors with the horse-like walking.

How to protect yourself against identity theft and respond if it happens
It's a jungle out there in Cyberspace. Everyone is after your information to steal everything you own, including your personal identity (who you are). The only sure way to prevent this is to stay off the internet and get rid of your cell phone. So how inconvenient is that in todays world? Very. So what can be done to mitigate the potential, and probable, attacks?

Kill Termites With Nematodes
One of the safest and most effective methods of termite control is the use of beneficial nematodes. These microscopic roundworms seek out and enter termites and other insects. They then feed on them parasitically until they die. Beneficial nematodes are an all-natural way to control termites that doesn’t put you or your family at risk.

101 Essential Oil Uses & Benefits
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments. Ready to harness the power of the world’s most proven therapeutic compounds? Then let’s talk about 101 ways to use these amazing essential oils.

Essential Oil Daily Use Guide
Essential oils were used by kings and queens as part of their daily health regimen and were often more costly than gold and silver. The purpose of this guide (The Kings' Cabinet) is to empower and train you to take control of your health with essential oils. This guide combines both science and ancient wisdom to give you the best recommendations for do-it-yourself home remedies with essential oils.

15 Essential Oils To Instantly Relieve Pain & How To Use Them
Medicine men have used essential oils since ancient times to treat all kinds of health problems, but nothing has made these potent cures popular as their pain-relieving properties. They can be as effective as, or even better than, the modern day analgesics, but with few of their side effects.

8 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Tornadoes and Hurricanes
If an EF5 tornado barrels over your home, there's not much you can do about it. But there is a compendium of technology available to prepare your house in case disaster strikes.

How to Flood-Proof Your Home
As floods become more frequent and severe with climate change, protecting your home becomes even more crucial. Here’s how to assess your risk—and make sure you’re prepared for the worst. See also:

The 5 Smelliest Body Parts
The way someone smells can either make you want to cuddle up close or head for the hills. To avoid being the person that everyone avoids, follow these odor emission guidelines.

Connecting Your Own Grid
Being on the “grid” is generally considered to mean that one is connected to the electrical grid supplied by a local electrical provider. Today, labeling yourself as “off grid” can mean a whole bunch of things. Here are the top 3 questions we get on a regular basis about our alternative energy setup.

Solar Powered Gadgets to Save Electricity and $
Solar power provides cleaner, more sustainable electricity, but few people can afford to mount solar panels on their houses, and few power providers have invested significantly in solar power generation. It’s time to take solar power into your own hands. These devices won’t let you take your house off the grid, but they will help reduce your power bill and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Sterilize Water With Sunlight
Every grown up human being needs about two litres of drinking water each day. It is very important to have pure drinking water. Otherwise you can suffer from diarrhea or even worse diseases. This article shows you how to sterilize water at no cost. Use a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle with water that is not turbid (murky, opaque, cloudy, unclear, muddy, thick, milky, roily)

How to Stay off the Government's Grid
Across the world, our lives are being tracked and monitored as never before. Maybe you want to be off the government grid. Or maybe you just want to have less information out there about yourself for privacy reasons. There are ways to do this. While implementing these methods all at once may not be practical, they can be phased in a little at a time. Knowing that it's possible is the first step.

Just In Case - Additional Source of Income
Start a home business as a second source of income. If you lose your job, for whatever reason, it might be difficult or even impossible to find another job. Having an alternative source of income can help you to keep your home and avoid poverty.

Fear Not During Your Nightly Walk - Get a Baton Flashlight
While some states are legalizing stun guns, many other self-defense tools are still illegal and many people would rather not want to carry them. So take your night time walk with something you would normally carry; a flashlight, only a little longer. If you are attacked by an animal (human or otherwise) strike a legal blow with your innocent flashlight.

Staying Safe Around Bears
Seeing a bear in the wild is a special treat. While it is an exciting moment, it is important to remember that bears are wild and can be dangerous and their behavior is sometimes unpredictable. Although rare, attacks on humans have occurred, inflicting serious injuries and death. Following bear safety guidelines is the first step to avoiding an encounter with a bear that could escalate into an attack. See also:

Organizing Long Term Food Storage
It is not enough to just collect food and stick it away somewhere until it's needed. Knowing where and what it is and when it will expire is essential. A little planning ahead of time will save a lot of space and organizational problems in the future.

How to Make Your Own Fog/Dew Catcher
A fog/dew catcher is a stretched out piece of mesh over copper piping which allows fog/dew to condensate into droplets of water and flow down to be collected into a barrel or bucket.

Electric Fencing for Detering Wild Animals (bears)
These videos, produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, demonstrate setting up an electric fence, including how they work and the components needed for both backcountry (temporary/portable) and more permanent installations. Above all, it is very important to avoid attracting animals by keeping attractants out of sight and smell when possible.

Universal Basic Income?
The government's "Universal Basic Income" is the idea that every citizen with a social security number will be given a set amount of money every month, directly deposited into their bank account, to help them with their basic living expenses, whether they work or not.

What Scares Me Most? Technology.
Technology is fast replacing the working man and will eventually reduce the work force to bare minimum. And government's "Universal Basic Income" is the idea that every citizen with a social security number will be given a set amount of money every month, directly deposited into their bank account, to help them with their basic living expenses, whether they work or not.

30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge for National Preparedness Month!
How long could you survive without going to the grocery store? Take the 30-Day No Grocery Shopping Challenge with me in honor of National Preparedness Month, and see how long you can hang!

Mint-Size Tablet Expands to Wash Cloth
The perfect companion when you're travelling, camping, picnicking, fishing, hunting. Just add a small quantity of water and this Tablet expands into a very usable wash cloth. They can be found on Amazon and eBay. Full-Size Compressed Towels are also available.

The Law of Attraction
Your current thoughts are creating your future life. What you think about the most or focus on the most will appear as your life to come. Watch FREE on Tubi TV.

Pros and Cons of Washing Your Clothes in Hot Water
Ah, the washing machine. Arguably one of the great inventions of our era, this device has freed up hours of time and energy. But even now, some questions remain. Namely, is washing clothes in hot water always the way to go? Or is all that heat doing your favorite shirt more harm than good? Also, read the articles and comments at: and

AARP Roadside Assistance May Not be the "Deal" You Expect
It is interesting, and disappointing, that AARP charges $7 more per year than if I go directly to Allstate Motor Club (AARP's Roadside Assistance provider).

World map of Path and Visibility for August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse
During a total solar eclipse, the disk of the moon blocks out the last sliver of light from the sun, and the sun's outer atmosphere, the corona, becomes visible. ... During totality, the area inside the moon's shadow is cloaked in twilight — a very strange feeling to experience in the middle of the day.

How to Pump Water Without Electricity
There are many instances when you may need to pump water, but you find yourself without electricity. You may need water out of a well or attempting to pump from a pond, creek, or some other outside water source. Today we will discuss how to pump water without electricity with this step by step guide.

The SCAM You WILL Fall For
All of us believe that humans are, basically, good. DON'T.

Cellular Price Wars Heat Up in 2017
  Cell Phone Plan deals are getting cheaper as "little providers" team up with the "big 4" networks. I have an unlimited plan, for $27/mo. through (H2o Wireless) which uses the AT&T network. Do some shopping and you will save.

Cash vs. Gold: Which Asset Could Prove Better?
2016-07-27 - Currency devaluations. Negative interest rates. Minimal economic growth. During such turbulent times, how can diligent wealth-holders safeguard their earnings? Learn more about the benefits and disadvantages to holding cash over gold to make the best decision for your portfolio.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Wood Burning Stove
Proper maintenance is crucial to a top-performing, long lasting stove. Without it, the stove will not function as intended. A poorly functioning wood stove can lead to smoke damage or cause a fire.

IKEA Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100
So you want to live off grid and build your own homestead? But you want to build your house yourself and do it right. What about living in a temporary shelter in the mean time? Each tiny home comes with 4 solar panels that provides the home with enough power for 4 hours of lighting at night and use of small appliances and USB power options during the day. Unfortunately, this product is only for sale in bulk (96+ units). See

Artisan Cured Meats
When we decided to make artisan cured meats on the homestead, it was not out of a desire to sell to a market or create a business. It was out of a necessity to save meat for long term storage.

Why We Should Never Say “I Could Never…”
When we say “I could never…” we are limiting the possibilities for our lives.

9 Things I Love About Our Wood Stove
When I think about off grid necessities, a wood stove is at the top of the list. It is so important in making off grid living possible. And there is nothing like the feeling of a home heated with a wood fire. It creates such a cozy glow during cold winter nights. I’ve looked forward to a lot of things in my life, but the day we got our wood stove is high on that list. I will always remember that day.

Congressional Reform Act
Congress is out of control. Put control back into the hands of the citizens they are supposed to serve.
See Also:

AARP's stealthy White House alliance on health care
"Thanks to just-released emails from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we now know that AARP worked through 2009-2010 as an extension of a Democratic White House, toiling daily to pass a health bill that slashes $716 billion from Medicare, strips seniors of choice, and sets the stage for rationing. We know that despite AARP's awareness that its seniors overwhelmingly opposed the bill, the 'nonpartisan organization' chose to serve the president's agenda. The 71 pages of emails show an AARP management taking orders from the White House, scripting the president's talking points, working to keep its board 'in line' and pledging a fealty to 'the cause.' Seniors deserve to know all this, as AARP seeks to present itself as neutral in this presidential election."

Top 10 Rules For Success - Warren Buffett
He is the single most successful investor of the 20th century. Time magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world.

Morel Mushroom Hunting
We love Morels and look forward every year to mushroom hunting time! Morel mushrooms are truly a seasonal food because they only grow in the wild. It is recommended that you use a bag such as an onion sack so that the spores can disperse as you walk along. . . . there is a false morel that is poisonous if consumed. True morels have a honeycomb like cap and can be black, yellow, and tan in color. Some true morels can also have a blue and gray color to them. False morels don’t have as distinct honeycomb pattern as do the true morels. When a false morel is cut in half it will have a milky white substance inside and should not be eaten. . . . some morels have more toxins than others and if you eat a lot, the toxins will make you sick . . . all I can say is don’t eat too many.
See also:

Get Rid Of Ticks – Guaranteed!
. . . the subject of ticks and chiggers can often be a daily topic. These pests can make your life miserable and even be life threatening. That’s why we are serious about eliminating them . . .

News and Information is intended to manipulate public opinion
It's perhaps one of the most important and pitched battles of our time: The battle to control information and sway public opinion. What can you believe? Who's telling the truth? What's real? Trust in social sites like Facebook and Twitter is in the single digits for all political persuasions; a reflection that the web is a free-for-all, where news is faked, and popular sites are subject to manipulation or censorship.

10 Ways to Live without Refrigeration
. . . She sent me a message recently with a recipe she thought that I might want to try: Smoothie Popsicles. It made me laugh so hard! I told her that they looked delicious, but I have two problems. I don’t have a blender and I can’t freeze anything! It’s hard to understand what it means to live off grid. Even someone who spent four days in my home has forgotten that I don’t have a freezer. I don’t blame her because EVERYONE has a freezer. Everyone except me. So how does my family live without refrigeration?

Learning To Barter - 4 Quick Tips
Some people think that bartering is a really complicated procedure. Come on, it was an economic system that was created without the use of modern technology. How hard can it be? If you take a closer look at how the system works, you will understand that it is just as challenging as any other form of trade. You need to utilize them the right way in order to ensure that you find your profit. Listed below are some tricks of the trade that you will definitely find useful in this field.

Making Fuel: Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol/Ethanol
. . . I think it is very possible to produce a limited amount of our own ethanol for fuel. With a few modifications, this can be used much of the time like normal fuel.

When The Grid Goes Down - Kerosene
Kerosene takes little to no modern technology to produce. In fact, I’ll be so bold as to claim that kerosene will be one of the first resources to come back into trade once a REAL collapse happens.

Prepare for a Global Financial Collapse
Today’s global cyber attack, affecting banks, grocery stores, power plants and other industries around the world, is a warning to be prepared for a global financial collapse. Chances are this was a "proof of concept" (test) to determine if it could be done. Now that the test was successful, when will the more sinister attack occur? How will you handle it? Use this link for other preparation resources:

Preparing for the Inevitable Power Outage
Everyone has experienced some form or level of public utility outage. It's inevitable. During those times, maybe some notes were taken to prepare for the next inevitable outage? If not, here are some things to consider doing and acquiring before the next outage:

4 Secret Languages That Will Allow You To Communicate Anywhere
It occurred to me that every family or close-knit group of friends should have at least one way to convey information and messages to each other secretly.

Baking Soda and Vinegar to Clean Clogged Drains - Myth Buster?
Want to naturally unclog a sink or clean a slow-moving drain? Learn why you should never use baking soda and vinegar to clean your FOG clogged drains and see the experiment!

Dutch Oven Cooking with Camp Fire
There is something nostalgic about Dutch oven cooking over an open flame. The smell, the feel and the taste of this experience cannot be replicated by any other method of cooking. The Dutch oven brings out that warm feeling of being “home” regardless of where I may be in the world. As I huddle around the fire ring with my group, preparing our meal, the Dutch oven becomes part of my extended family.

Survival on a Budget
So, let’s talk about ways we can stretch your dollar and get the most bang for your buck.

Collapse Eye Care
. . . you should deal with your medical issues BEFORE a societal collapse occurs. Bad eyesight might be one of those issues.

Hoarding vs. Stocking Up
When the pioneers began their trek west, they took with them, supplies, food, clothing, animals.. All the things they felt they would need to make the journey. When they got where they felt was far enough, they stopped and set up shop. This was likely somewhere near a town, but not like we know it today. If they were 30 miles from town, (a trip that would take us 30 minutes) it would take them 2-3 days to get there, and the same getting back. Obviously, that trip wasn’t made very often, and certainly not for a loaf of bread or a quart of milk.

Looting versus Scavenging
It is a recurring theme in post-apocalyptic stories. The hero, in a moment of need, happens to stumble across a ravaged but still intact department store. Through diligent searching, he’s able to find food, clothing, and supplies. Thus re-equipped, he ventures forth to do battle with the ne’er do wells. But, does this mean our hero has fallen from the path of the straight and true? Isn’t this looting?

Staying Cool
….how are we going to keep cool after the sh*t hit’s the fan??? Our grandparents didn’t have air conditioning, at least mine didn‘t. In fact, my parents didn’t have a/c either. So.. How did they stay cool?

See also:

Off Grid Cleaning
Ok, . . . the power has gone out, and it might stay out. What are the options for cleaning around the house?

A Scary Lesson From 1929 Looms for Today’s Investors
On March 4, 1929, President-elect Herbert Hoover took office. Under his predecessor, Calvin Coolidge, a runaway stock market produced great prosperity . . . A mere seven months after Hoover assumed the presidency, the Great Crash of October 1929 occurred . . . I think our new president, Donald Trump, is facing a similar scenario, and time is running out quickly on today's drastically overvalued market… See the Full Letter.

100-Year-Old Trick for Filtering Rainwater
For gardening, rainwater is, naturally, best unfiltered. But, for household use, . . . the following instructions yield a cheap and easy way to make a filter just as good as a patent filter costing 10 times as much:

Your Post-Crash Action Plan
I’ve been warning for months that risks are sky-high in today’s stock market. In this week’s video update, I talk about the key signals and indicators that will point the way post-crash.

Avoid These 10 Foods Coming from China!
Why would we need to buy food coming far from China when we have so much local food and farmland in America? It is all connected to the price. We buy food from China because is cheaper. But everything comes at a cost.

Kidnapping: The Basics and General Kidnapping Mitigation Tips
The methods behind kidnapping are as varied as their motivations. While kidnapping, especially for ransom, can be a crime of opportunity, foreigners are often targeted due to their high-profile appearance, vulnerability, and assumed wealth.

Health Share Programs - Medical Insurance Alternatives
After losing my job and the medical insurance that went with it, I researched my options. Health Share Programs may be an alternative and recognized by the Affordable Care Act as an Exemption to government-mandated Health Insurance requirements. Basically, people come together to help one another share medical expenses. Understanding the requirements and limitations (Sharing Guidelines) should be carefully considered. Generally, the "premiums" are cheaper than conventional medical insurance.

Kill Roaches, Termites and Ants with Diatomaceous Earth and Boric Acid (Borax)
Termite control doesn’t have to be toxic. There are effective, natural methods to get rid of them. Here are some options. See Also:

Football vs. Baseball
Not having researched baseball (because I'm not interested), I'm gonna guess it was drummed up by people who wanted something to do but did not want to exert a lot of energy during the hot summer months.

Tesla’s solar panel roof: solar glass tiles are the new solar shingles
We had already heard about Tesla’s plans for total clean energy integration – a one step carbon reduction process that involves pairing solar panels with your Tesla electric vehicle. Now for the latest: thanks to a surprise appearance of Chairman Elon Musk in SolarCity’s 2nd quarter earnings call that lead to a highly anticipated Tesla solar roofing product launch at the end of October, we’ve now seen the future of PV roofing and the future of Tesla. One thing is certain: building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are going to be a part of Tesla Motors – or should we say Tesla Energy’s – future.

5 Top Things To Consider Before Investing In Off-Grid Energy
We live in an age where our electric infrastructure is half a century past its prime... From freak storms to targeted terrorist attacks, we are never more than a minute away from an outage. Are you ready to go off-grid? When it comes to off-grid energy, solar might seem like the ultimate stand out option… But you may want to consider these five things before you invest your time and money...

Best Practices for Mail Screening and Handling Processes: A Guide for the Public and Private Sectors
Click on the PDF Attachments link to view the document.

My Special Homemade Concoction for Deodorant and Toothpaste (and Bug Repellent?)
I have experimented with several homemade mixtures for natural alternatives to commercial personal care products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shampoo and bug repellent. My most recent attempt for a single product that I intend to use for toothpaste and deodorant appears here.

5 Herbs for Your Survival Garden
Herbs aren’t just for cooking. Many herbs possess medicinal properties that aid with so many ailments! Here are my top 5 herbs you should add to your survival garden.

Beginner’s Guide To Having an Outdoor Herb Garden
Not only are herbs a tasty additive to the meals you prepare for yourself and your family, they also possess many medicinal properties that I have found are beneficial for many ailments such as stomach upset, skin conditions such as psoriasis, muscle aches, joint inflammation – and MUCH MORE!

DIY Cabin Gray Water System. Installation On The Cheap
Installing a gray water drainage system at an off-grid cabin. See also

Teaching Kids About Money & Finance
In an attempt to protect children from the “real world”, parents often fail to teach important lessons about money and finance. Discussing the topic of responsible money management openly, even at the family dinner table, can help children understand the “whys” and “hows” of budgeting, saving and investing with real-life examples. Soliciting their input can also help you communicate and clear up any questions or confusions they may have. It’s also one of the best ways to get a child interested in the concept of financial responsibility. Most parents understand the importance of teaching kids about money and finance, but many don’t know how to do so or where to start. To help, here’s our go-to guide for teaching your children the important life concepts of money and financial responsibility . . .

Tax Time Brings Tax Scams
Tax-related identity theft occurs when someone uses your stolen Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund. You may be unaware that this has happened until you efile your return and discover that a return already has been filed using your SSN. Or, the IRS may send you a letter saying we have identified a suspicious return using your SSN.

Answering Your Phone to Unknown Phone Numbers Could Cost You
The Federal Communications Commission is alerting consumers to be on the lookout for scam callers seeking to get victims to say the word “yes” during a call and later use a recording of the response to authorize unwanted charges on the victim's utility or credit card account. The following tips can help ward off unwanted calls and scams: • Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Let them go to voicemail. • If you answer and the caller (often a recording) asks you to hit a button to stop receiving calls, just hang up. Scammers often use these tricks to identify, and then target, live respondents. • If you receive a scam call, write down the number and file a complaint with the FCC so we can help identify and take appropriate action to help consumers targeted by illegal callers.  Ask your phone service provider if it offers a robocall blocking service. If not, encourage your provider to offer one. You can also visit the FCC’s website for information and resources on available robocall blocking tools to help reduce unwanted calls.  Consider registering all of your telephone numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry.

Off-Grid Shower (Shower Bag)
All joking aside, it never hurts to be prepared with a good shower bag. You never know when you might need one. Here are my tips on how to choose a good one. When we first began using a shower bag, I thought that all of them were made the same. Use this link for other off-grid water options:

What happened to Family Game Night?
So when people ask if we do family games night my instinctive reaction is to stifle a laugh. Family games night? Ha. No, we just game All Of The Time.

Breaking Commercial Food Dependency
Nearly anything you can buy at the grocery store can be made at home often with the tools and equipment you already have. It can be less expensive and always tastes better – but it takes a little practice. Breaking commercial food dependency is just another step to self-sufficiency and a way to control what goes into your family’s food. Breaking commercial food dependency is important.

Home Emergency Procedures – Plan and Practice
Do you have the basic home emergency procedures in place? Does your family know what to do in case of fire, tornado, hurricane, or robbery? If not, you should put some thought into making some emergency preps. It is important to make a plan, set up procedures, and practice them with your family until everyone knows what to do — without panicking — in case of emergency.

Taser ban lifted in Howard County, Maryland
In a ruling last year, the Supreme Court suggested stun guns and tasers are protected under the second amendment.

DIY Slime Warning
. . . warning about the dangers of homemade slime because of one of the main ingredients, borax.

Dear President Trump:
I believe you have the abilities to make positive changes to the U.S. government and improve this country and the lives of its legal citizens. To prove me, and the millions of others who believe in you, right, would you, please, consider the following suggestions?:

Silicone vs. Rubber Hose
If it has crossed your mind to upgrade your vehicle’s rubber radiator hoses to silicone ones, you might be wondering what the benefits and drawbacks are for both options and whether it’s worth it to go for silicone. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of each type.

Time to Discover YOUR TRUE Passion!
Are you doing what you love? Are you passionate about what you currently do to earn a living? You may have heard it before… do what you love and the money will follow.

Throw Money At It, and It Will Work. NOT!
A typical government approach to a problem is "fund it and it will get fixed or go away". So it is with the recent minimum wage increase attempt in Baltimore City.

Make Your Own Electromagnet

A New Political Era; Clear the Dead Wood
It is said that you cannot put new wine into old wine bottles because the old wine bottles will burst. We must get rid of the old wine bottles so that we can reap the benefits of the new wine. All or nothing? Clean out the old, dead wood (politicians)! And, Frequently Change Politicians and Diapers for the Same Reason.

Farmageddon - The Unseen War on American Family Farms
. . . anxiety-laden documentary about government "oversight" (sometimes at gunpoint) of our farming and food ... story of family farms that were providing healthy foods to their communities and were forced to stop by agents of misguided government bureaucracies. Regardless of when this documentary was produced, monitoring of government intervention must continue and their unjust practices brought to light. Movie Link:

Plants That Repel Insects and Pests
Repel Insects and other Pests…Naturally! Here are eight plants that can deter those annoying insects and different pests such as mice.

How to Build a Taser
Most people, when in need for self-defense, usually turn to purchasing a manufactured taser or stun gun. But few people actually embark on the journey of making their own.

Six Reasons to Use A Old School Mower
An old school mower may sound kind of boring, but I was excited when my friend brought one home from an auction for only a dollar. So why do I think mowing the “old school” way may be better than a self-propelled or riding mower?

17 Ways to Keep Your House Cool and Save Money
Summer is just around the corner and while it’s fun to go to the beach, the same cannot be said about going back to a home that feels like an oven. Turning on the air conditioning is the most convenient solution, but you won’t be excited to see the electric bill.

Home Remedies for Chigger Bites
Chiggers are members of the arachnid family. They are extremely tiny, and my guess is you won’t even see them as they jump from the tall grass onto your skin and/or clothing.

Home Inventory - Itemize Your Assets for Insurance Purposes
If you need to file a homeowners insurance claim, will you be able to recall and report all the valuable items you own? If you want to get your money's worth, it's important to have an updated inventory of your home. It's not as difficult as it sounds. Use your smart phone to video your home and contents and do a commentary on what you are viewing. Save to a USB drive or the Cloud for safe keeping. 20% Off One Full-Price Item With Code: 20MAR 20% Off One Full-Price Item With Code: 20MAR

Investing in the Stock Market
I started trading in the stock market in November 2012 with about $1500. Since then I have gradually increased my investment. There are several "rules" I have adopted over the years by learning the hard way and still learning:

No need to throw away dead batteries - Recondition them yourself.
CAREFULLY empty dead battery of any existing liquid (acid). Add 8 liquid oz of Baking Soda to One Gallon container of Water. Fill battery compartments with the Baking Soda Water. Empty and repeat until bubbling stops. Empty the battery again and fill with plain water. Empty again. Add 8 liquid oz of Alum to One Gallon container of Water and fill and close battery compartments. Attach to battery charger for about 24-hours. Search for other solutions here:*&spf=381

Hydroelectric – Harnessing Earth’s Most Powerful Fluid
. . . one thing that you can always count on, . . . , is gravity. And one special type of electric generation uses the power of gravity to harness electricity from moving water: Hydroelectric power.

Laundry Off-The-Grid
Truth be told, clothes will always get dirty and, eventually, stinky. Here are some manual Laundry Plans to reduce chances of harmful bacteria and illness and improve morale during an emergency or living off the grid.

Would you be able to survive a Worst-Case Scenario?
Chances are GOOD that something BAD will happen to you during your lifetime. Do you prefer not to think about that or choose to be prepared for it? 2 TV shows (one hosted by Mike Rowe [2002] and the the other involving Bear Grylls [2010]) show you how to think on your feet when the bottom falls out and keep a cool head when the heat is on.

Long-Term Water Storage
Water does have a shelf life. Prepare yourself by building a supply of water that will meet your family’s needs during an emergency.

5 Homemade Rat Traps to Keep Your Food Storage Rodent-Free
Entertaining if nothing else. While a store bought trap, such as the spring loaded rat trap works just fine, it doesn’t hurt to know how to get things done with the stuff you already have around your house.

DIY "Goggles" to Protect Your Eyes When No Sunglasses Are Available
Do It Yourself (DIY) emergency goggles to protect eyes from blowing sand, dust, wind, desert sun or snow blindness. Make from tree bark, wood or your supplies (duct tape, etc.)

Natural and Survival Medicine Resource
Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, are the two most popular speakers in the country regarding crisis medicine. Their entire focus is preparing the average person to handle medical issues during or after a disaster, either short term or long term.

Food Contamination
Besides highly publicized problems at restaurants like Chipotle Mexican Market, a number of food companies have announced recalls of a wide variety of products. So how do you prevent infections with Listeria, and really, any bacteria that causes food poisoning? The below recommendations come from the Food and Drug Administration:

Rodent-Proofing, Control and Elimination to Prevent Disease
It’s simply common sense to take measures to prevent rodent infestation in the home and to eliminate those already there. Once an infestation has occurred, much more effort is required to dislodge these unwanted guests. Rodent-proofing a home requires careful evaluation for points of entry from the level of the foundation to the roofline.

Avoid The Tin Foil Hat Club!!
When Crazy and Paranoid Interfere With Rational Thinking! Use Caution And Common Sense. The Internet Is Not Always Your Friend. Weed Out The Crap!

8 Dangerous Hiking Mistakes Most People Make
When planning your next journey, keep in mind to have a solution for the following. . . even highly experienced mountain packers can get into trouble – in a heartbeat.

Smart Spending for Preppers Looking for Financial Freedom
Using your money wisely can pay many dividends for you over time. Learning to spend your money wisely is a habit most people must learn through discipline, it is usually not inbred into a person’s lifestyle.

You’re about to see a big change to the sell-by dates on food
The majority of Americans have no clear idea what “sell by” labels are trying to tell them. But after 40 years of letting us guess, the grocery industry has made moves to clear up the confusion.

Glow sticks vs. chemical lights
Anyone who has spent time in the military is familiar with chem lights, 12-hour military grade light sticks. Don't be fooled by the dollar store variety. Military grade chemical sticks can be seen a mile away

Hamburger in a can - Yum!
Resources and Recipes for canned ground meats with a shelf life of nearly 10 years.

DIY Natural Household Cleaners
Mold in the bathroom, oven cleaner, drain cleaner - make your own and forget the toxic, store-bought, costly commercial products.

New Breads That Can Help You Lose Weight
New breads to feel better about. Coconut, Ezekiel and Tapioca with Pistachio butter. See also

Investigating the Biggest Seltzer Water Myths
Dr. Oz debunks the claims that Seltzer Water is bad for you. - See also:

How to Survive the Fed’s Dangerous Game
The Federal Reserve raised interest rates a quarter of a percentage point yesterday, while also signaling more hikes to come this year. So how does that move affect the key industries . . . ?

HVAC Units using R-22 Freon may need to be replaced after January 2018
As of January 1, 2010 it is illegal to charge any residential hvac equipment manufactured after January 1, 2010 with R-22 freon.

5 Steps to Building a Digital Preparedness Library - . . . with the advent of the Internet and ebooks, the creation of a truly massive digital preparedness library is very possible.

Rules for Eating:
Your pants never get too tight if you don't wear any. But seriously . . .

Lose Weight - Eat More Fat
Watch these videos that question the view of Fat in the American Diet:

Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines
Eat more FAT, reduce Protein intake and stop eating Carbohydrates - Can a person be "cured" of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think.

Beware of hackers when using spy cameras at home
The cameras have become popular in recent years with consumers looking to keep an eye on their homes, children, or pets while they are away. . . they could be vulnerable to hacking and risk having images of homes and loved ones published online.

Why Tougher Times Lie Ahead
My neighbor just lost her house, 5 mortgages, new swimming pool and many vacation trips but not one penny saved.

Food Storage Made Easy
. . . breaking down the Food Storage process into EASY and FUN Baby Steps.

Survival Tips for Camping
Here are 8 camping survival tips and tricks to make your [camping] experience a little more manageable and enjoyable.

How to cook food when the grid goes down
Because it’s unlikely that the electrical grid will be functioning properly following a major crisis, knowing how to cook without power is essential. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prepare food without electricity. Here are six of them:

Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons
We all know that we live in uncertain times. Whether you are in your home, in your car, at work, or on the street you have to be prepared to defend yourself. Every person has to decide what they are willing to do to defend their families and themselves.

10 Simple Ways To Be Successful When Bugging-Out “On Foot” During A Crisis
there is a common issue that I see with a big percentage of those that want to go out on the trail and travel for distance…They rarely make it to the midway point! I have seen many factors, continually repeated, that contribute to this failure. I would like to go ahead and share 10 of the issues that stand out the most to me in hopes that you do not make the same mistakes.

Kit yourself against wet season illness
The wet season is here. As usual, it comes with cold, cough, and catarrh. . . . The best way to prevent cold and any wet season infection is through natural remedies that boost the immune system, fight of virus, bacteria and fungi, and help the body cleanse toxins.

The myth of ‘Patient Zero’ deflects attention from how outbreaks really happen
‘Patient Zero’ denotes the primary case of an outbreak, the first person to show symptoms of an illness. . . . Each disease emerges from the structural conditions surrounding it. Casting blame on a Patient Zero merely distracts us from the larger and more important task of tackling the inequalities that shape global health.

Exploring a new complication from an emergent tickborne parasite
After a bite from an infected tick, microscopic malaria-like parasites are transmitted into the host where they can infect and destroy red blood cells, causing nonimmune hemolytic anemia. . . This autoimmune form of anemia occurs when the body attacks its own red blood cells, eliminating these cells from circulation.

Decreasing antibiotic use can reduce transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms
. . . nearly half of all antibiotics prescribed may be inappropriate.

Daylight saving time—why some have a hard time making the switch
Even though a one-hour time change does not sound like something that could do much harm, it can have some alarming effects on the body's internal clock, which scientists call the circadian rhythm

All-Natural Castile Soap for Body & Home
If you have longed for a soap that you can trust is made with pure, all-natural, chemical-free ingredients, Castile would be at the the top of the list. Castile soap represents one of the best natural and biodegradable soaps that can be manufactured by hand. Castile soap is great soap for washing your body, shampoo, shaving, brushing teeth, laundry, general-purpose househlld cleanser and lots more uses.

Cowboy Coffee: How to Make the Best Cup of Coffee
Of all the pleasures of camping, sipping a freshly brewed cup of joe around the morning fire is, as the old TV commercial hummed along, the best part of waking up. 1 - Warm the water in the pot. 2 - Add coffee grounds. 3 - Bring to a rolling boil (removes acid) for 2-3 minutes. 4 - Let it sit for 2 minutes. 5 - Add small amount of cold water which drops the grounds to the bottom of the pot. 6 - Let it sit for another minute then drink.

Making Cordage in the Wilderness
When you find yourself in a dire situation in the wild, a piece of string can become an important survival item. Making cordage from plants you can find all around you is a good skill to master. It will help you in the construction of almost anything you need. Making cordage from common plants is a forgotten skill. This skill is being kept alive thanks to survivalists and bushcraft enthusiasts.

Back to Reality Prepping!
I see a lot of posts on people talking about stopping prepping or doubling up on your preps. My question is why for either choice?

10 Must-Have Survival Items for Your RV or Camper
Aside from the comforts of home (yeah, I still bring my pillow with me), safety is also a concern. There are lots of things that you should have in your safety kit. That’s all the more true if you your RV doubles as your bug out vehicle. Here 10 essential items that you will need to survive an emergency.

12 Essential Items for Your Bug Out Bag
A well-prepared bug out bag is an absolute necessity for any great survivalist. But when it comes to your supply list, the possibilities are endless. So how do you narrow it down to just the essentials?

Rare Disease Day: Its Significance & 7 Most Rare Diseases in the World
Not many of you may be aware of the fact that the last day of February each year is marked as Rare Disease Day,. It is celebrated worldwide to draw attention to various kinds of diseases that affect a specific number of people and there are still no definite cure for them.

ALL Lives Matter
When did one life start to mean more than any other life?

Choosing to Be Broke: How I Do it and You Can Too
Sometimes, in hard situations, people have to live and survive off of very little. Knowing how to this now, instead of when disaster strikes, will only help you survive the more difficult situations.

My Favorite EDCs (EveryDay Carry)
I not only use these tools but give them as inexpensive, useful gifts

Justice vs. Hate
We can't function on emotions (boo hoo); they are too fickle. Get back to enforcing the facts and the laws.

Needs vs. Wants
I ask myself the question "do I NEED this or do I WANT it?" Is it a necessity for my health or to perform a task, or is it something I want, just because?

The Dumpster List
The list helps us stretch our dollars, limit our output of refuse, and choose items that are easier to transport and maintain should we be forced to evacuate or relocate during an emergency event.

So what does a well stocked first aid kit contain?
It is rather obvious but the kit should be stored in a waterproof container in a cool dry place. They should be easily accessible, properly labelled and reviewed on a periodic basis to make sure all contents are present and within date if applicable. As a basic minimum the first aid kit should contain the following:

How to Make sure your kids are ready to face Disasters
Children can better cope with disasters if they know what to expect and feel like they can help protect themselves and their family. When children are allowed to be part of the process, you give them the ability to face the situation without fear, and you give your family better odds of surviving the crisis without harm. You also help them develop the skills they need to stay safe throughout their life.

Converting Diesel Vehicles to Run on Waste Vegetable Oil
When Rudolph Diesel invented his internal combustion engine, he used refined peanut oil as fuel. The reasoning behind it was that farmers could essentially grow their own fuel for their tractors. . . . this article is going to give you the basics of converting a standard pickup truck or car so it will run on Dinodiesel, Biodiesel, or Straight Vegetable Oil!

How To Hide From Thermal Vision
Modern surveillance technology can be scarily effective, and it’s getting better all the time.Thermal imaging, also called passive infrared, doesn’t need any light to detect you. But, if you know what you’re doing, it isn’t impossible to evade detection.

15 Things You Think You Know About Faraday Cages But You Don’t
This article takes into consideration only the effects of a nuclear EMP, not a solar flare. A solar flare would only affect any electronics connected to the grid.

How To Make a Mini Root Cellar In Your Backyard In Less Than Two Hours
Once upon a time, root cellars were the only way people had to preserve their food. . . . A root cellar is still a great way to store fruits and vegetables, though, especially when you need to store more than you have room for indoors. They will also keep the fruits and vegetables fresh without electricity. If your house doesn’t have one, you can still take advantage of nature’s “ice box.” All it takes is a shovel, a little elbow grease and a trash can.

How To Make Potato Flakes With 5 Years Shelf Life (without refrigeration)
Dehydrated potato flakes are a highly portable, convenient source of nutrition. They are fairly easy to cook, don’t weigh much and keep for a long time without refrigeration. Also, you know what’s in them when you make them from scratch and they taste better.

Top 30 Over-the-Counter Meds to Stockpile
In an extreme and long-term emergency situation, many items we take for granted today will be highly prized. . . . top of the list are ammo, food and life-critical prescription drugs. Slightly lower on the list, but no less in demand, are over-the-counter medications as follows:

3 Water Filtration Methods For Survival
Access to clean water could be the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Whether you find yourself in the aftermath of a natural disaster or out in the wilderness, make sure you’re prepared for the worst. Keep this list handy so you’re always ready.

How to Make a Survival Shelter From Debris and Leaves
Resourcefulness is one of the most important traits of a great survivalist, especially when it comes to building an outdoor shelter. But when it comes down to it, how can you be sure that the shelter you’ve built is strong enough?

Maybe Trump is perceived as a failure by a public "conditioned" by decades of weak politicians and biased, manipulating media?
Decades of weak leadership, caving to immorality and perceived "entitlements", this country has become the proverbial frog being boiled alive without even knowing it. Our skin has become very thin and soft and our backbone has turned to rubber.

Stock Market Trading with Capital One
After reporting my Stock Market gains/losses while doing my 2016 taxes, I discovered an option I love that some online brokers offer; automatic importing into my tax preparation software.

Is a civil war brewing in the USA?
Believe this or not, but preparing for ANY emergency should be a priority. Get physically fit. Get financially fit. Stop unhealthy habits.

Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture
Europe Poll Rejects Muslim Migration - Millenials a lost cause but Gen Z Is Ours - - Alex Jones explains how the leftists are panicking

Top 5 Diseases During an Emergency (video)
When the infrastructure is compromised, understanding and preparing for these diseases will help you survive.

Bad Habits that Will Not Help You During an Emergency
. . . having bad habits that stand in your way could be just as detrimental to your survival as not arming yourself with the proper skills and equipment.

5 Bad Habits That Will Kill You
A bad habit that may simply be an annoyance to your spouse on a regular day could have severe consequences in an emergency.

Are You Fit to Bug-Out? An Essential Guide to Prepper Fitness
Improving your survival fitness doesn’t mean perfecting your body to fitness model standards, it means conditioning your fitness level to enable your body to handle the various physical tasks that will be necessary in a disaster scenario.

Enduring Pain with No Medicine
What if all of your favorite coping mechanisms (ways of getting through sucky circumstances) were GONE?

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?
Rabies is still a mystery illness without a cure once the illness "sets in". So, what if this illness, contracted after being bitten by an infected animal, became airborne?

It used to be "quieter out there" before everything got amplified
It's been said that people are afraid to be quiet because they do not know how to enjoy their own company or are afraid of what they may hear, or not hear, in their minds.

How to Start a Friction Fire
If you find yourself in the wilderness with no lighter or matches on hand, knowing how to start a fire will save your life. In this tutorial, we teach you how to start a friction fire using a wooden spindle and fire board.

7 Simple Survival Hacks Using Household Items
Your household items may be all you have to rely on when an emergency happens. Want to know how to turn them into survival tools? You just need a few simple hacks to make your own matches, compass, water filter and more. With this list of 7 survival hacks, the right household items become your key to survival. Find out how...

With all the hate mongering in this world, do we need more? Can we heal and not hurt?
When public officials propagate racial language, they do a disservice to their constituents . . .

DIY Altoids Urban Survival Kit
Luckily, this urban survival kit will keep you prepared at all times. This pocket-sized kit may be small, but don’t let its size fool you. It contains all the supplies you’ll need in case of emergency

6 ways to curb your social media addiction during these uncertain times.
Herein lies the problem for anyone trying to be a productive member of society right now: the decision between connecting with friends and family and talking about news on social media, and keeping your sanity.

Sometimes A Push Is Necessary to MAKE Dreams Come True
When I got the news, I started thinking what I was going to do next. The things I did, the plans I had made, started coming to mind. I did not freak out. I could visualize how much a good thing this can be.

Scaled-up malaria control efforts breed insecticide resistance in mosquitoes
Insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor spraying have been incredibly successful at preventing the spread of malaria, but their widespread use has driven mosquitoes to evolve resistance to these insecticides.

New Zika vaccine candidate protects mice and monkeys with a single dose
Traditional viral vaccines contain a weakened or killed version of the virus or isolated viral proteins. By contrast, the new Zika candidate vaccine uses tiny strands of RNA that hold the genetic codes for making viral proteins.

10 Commandments of Survival

6 Emergency Survival Hacks - Quick Video
How well would you survive in an emergency situation? We've got you covered...

Ultimate DIY List Of Survival Hacks, Projects and Recipes
A lot of people think DIYs are just for fun. When they hear “DIY,” they think of cute crafts and recipes. The fact is, DIYing is a truly lifesaving skill, and many DIY enthusiasts have other interests that include homesteading, survival and preparedness. DIY and self-reliance go hand-in-hand, so it’s no surprise that so many DIY-ers are survival and homesteading enthusiasts, as well.

Survival Hacks And Skills You Should Know
So what can be the most useful survival hacks and skills that can get you out of any hitch? There just isn’t one, not two but a lot of them. You’ll never know what nature can throw at you on any given day wherever you are and whatever you may be doing. That’s why you need to learn to be skillful in so many things.

Old Senator Sticks Big Nose in Airline Business
While there are actual serious humanitarian problems in this country, these congressional loads take aim at legitimate companies making legitimate company decisions . . .

Flu season: How to protect yourself, prevent spreading the disease
Flu season is officially in full swing, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported an increase in positive flu test results at the end of December and expects that trend to continue in the coming weeks.

Smoking gobbles up almost six percent of global health spend and nearly two percent of world's GDP
In 2012 the total cost amounted to US$ 1436 billion, with nearly 40 per cent of this sum borne by developing countries, the calculations show.

Researchers identify mechanism in chikungunya virus that controls infection and severity
The findings, published Jan. 30 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could be a first step toward developing drugs to treat or prevent diseases caused by alphaviruses (such as chikungunya) and coronaviruses (such as SARS).

GOJO Shares Tips on How to Reduce the Spread of Norovirus
It's not only cold and flu season; it's also norovirus season. Norovirus typically peaks between December and April, and right now there are wide-spread outbreaks of norovirus cases throughout the United States

Will war on neglected diseases hit target?
Five years ago today, the heads of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical groups gathered in London with leading health experts, donors and governments to commit to an unusual medicines programme. In the London Declaration, they pledged to work together rather than compete in an innovative programme, and to donate rather than charge for supplying large volumes of drugs.

9 “Crazy Simple” Tips To Build Your Emergency Food Supply
You will find advice telling you not only what to buy, but how much to buy, where to buy it, how to store it and to a lesser degree, how to eat it.

Vertical Farming and Microgreens
Visit A Vertical Farm of MicroGreens in Baltimore City (Fells Point), Maryland

Passing On
A unique documentary telling the sensitive, powerful stories of people facing their own mortality, of the family and friends caring for them, and of the medical professionals trying to ease their patients’ pain and the families’ burdens.

5 Water Decontamination Techniques
We all know the significance of clean water in our body. It helps our cells, organs, and tissues to regulate temperature and it maintains other bodily functions. So without clean water, it would be difficult to survive or persevere especially in an emergency. So, what happens if you find yourself in a survival situation with no access to clean water? You might find yourself trapped in a predicament where you have to choose between dehydration or gulp a cup of cholera-infected water. With that being said, we’ve come up with 5 survival techniques on how to purify water in a survival situation.

Chronic Anxiety and Depression
For those who have never experienced this, here is articulate Andrew Solomon to help explain.

African trees kill both malaria mosquitoes and the parasite
Malaria is one of the world's most serious infectious diseases and affects more than 200 million people each year. Scientists at the University of Oslo have examined the bark from two African trees and found substances that can kill both the mosquitoes that transmit malaria, and the parasite itself.

Raising Rabbits for Food
The decision to raise rabbits, for me, came down to a few factors. I wanted an animal that would supplement the usual meats in my diet: chicken, beef, and pork. I also wanted an animal that would be easy to take care of, easy to clean, wouldn’t cost too much, and one where I would not have a big allergic reaction. I found out later that rabbit meat is very high in protein and very low in fat.

How to Butcher a Rabbit
If you raise or hunt rabbits, you need to know how to kill and butcher one. This tutorial will teach you how to butcher a rabbit Step-By-Step. Warning: This article contains graphic images that may be disturbing, especially to younger readers.

10 Qualities Of A Real Survivalist
The way prepared people spend their time before an emergency is the real key to survival, and this is something that no amount of money can buy. It’s the small daily habits that become an innate part of our everyday lives – habits that may not even be noticeable to someone outside the lifestyle.

Are You Living In A Storm-Proof House?
Have A Storm-Proof House With These 17 Trouble-Free Tips

Protest Something That Actually Matters
I'm always amazed how much drama people can manufacture from the least important things; making the proverbial mountain out of a mole hill (ant hill, more like it).

Over the next 12 to 24 months in the U.S., I think we're going to get hit with one of the biggest stock market crashes the world has ever seen. Why?
8 Bold Predictions for 2017: I look forward into 2017, telling you what dangers we need to be wary of in the stock market, as well as what opportunities lie ahead for prepared investors.

Keeping mosquitoes in check to prevent widespread disease
What is the most deadly animal in the world, when it comes to human disease? Some might be surprised to learn that it’s a bug: the ubiquitous and irritating mosquito. Mosquitoes kill about a million people a year and cause a multitude of problems for millions more, including blindness, neurologic problems and disabling joint disease.

Researchers invent a faster and more accurate test for diagnosing Zika
Researchers from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health's Wadsworth Center, have developed a new detection test for Zika that is faster and more accurate than currently available tests. The new test can detect Zika in a very small sample of blood in less than four hours.

World still 'grossly underprepared' for infectious disease outbreaks
The world remains "grossly underprepared" for outbreaks of infectious disease, which are likely to become more frequent in the coming decades, warn a team of international experts in The BMJ today.

Nuclear Survival: Bugging Out Safely After An Atomic Blast
With the North Koreans gathering plutonium for nuclear warheads, and their Supreme Leader unhappy with Trump’s ascension to the office of President, nuclear preparedness should be everyone’s concern. How to stay safe while bugging out makes part of this plan, for sure.

Make Shuriken Throwing Stars from Sewing Trimming Scissors
Scissors Link: Trimming Scissors

We’re not prepared for future Ebola outbreaks, experts warn
Despite recent headlines declaring the success of an experimental Ebola vaccine, the world is not fully prepared for future epidemics — and not in position to use vaccines to prevent another deadly outbreak, a report published Tuesday warned.

Build Your Own AR-15 (Parts List and Links)
Instructions for putting the parts together is not included (I'm sure you can easily find that on the web) but the list includes estimated pricing and where you can get each part.

Escape & Evade
Whether you're trying to evade a hostile military force, kidnappers in a foreign land, or a group of looters or rioters in a situation of civil unrest, the following information can help for disguising your movement and remaining undetectable while on the run.

Survival Gadgets - Many less than $5
Small, inexpensive, useful tools for camping or everyday carrying.

Are Switchblades Legal? Knife Laws By State
Knife laws vary wildly by state. Knives like switchblades, spring-assisted knives, butterfly knives and others are legal in some states and illegal in others. Getting caught or crossing state lines with an illegal knife or switchblade can lead to serious consequences

Do It Yourself - Improvised Survival Gear
Anyone can find themselves in a sticky situation without all of the gear they’d like to have. But just because you aren’t prepared doesn’t mean you can’t save the day.

Millions of Americans Worried About This Financial Threat
Unlike the doomsayers, I see some strong times ahead for our country, and for those ready to embrace the investing opportunities.

8 Ways to Generate Electricity at Home
Learn different ways to generate electricity at home in case you can no longer rely on the power grid.

10 Everyday Things That Can Absolutely Save Lives
. . . you’d be surprised to know how the most simple of items and ideas can save millions – yes, millions – of lives. Check out these ten surprisingly simple everyday items that can definitely save lives.

Climate Change vs. Global Warming
Just as the North and South Poles will, eventually, swap places, I believe Alaska (cold) will become the new Florida (warm) and Florida (cold) will become the new Alaska (warm). The "green movement" uses scare tactics to further their agenda and the Paris Climate Treaty does not solve Global Warming.

Learn How to Build a Snow Cave For Winter Survival
The colder seasons bring a new set of survival scenarios. So, you need to find new ways to make it out alive if you're caught in the wilderness. Knowing how to build a survival snow shelter is essential. Find out how to build one that is strong, sturdy and durable to withstand all winter weather situations.

How to Melt Aluminum for Casting in Your Mini Foundry
Using your mini foundry, a few coals and a ton of heat, you can turn soda cans into aluminum pucks that can become practically any object. This technique is a great way to recycle old soda cans, and you can make awesome new objects in just a few steps.

Prep Your House: Solar-Powered Security
Most security systems require electricity and a large budget. But anything that depends on the grid and money isn't a solid plan. Switch up your home security to solar-powered systems for more assurance.

Make Your Own Paracord Bracelet
A great survivalist knows how valuable a paracord bracelet can be in a survival situation. This double-wide cobra bracelet allows you to carry multiple feet of paracord around your wrist at all times. Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your own.

How To Get Rid Of Foxes Without Killing Them
If foxes prowled around your house at night, would you know? You need to know the signs to stay on top of these nocturnal hunters.They're more active then you realize. Find out their behaviors during the winter months so you can repel them away from your property permanently.

5 Practical Camo Tricks For A Successful Hunt
You never want to risk ruining a hunt. Anything that could cause a distraction or risk your chances of ending the day with a kill should be avoided. That's why the clothes you wear to hunt are important to consider. You don't want anything too noisy, uncomfortable or bright. Here's all the practical advice and tricks you need to stock up on useful hunting clothes at a reasonable price.

10 Fire Starting Materials You Probably Have at Home
If you can't find matches or a fire starter, don't freak out. There's probably plenty of items around your house that you never realized could start a fire. Once you know what they are and how to use them, you're guaranteed fire. Here's our list of 10 items from around the house to get your fires started anytime.

Stay Prepared With Improvised Weapons
. . . where ammo is scarce or you’re forced to leave your supplies behind, improvised weapons may be your only choice.

Election Therapy From My Basket of Deplorables
The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: The country had signaled strongly . . . they were not happy. The Dems’ answer . . . give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

Booby Traps to Arm And Protect Your Homestead
Remember Home Alone? Little Kevin had to come with some creative and innovative ways to booby-trap the house against the burglars. This flick serves as a great reminder that just about anything can be used for home security if you put your mind to it.

Smallpox may not be an ancient disease
Although smallpox has been eradicated, “we can’t become lazy or apathetic about its evolution —and possible re-emergence . . . Samples of the deadly virus are now known to exist in high-containment labs in Russia and the U.S. . . . the smallpox virus would make a “scary biological weapon” because of the speed at which it can pass from one person to another, especially in crowds.

Scams to Watch For in 2017
Scammers are always updating their attacks — here's how to stay ahead of their game in the new year.

U.S. busts $300 million fraud ring of phony IRS callers
More than 15,000 victims fall for IRS scam costing them more than $300 million. After a three-year joint investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice obtained an indictment involving 56 alleged fraudsters based in the United States and also five call centers in India, all accused of tricking people into paying fake tax bills either by wire or placing money on prepaid cards.

Make Your Own Paracord Strap
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a paracord strap that is strong and durable.

Kill Your Electrical Vampires
Electrical Vampires are the appliances and devices in your home that use too much electricity or suck 50 to 100 watts when you’re not even using them. If you have money to burn, don't bother reading any further and keep wasting money and power. But, if you want to reduce your power bill, read and follow the tips found in the following article; you will save money.

Stop Spending More on Utilities Than You Need - Search for Cheaper Providers
What are you paying for your utilities? Check here to see if you can get them cheaper. Review annually for cheaper providers.

Whaddyado - Snowboarding Accident in a Tree Well
Avoid deep powder skiing. Stay clear of trees. Use the buddy system (keeping your buddy in sight).

Whaddyado - Stranded in the Wilderness
What do you do when you are lost in the wilderness in winter? How to properly prepare for your activities.

Staying Warm in the Winter No Matter What Happens (or not)
You can’t always rely on the power grid to help you stay warm. In case of an outage, you need to know how to heat your home even without electrical power.

Run - Hide - Fight: Responding to a Violent Attack
Response Options to violence

Kill Off Unwanted Gift Exchanges Now for Less Holiday Stress
Whether it's the economy, a desire to be more careful with your money, you're burnt out on getting and giving gifts that just clutter up your house and theirs, or a combination of everything above, midyear is a great time to take a moment to reconsider gift giving traditions.

Why Whole Foods are Always Better Than Nutritional Supplements
Have you taken your multivitamin today? Well, you might want to reconsider that decision. A number of studies have shown that not only is synthetic vitamin supplementation unnecessary but it may also be a potentially harmful habit altogether.

Protect your online purchases from 'porch pirates'
At least 23 million Americans have packages stolen from their porches, mailboxes, and stoops. Take measures to deter the 'porch pirates'

Give Me a Bigger Mute Button
. . . This, combined with my anxiety experiences this past holiday, had me dreaming of a giant mute button I could carry with me and press any time things got loud or spastic.

5 Myths About Being Self-Sufficient

Transpiration Bag for Water Collection
Transpiration is the process in which plant life collects distributes and finally evaporates/dispels moisture from certain parts of the plant in particular the leaves. Transpiration bags work similar to a solar distiller, but with considerably less effort, which means you are not using more sweat than what you can collect in water. In a survival situation, you have to weigh the effort against the results. A solar still usually requires considerable digging. You need a shovel/entrenching tool, a sheet of plastic and a collection cup and adequate ground moisture.

Solar Still for Water Collection
A solar still will provide you with 100% pure water, and will not require purification or boiling prior to drinking. The solar still technique will work just about anywhere, provided that there is enough sunlight to assist the process. Here are simple instructions how to build a solar still to extract pure drinking water from the earth.

US Army Survival Manual

US Army Ranger Handbook

Best Emergency/Survival Book
In my opinion, the SAS Survival Guide (not Handbook) is highly recommended due to its comprehensive content and compact size.

First-Aid Kit Checklist
If you’re headed outdoors, you should always carry either a prepackaged first-aid kit or a DIY kit that you can create using our list as a guide. Knowing how to use the items in a first-aid kit is as important as having them, so consider taking a training course. This list is intentionally extensive so you don’t forget anything. It also includes emergency essentials that you might carry separately from a kit.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes
Both fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet, and tomatoes are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. Tomatoes also help provide fiber to the diet. In addition, tomatoes are low in a lot of things you might not want. Tomatoes have beneficial effects on a number of organ systems. In addition, tomatoes may lessen the chance of prostate cancer, stomach, colorectal, and other cancers (again, due to Lycopene) and may have a role in inhibiting cancerous cell growth. Tomatoes are a terrific way to help with weight loss, as well.

Storing Medications
Being prepared for disasters means storing food, but it also means putting together a stockpile of medical supplies. While bandages and instruments may keep acceptably in a variety of environments, medications are another story.

Buying Ammunition NOW While Prices Drop After Presidential Election
Once last night’s race was called for Donald Trump, stock in the gun manufacturing industry began to tank. Smith and Wesson saw a 16 percent plummet while Sturm, Ruger & Co. saw a 12 percent drop – the largest decline since February 2014. . . . Now that the election is over, it looks as though ammo sales will normalize.

BURGLARS - How they enter, What they look for, What deters them
We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes. Read/hear what burglars said were the biggest deterrents, what didn't stop them and how you can protect your home. Watch the video and read the responses to the 17 questions asked.

Why Trump Is Good for Our Stocks
Now that the presidential election is in the books, and Donald Trump is headed to the Oval Office with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, we have some clarity moving forward. As I’ve said before, I’m a supporter of Trump — and his administration will be a strong positive for our positions, notably commodities. In this week’s video update, I talk more about the election impacts as I review each holding in our portfolio.

Surviving Hypothermia: What To Do Until Medical Help Arrives
I’ll take you step by step to learn how you or loved ones can survive hypothermia if symptoms occur.

Seek Shelter From the Storm With These 5 Investments
There’s a stock market storm brewing, meaning it’s time to be especially cautious as an investor. In this week’s video update, I outline five Ultimate Wealth positions that could benefit most from a tumbling market and weakening U.S. dollar. Hint: Precious Metals and Currency

Sharpen a Knife Without a Sharpener
No knife sharpener? No problem. If you have an old coffee mug or broken glass laying around, chances are you won’t even need one. We found a few quick and easy tips to make your knives good as new, and best of all, it only takes a few seconds!

Frequently Change Politicians and Diapers for the Same Reason
The founding fathers of this great country were, by and large, working people, not politicians. They rebelled against political tyranny. They did their political duties and then went back to work.

"Discovering Your Passion" and "Achieving Your Dream Career"
Finding Your Place in the World - "Does the opportunity have heart?" If not, what could you do that does? In other words, begin your journey by doing things that naturally harmonize with your values, skills, abilities, and God-given talents. Create a vision—your game plan for your personal path through life—then map out how you'll get there. If you haven't found out already, you'll learn that the things you do right now affect who you will become in the future.

4 Ways to Cut the Duration of Your Cold
When the leaves start turning, I start reaching for my cough drops, feeling that all too familiar tickle in my throat. If I can, I try to drink tons of water, wash my hands like crazy, and keep the bug from taking hold. But once I know I’m past the point of no return, the following things can help cut the duration of my cold and get me back to my busy life.

Survive And Thrive In A Tiny House
In case you are unfamiliar with a tiny house and the movement behind them; a tiny house is typically between 100 to 400 square feet. This is in contrast to the American average of 2,600 square feet for a home.

Your Window to Prepare Financially Is Closing Fast
"It was a strategic decision to get a jump on the looming recession and to prepare for the even harsher realities that lie ahead for the economy."

How to Make Civil War Fire Cakes - Survival Food
...knowing how to make fire cakes will arm you with the ability to prepare food even when all you have is flour and water.

The War Room
Matthew 6:5-6 "And when you come before God, don't turn that into a theatrical production either. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat? "Here's what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won't be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace.

A Little Exercise Is Better Than None at All
From "Ask Doctor K" ... two recent studies, ... show that less ... still brings benefits.

There ARE more than 2 Political Parties in the USA
If the choices from the ”big 2” have finally made you give up your voting privilege, one or more of the other options may appeal to your way of thinking. Find the 2016 Presidential Candidates List here

Making Moonshine
Documented from video step-by-step process

What has changed to make gun violence worse is NOT the availability of guns (which has actually decreased) but Societal Decay.

Hurricane Safety Tips: Before, During and After the Storm
Being prepared and knowing what to do in the event of a hurricane, as with any type of storm, is the key to staying alive. The damage left behind after a hurricane can be devastating and very costly. The most important thing to remember with any type of storm: you and your family’s safety is the number one priority! Material possessions can be replaced — a human life cannot.

More states allowing permitless gun carry . . .
, embracing self defense as ‘natural born’ right

Best Gear for a Roadside Emergency (Winter Review)
A vehicle breakdown or a flat tire can happen to anyone at any time, and what you have in your car or truck can make the difference between getting back on the road quickly and enduring a long, trying, even dangerous ordeal by the side of the road. A suggested reading with Winter approaching.

See also "Preparing Your Vehicle for an Emergency" on P4T

How to winterize your toes and fingers
Despite covering your hands and feet during frigid weather, you still find yourself suffering from icy toes and fingers. . . . What else can you do?

Quiz: Are You Prepared for a Disaster?
. . . disasters come in a variety of forms and can strike at any time of the year. People of all ages should have a plan of action in place.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks
A personal topic of interest to me.

Survival Quiz - Can you survive the wilderness?
Would you know how to survive if you were lost or wounded in the wilderness? Each survival scenario is different and requires unique skills. Let's see what you've got.

Foods to have on hand for a Power Outage
1. Canned Vegetables & Fruit 2. Canned Meats 3. Peanut Butter (all-natural varieties have a shorter shelf life) 4. Raw Honey 5. Mixed Nuts 6. Instant Oatmeal 7. Ramen Noodles 8. Dehydrated Foods

Open a Can of Food Without a Can Opener
To prevent metal shavings from contaminating the contents and injury with sharp tools, rub the can on concrete/rock, to break the lid/bottom seal.

One thing; just one thing.
The mad rush to do everything. The brainwashing that we need it all and need to do it all. The demands of others to do what they want. The frustration, depression and emptiness because it couldn't be done. Stop the pursuit of everything and find the "one thing" that causes joy, peace and fulfillment.

Toilet Paper Alternatives at Home or in the Great Outdoors
It's a fact of nature that everyone needs to take a dump or two or more a day. Consider alternative sources and methods of cleaning up when the reliable Toilet Paper is not available.

The Decline of the Annual Pay Raise and the Rise of Health Benefits
The effectiveness of the annual pay raise is fading. Typically, this tactic has been used to drive performance, boost satisfaction, and retain and reward employees. But the job market is changing, and it’s time for employers to begin changing with it.

The Future of Social Security for Millennials and Beyond
Whatever you might want to believe, it is strongly suggested that Millennials and Beyond start, as quickly as possible and stay diligent, to build their own personal retirement nest egg.

Thinking Outside the Box for Emergencies and Survival
Emergency planning is mostly about education and developing a think-outside-the-box view of what most would consider obvious.

Seaview 180° Snorkel Mask as Gas Mask
. . . if a full-fledged gas mask isn't in your budget, and you don't want to build one from a 2-liter soda bottle, consider the Seaview 180° Snorkel Mask.

How to know when it is time to bug out
When it comes to bugging out, the acronym R.E.D.O.U.T may help to know when that time has come. Hopefully this will give some ideas as to when it is time to carry out your bug out plans.

Things To Do Before An Extended Leave From Home
For a carefree vacation and homecoming, what you do before you leave home can be as important as what you do when you are away. Here’s a check list to consider for planning before leaving home for extended periods of time.

Make A Gel Ice Pack On the Cheap


Have you priced gel ice packs lately? They run $10 to $15 each and as you know, one is not enough. You need to have a backup pack to use while a melted ice pack is rejuvenating itself in the freezer. When I turned to the internet for help, oh my gosh, I found hundreds of recipes for DIY gel ice packs.

Search for Lowest Vehicle Gas Prices in Your Area
Gas Buddy is also available as a Smart Phone App.

How to Save Money: 100 Great Tips to Get You Started
No matter where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that it’s possible for anyone to turn their financial life around. Sometimes all it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favor. But, as with most things, sometimes that very first step is the hardest part.

Breaking Firewood Safely - Injury can ruin a camping trip or make a survival situation worse
Don't . . . whack it across your bent knee . . . place the stick against your knee and slowly increase the pressure until the stick hopefully broke . . . hitting them against a tree trunk or propping them up against a log and jumping on them. When in survival mode, taking any unnecessary risks is not a good idea.

Check and Re-check. Believe only your eyes; not the voices of others
Staying Alive If You’re In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - Situational awareness is key to understanding your environment so you can know better both your circumstances and your options. ( and

21 Prepper Tips I Wish I’d Heard BEFORE I Started Prepping
Don’t waste your time, money and energy by repeating the same mistakes that I and so many others have already made. Instead, read this list of prepper tips I wish I’d heard before I started prepping.

Natural Remedies for Everyday Life
. . . many people are finding themselves splitting off from things that have been considered mainstream, including medicine, and seeking new or improved ways to live. Everyday Roots is a place to discover and plant new ideas to inspire people to make changes, big or small, that will benefit the wellbeing of everyone.

Realistic Reasons to Have an Emergency Plan
A common misunderstanding to preparing is for some end of the world situation or Hollywood doomsday scenario. Truth is, it's not about preparing for some statistical anomaly, but for the real life challenges that we are all going to face at some point in our lives; the kind of situations that feel like the end of your world if you're not prepared. Consider these reasons to have a real, documented plan:

Once Bitten Twice Shy: Taking the Sting Out of Yellow Jackets
While putting up a wooden fence for a friend yesterday, I disturbed a yellow jacket nest in a bed of ivy. . . Knowing my reaction to wasp stings, I started walking the yard to find my favorite remedy,

16 Uses of Sticky Pine Sap for Wilderness Survival and Self-Reliance
Our ancestors walked our woodlands and learned to use the resources most modern outdoor enthusiast overlook. Essential woodland resources seem to be invisible to the modern eye. The stuff you’ve got packed in your woodcraft/bushcraft kit or bug out bag are consumable. You’ll eventually use up that roll of duct tape… or, more than likely, you forgot to pack it. Not a problem. Pine trees produce a sticky substitute with superior benefits! Learning to identify and use natural resources has gotten me out of many sticky situations in the woods. Pardon the play on words as we explore the many uses of this tacky, amber-colored pine sap I call Jewel of the Woods!

Off-Grid Winch: Incredible Power from Two Logs and a Rope
The power of simple machines, smartly employed, are capable of moving most anything. Over the years I helped my daddy move really heavy stuff in his plumbing/welding business and on our farm. He once moved and installed a new 3,000 gallon metal water tank at our elementary school using only ropes, pulleys, and levers… by himself. Daddy didn’t possess superhuman strength, he simply understood the power of simple machines.

Pet Antibiotics For Preparedness
Among the many articles that I’ve read regarding ‘fish antibiotics’ being the same thing as antibiotics prescribed for humans, I recall a few articles over on Rawles website. One of them, written by a doctor (who is apparently into prepping), ordered a variety of ‘fish antibiotics’ for his preps – to discover that these antibiotics were the same that he would otherwise prescribe to his patients. For more information, go to

10 Benefits And Specifications Of The LifeStraw Water Filter
LifeStraw is a compact portable water filter. It enables you to drink straight from rivers and lakes, or from a container filled with water that you’ve scooped up from that water source. . . just place the bottom part of the LifeStraw in the water, and sip through the top end.

Foods That You Should NOT Store For Long Term Storage
There are lots of foods that store well for a very long time under the right conditions, however there are foods that do NOT store well for long term (1 year or more) storage.

5 Steps To Buy Boots That Fit
Ever wonder how to buy boots with a good fit? Whether you’re buying boots for hiking, on the job, or working around the home, it is important to know how to find the best fit.

Build Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag
There is nothing we can do to prevent calamity, but there is plenty that can be done to prepare for it. The chief handicap in all disasters is a lack of preparation. Taking the necessary steps today, may mean the differ-ence between life and death, tomorrow. So, what can you do today to prepare for anything tomorrow may throw at you?

How to Prepare for the Next Major Economic Meltdown
Sean Hyman, Senior Financial Editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report, looks back at the major crashes in 1987, 2000 and 2008 — and explains why the markets are back in dangerous territory now. Pinpointing the exact date the crash will begin is impossible. However, we can see that it's coming soon.

Only Half the truth for “Cash Rebate to 119 Million Americans"
Read As I have always said, research for yourself. Annoying Windbag Andrew Snyder, Editorial Director for The Oxford Club, makes a convincing, but misleading, sales pitch. If your IncomeTax does not exceed Sales Tax you paid, this is MIGHT work for you. It's one or the other, not both. So why doesn't The Oxford Club post this info on the web, "free of charge" as they claim, for everyone to see? They just want your Subscription of $49 to $99. That's all. As I have always said, research for yourself. Here the IRS web site:

Priceless Bartering Chips
Any survivalist that’s worth his salt has a stockpile of things he or she has identified that they may need to survive a natural or man-made disaster. However, it is extremely important that you realize the value of maintaining a barter store as well. When things go south, particularly in an economic collapse where the dollar is nearly worthless, a number of non-monetary goods will be more valuable than a fistful of dollar bills.

5 Best Guns For Home Defense
Having nothing more than a baseball bat isn’t going to give you much mental assurance or real physical protection in the event of a break-in while you or a family member is at home. Countless people have taken the responsibility to arm themselves appropriately for the protection of themselves, their property, and their families. There is little reason why you shouldn’t be prepared for the event of a home invasion for the same reasons.

5 Worst Types Of Firearms To Use For Home Defense
. . . while many firearms on the market are perfectly suited for home defense, there are some firearms that are absolutely terrible for this purpose. Here are five of the worst types of firearms to use for home defense.

4 Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater
Harvesting rainwater is the process of catching rainwater in tanks for use in landscaping and home usage. It is a process that has been around for thousands of years, and as our distant ancestors knew, it’s one that has many benefits.

7 Ways to Recover When Life Sucks
Alas, in life, curve balls come out of nowhere all of the time. Something unexpected happens that throws you off your game. . . . When this happens, we suffer fear, disappointment, vulnerability, and a loss of control. In general, life sucks.

21 Life Hacks To Help You Breeze Through the Apocalypse (or at Least the Next Power Outage)
Here are a few life hacks that are applicable not only to regular everyday lifestyles but to those crazy preppers – ahem – people who are of a preparedness mindset as well. While all of these aren’t necessarily life-saving, they all have the potential to save you money and effort in a survival situation.

Diseases To Watch Out For
Here is a breakdown of 5 common diseases and how you can prepare for them

End Robocalls for good
Robocallers invade our homes and privacy. They circumvent the Do Not Call list. And they cost us real money – an estimated $350 million a year is lost to phone scams. We have a plan to stop them.

How to Make One of the Hardiest Non-Perishable Survival Foods
among all of the food preservation methods that are so popular with preppers, there is one little known method that stands out. It is by no means unheard of, but it isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be. I’m referring to the process of making pemmican

How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment
The homes of many rich, famous people have a secret hidden within them. Somewhere, in the depths of the home, is a secure room to which the residents can retreat in the event of a home invasion or violent intruder. A safe room was carved into the original house plan, and many of these are state of the art.

Off-Grid Travel: The DIY Survival Bike
this article is to cover the many virtues of the bicycle and how to deploy it readily in the sense of preparedness and the SHTF. Now, I am not detracting in the least from anyone who uses the bicycle as their main mode of transportation. If you can swing such, then more power to you. The way I use it is a little different, and I wish to give you my mindset and methodology so you can tailor it to your own needs.

This is Why Our Anonymity is a Thing of the Past
Everywhere you walk you’re subjected to an array of CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) cameras. When you’re in the convenience store, the shopping mall, in a restaurant…all of these cameras are continually capturing your photographs. No big deal, right? I mean, you’re a twitter and tweet social butterfly with e-mails, texts, and Facebook posts…what could be the harm in that, you may ask?

The Incredible Edible Dandelion: Using This Weed to the Fullest
The dandelion is a perennial, and it contains a wealth of vitamins and nutrients, as well as naturopathic applications that are astounding. The dandelion is edible in its entirety, which is really good to know from a survival perspective. From a naturopathic perspective, dandelion tinctures and teas can be used to help the liver and gall bladder, and the root can be tinctured and used as a diuretic, especially good for women with excessive water weight caused during the normal course of menses.

5 Reasons Why Some Are More Prone To Mosquito Bites Than Others
My husband always jokes that mosquitos like him because he’s so sweet (thereby implying that I am mean because I almost never get bit). It’s a joke, but there’s definitely something to it. We can go outside and I’m completely fine while he’s covered in bites. This begs the questions, why are some people more prone to mosquito bites than others?

The Practice Pandemic!
It seems like everywhere I turn I see something about ZIKA. The Z virus.... Its a weird disease that just came out of nowhere and is basically unstoppable. This is concerning to many.

The 7 Most Dangerous Animals In North America
From American Alligators to Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes... can you name the 7 most dangerous animals in North America? Discover what they are, what they eat, where they live, and exactly what you need to do should you encounter them.

Compass and Map Navigation 101
Krik of Black Owl Outdoors thoroughly yet simply explains how to navigate with just a compass and a map. Regardless of why and how you spend your times in the great out of doors, you should at least know the basics of map and compass navigation and basic orienteering.

Blame it on someone else, will ya!
I'm disgusted with the recent commercial, by Merck, on HPV. "Did you know, Mom?, Dad?"

Survival Uses For Charcoal
Before you dump the coals, make sure you read this blog first; these tips might just be able to save your life in a survival situation.

How to Test Your Drinking Water
Can we assume the water coming out of the kitchen faucet is safe to drink? And what about well water or home filtered water? Wouldn’t you like to know about the lead, bacteria, pesticide, iron, and copper content of your water?

Venison Deer Jerky Recipe | DIY Jerky Recipes
This venison jerky recipe is so delicious, I remember snacking on it as a kid on road trips. Learn to make it yourself here....

How To Make A Concealment Shelf
Concealment cabinets are designed to hide valuables, firearms, or other things you want to keep away from thieves, but they do so in plain sight, usually in a decorative way.

How to Survive a Knife Attack From Behind
It may seem like being attacked from behind is one of those situations in life you can’t really prepare for; but you’d be wrong.

16 Uses for Old Newspaper
Yesterday’s Newspaper Its Still worth Plenty

Zero-Electricity Air Cooler From Plastic Bottles
This video shows how simple ingenuity and recycled materials can take advantage of Bernoulli’s principle to provide some relief from the heat!

Honey and Its Amazing Powers to Heal
The Greeks had an uncanny ability when it came to healing the body, and the medicinal purposes of many of nature’s wonders and bees were at the top of the list when it came to natural wonders that also contained healing powers.

Must-Know Rules for Picking Edible & Medicinal Plants
Next to mastering fire, a knowledge of picking edible & medicinal plants is considered one of the most difficult, complex and one of the truer signs of being a genuine expert in homesteading.

The Dollar Store Is My Friend
With my shift to a "Conserver Lifestyle", I have a new-found friend; the Dollar Store.

Let’s Cook with the Sun!
When we do not have a stove we can turn on at the flick of a switch we have to find a way to cook. Like our ancestors did before us they found a way

4 Preps You Can Do Right Now for an Economic Collapse
Many experts agree that an economic collapse for the U.S. is not a question of “if” but a question of “when” with perhaps some disagreement over exactly “how” it will happen.

Hurricane Safety Tips: Before, During and After the Storm
The most important thing to remember with any type of storm: you and your family’s safety is the number one priority! Material possessions can be replaced — a human life cannot.

Prepping Your Spouse for a Preparedness Lifestyle
Most preppers are probably familiar with the sideways looks and awkward situations that arise when they tell others of their emergency plans and readiness. When that skepticism comes from within the immediate family, things become much more complex.

Homemade Weapons
When things get really ugly, we’re left to fend for ourselves. What would you do when there is no gun or ammo around?

Swiss Army Tampon
Think of it as a “Tactical Adventure & Medical Preparedness Outdoor Necessity” (T.A.M.P.O.N.)… Feel better now?

MakeShift Tear Gas Mask
2-Liter plastic bottle serves as a DIY Tear gas mask

Tips to save $ on House Electric, Refrigeration and Water Heater
Ways to Save on Your Water Heating Bill - Make Your Refrigerator More Energy Efficient - Kill Your Electrical Vampires

“I’m not paranoid, I’m really not,”
A few weeks ago I was asked for an interview by the Washington Post in regards to the influx of people (preppers) moving to the north west. I eventually accepted but not without thinking; why the hell would I give such a liberal paper the opportunity, a chance to twist and lay their own spin on my words? The article included several preppers and to my surprise I thought pretty well written and fairly unbiased. Not to my surprise were the liberal remarks that followed. However my biggest surprise of all was both the tremendous increase in those liberals that visited the website and the time they spent (listening hours) on the shows. I can only hope they retain what they learned.

Doxing - Use of personal information, of others, on the internet. Is it illegal?
Doxing (from dox, abbreviation of documents), or doxxing, is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.

Duct Tape: Ultimate Survival Tool?
Duct tape has become so popular because of its versatility. Ask anyone who is familiar with the polyethylene-coated, pressure-sensitive roll of adhesive about how they have used it and they will tell you about the many ways it has helped them.

Search for the Truth on FactCheck, Hoax-Slayer, OpenSecrets, PolitiFact, Snopes or TruthOrFiction

1-10-1 Rule of Hypothermia

Lemon System
Used to determine whether or not it's safe to continue onward.

Five (5) Components of Survival

Pocket Survival Guide
As its title implies, this is not all-emcompassing but intended to provide some useful reference material.

Survival Tips From The Great Depression
Growing up in such great hardship equips one with mental toughness and the skills to survive almost any situation.

Surviving the Urban Jungle
Urban environments present their own unique challenges when it comes to survival… but if you arm yourself with these “street survival skills,” you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need to survive.

TMI leads to IDT
TMI (too much information) leads to IDT (identity theft).

In Tune With Dangerous Times

Three (3) Laws of Survival

Want to Survive the Apocalypse? Ditch These 10 Bad Habits NOW

How to Survive WITHOUT a Salary
This book is a companion to my Minimalist Living blog:

How to Survive WITHOUT A salary

Homesteader Health Insurance
With the (in)famous obamacare, there is a fine for not having health insurance, even for a few weeks. But there are options for reducing the cost of health insurance. Take a look at these discussion groups for some ideas.

Home Remedies for a Toothache

Travel Safety & Security
Even during seemingly harmless situations, travelers need to be what security professionals describe as "situationally aware."

"Situational awareness" is the foundation of personal security.

The need to maintain situational awareness extends to every minute you're on vacation -- whether you are walking down a street, riding a bus or shopping in a crowded market.

Even in hotel lobbies, thieves can be lurking.

"There are predators out there that look like us, they act like us." "They are looking for their next victim. A victim isn't responsible for the crime that happened to them, but they are in the best position to prevent it."

Guide to Personal Safety and Security
No one is immune from being a victim of some sort of calamity or another. While you can't be ready for every possible scenario, you can be prepared for basic responses and avoidances of most situations.

18 Off-Grid Uses For Tin Cans
There is one item that every prepper in the world is guaranteed to have: canned food. Even if they mostly have dehydrated or freeze-dried food, every prepper has at least one can or corn or beans somewhere. And of course, canned food usually comes in tin cans. Most people throw them away without a second thought, but in a survival scenario they can be put to good use. As you’ll soon see, there are lots of different applications for tin cans.

DC Air Conditioner Systems (All-DC, for off-grid use)

If your power source is native 48VDC (or -48VDC) as part of a telecom or off-grid solar application, DC4812VRF all-DC air conditioners are your most efficient cooling choice. DC48 air conditioners can substantially reduce power supply/generation costs and battery requirements. An all-DC system means you get the advantage of extreme high efficiency without the need for inverters.

S.T.E.P. into International Travel Safety
The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Receive important information from the Embassy about safety conditions in your destination country, helping you make informed decisions about your travel plans.

Help the U.S. Embassy contact you in an emergency, whether natural disaster, civil unrest, or family emergency.

Help family and friends get in touch with you in an emergency.

Stay Informed, Stay Connected, Stay Safe during your international travel.

5 Knots to Know
Knowing how to tie the correct knot for the situation keeps things secure and in control. Their use and tie diagrams are included here.

80 Uses for Paracord
Published by: 'Above Average' Joe

Buy Paracord

25 Native American Survival skills
Alex Park

No Fishing Gear? No Problem (Survival Fishing)
Vince Tuscano

Fire from a gum wrapper and a battery
Leslie Hale

8 Deadly Myths About Survivalism
The Survival Mom

35 unexpected uses of household vinegar
Above Average Joe (Survival Life)

10 Most Important Survival Tools
The "basics" of a camping/survival bag should include the "Ten (10) Cs"

Off-Grid Refrigeration
This has been one of my greatest challenges to leaving civilization so I have collected these ideas for contemplation. Take a look at some alternatives:

The Camping Tent; Reimagined
With built-in fans, enhanced venting airflow, pre-entry vestibules, blocking of infrared heat, ultraviolet, and visible light, this is one "cool" tent.

Bitter Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby could single-handedly start a riot
I was blown away with the total lack of restraint this public official displayed during her news conference after charges were dropped against all of the Baltimore City Police Officers charged in the Freddie Gray death.

Get A Basic Emergency Kit
. . . don't come knocking on my door expecting a handout when you have done absolutely nothing to prepare for an emergency. Take a basic step to buy or build your own one person 3 day emergency kit style=.

Reloading Ammunition
The following training videos use the Lee Precision Reloading Kit

Venezuela Apocalypse
Why would anyone think it can't happen elsewhere, anywhere else, in the world? Given the "right" set of circumstances, it can.

Long Term Food Review - Wise Food
Camping Product (2 servings - Teriyaki Chicken and Rice) - Tasty with rice and small bits of chicken and vegetables but nothing to write home about. More like a thick soup/gravy consistency than a normal rice dish. I would add less (than the 2 cups recommended) water, or let stand longer and open (for water to evaporate) next time.

Water Bricks & Spigot
I have owned ten of the tan-colored water bricks for over a year. Each brick comes with its own carrying handle and holds 3.5 gallons. This allows me to store 35 gallons of water in case of emergency. They are designed to be stackable (similar to Legos) so they don't take up a lot of floor space.

Portable Refrigerator/Freezer
I have owned the 50 quart ARB refrigerator/freezer for over a year now and use primarily for camping. Don't confuse this with one of those boxes that cools stuff thirty degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. This is a real refrigerator/freezer. No more hauling ice.

Portable Solar Panels
I have owned all of these Solar Panel models for several years. For me, they are high quality, durable and easily transportable.

Goal Zero Products
This is my first time reviewing a manufacturer. I do it because of the multitude of Goal Zero (GZ) products I own. They have developed a wide variety of solar products that can be applied to nearly any situation from camping to a full-home solar power solution.

Goal Zero Extreme (Solar Generator) Base Camp Kit
The kit comes with four 30 watt solar panels, two 33 Amp hr batteries, one 400 watt inverter (which has a 6.0mm female 12V plug and another female 12V cigarette lighter plug, a USB port, and a standard AC outlet). There are also four 3 watt LED Lite-a-Life lights. The entire system is plug-N-play. The inverter attaches to one of the batteries. You then connect the two batteries together with the supplied cord. The lights are really good quality. You connect the first one to the 6.0mm plug on the inverter. The rest you can daisy chain to the first and spread throughout the camp site and each light has its own hook. The four solar panels connect together and then are connected to the inverter. I have, in the past, used sticks to prop the panels towards the sun and this has seemed to work well. I did just buy a tripod but have not had a chance to use it yet. While camping I have run between one and four of the 3 watt lights, a CPAP (without the heating unit), a 50 qt ARB frig/freezer (described on another posting - draws less than an amp per hr), a two speed fan that Riverrider told us all about, and recharged my phone all with no problem. Even when it was cloudy the two 350 Power Packs recharged completely. The bad news. I am not an electrician but I don't believe the 400 watt inverter would be large enough to run a full size refrigerator/freezer which would be the primary reason for emergency backup power.

Generators (Gas - Propane - HHO)
I have long been a fan of Honda and Yamaha products and when it comes to their portable generators, my fondness doesn't diminish. I have owned a Honda 3000 (sold in a packaged deal with a cabin) and now own the Yamaha 3000.

Long Term Food Review - A-Pack (Ameriqual) MREs
I was gifted with a case (12-pack) of A-Pack (Ameriqual) "low-sodium" MREs (Meal Ready To Eat). Each meal comes with the main meal in a pouch, a heating pouch, salt solution (to activate the heating pouch), 2 large crackers (like matzo), 2 large fig bars, pack of raisins, skittles candy pack, a plastic spork, seasoning packets and a pre-moist towelette. Quite honestly, this is a lot of food per meal and they do taste good with seasoning but kind of bland without. You do not need any external heat source to cook these meals; it's build-in, but follow the instructions carefully for using the heating pouch or the meal will not heat properly or the salt (heat activation) solution will drip out.

Credit Card Survival Tool
This is a credit card-size metal tool that I've given as gifts but, depending on where I purchased them, the instructions may not be in English so I'm posting this here as a reference to my gift recipients just in case you can't speak Chinese.

Survival (Paracord) Bracelet
I wear one of these whenever I am camping and hiking and I have given them as gifts and consider a must-have for anyone doing outside activities. At the very least, it has a whistle to call for help and the fire striker can be used as a cutting tool or small screw driver. Used with the flint, it creates sparks for starting a fire but can also be used as a visual signal to summon help. It contains about 10 feet of Paracord (when unraveled) which is (usually) made of 7, 50-pound Tensile strength strands that can be used for sewing and other things needing less-bulky cordage. While most have the fire flint and striker and whistle, some versions come with a compass. Cordage, fire, signaling, cutting, and direction-finding are essentials for any survival situation and this little package has them all conveniently strapped to your wrist.

Solar Panels - Goal Zero Boulder 15 - New and old
One day I got the bright idea to make my pickup truck a rolling solar power station.

Portable Sawmill
During one of my favorite survival/homesteading TV shows, I was introduced to the "Portable Sawmill"; a chainsaw attachment used to cut planks of wood from a downed tree. Naturally, I bought one without any specific project in mind. Well,

Long Term Food Review - Valley Food Storage - Irish Pub Cheddar Potato
Good taste. Soup/stew consistancy. Enough for only 1 serving, (not 2) in my opinion, unless additional meal courses are added. Does not prepare in the bag but requires preparation in a saucepan.

Reducing My Sodium Intake
I believe that part of preparing for an emergency is staying healthy. Good eating habits and exercise will help cope, in many ways (physically and emotionally), with an emergency situation. And while I believe this, I haven't been very good at practicing it. I don't "cook" and I "eat to live" and don't "live to eat" so, when it is time to eat, I don't want to spend much time preparing my meals. Unfortunatly, that leads to eating processed foods that are not nutritionally good for me and, usually, with lots of salt.

My Impact on the Environment
Can I help save the planet for future generations to enjoy? Can I improve the environment, NOW, for me to enjoy it while I am still here? I think yes and yes.

Economic Concern and Preparation
I am, by no means, rich or a financial guru. But I do monitor several that are; one of which is Warren Buffet. With bank interest rates at an all-time low for several years, investing in the stock market seems to be my current best option for a better ROI (Return On my Investment)

Isn't "Thank you" enough anymore?
The phrase "Thank you so much" makes me ill.

Winter Storm Preparedness
Winter Storm Preparedness Tips

Waxes for Candles & Stuff
Choice of Waxes for Candles and Other Uses

Water Gathering, Filtering & Storage
Produce Drinking Water from the Air, Ground and Undrinkable Water

Preparing Your Vehicle for an Emergency
Chances are, if you are not at home when an emergency strikes, you will be in, or near, your vehicle. So, for the majority of us, our everyday car or pickup truck will need to be ready to serve us in nearly any emergency big or small, while driving to the local grocery store or taking a cross-country trip, while changing a flat tire or surviving a serious accident, blizzard, hurricane, tornado or whatever else in the middle of nowhere.

Unfreezing Car Locks
Unfreezing Car Lock with Hand Warmers

Weird Survival Tools
Some of the simplest and cheapest Survival Tools & Supplies can come from the weirdest places

Tools/Supplies - Flea Markets
Find Low Cost Survival and Emergency Preps From Pawn Shops and Flea Markets

Surviving Where You Are
Learn The Secrets Of Urban Survival To Keep You Alive After Man-Made Disasters, Natural Disasters, and Breakdowns In Civil Order.

Survival Beyond Existing
A lot of emphasis seems to be put on survival products and building a storehouse of stuff for an emergency. If you can't find something (not to mention multiple variations on the same theme), you're not even trying to look. But, what happens when your storehouse is used up and bare?

Rocket Stoves
A rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing a vertical chimney and a secondary air supply, which ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.

Soap Making
Do-It-Yourself Bath and Laundry Soap

Snow Chains
Where do you put snow tire chains if you have only one pair? Snow chains on front or rear axle - what is best? Sure, you should have 2 pair - but what if you have only one set? Allow me a word about traction first:

Other than having a source of drinking water, shelter is your top priority in most survival emergencies. Severe weather conditions can kill within a few hours if you don’t have some type of shelter to defend you from the elements. Luckily, there are a wide array of techniques and materials (wherever you may be) for escaping the elements.

Shaving: Natural & Money-Saving Honestly, guys and gals, I've tried a lot of homemade recipes on the web for a lot of stuff. I wonder, sometimes, if people just dream up anything to put "out there" to have something "out there" rather than for practical use. I feel that "homemade" is intended to be more natural, less expensive and nearly as convenient. When I have to start cooking my toiletries, convenience has flown the coop; when I have to purchase exotic ingredients, less-expensive and convenience have flown the coop; and when I'm combining a bunch of commercial-grade products to make another product, "natural" has flown the coop. So, I hope, what I propose below, will fit the "homemade" category a littel bit better.

Retirement Planning
Retirement Planning Starts at Age Zero Preparing 4 Tomorrow is more than emergency/disaster Planning or a clever slogan. It's a way of life that affects nearly everything I do. If you are anywhere near my age, you may have, or will, repeat this phrase many times; "if I had known, in my youth, what I know now, I would have __________." My main fill-in-the-blank answer is "learned financial responsibility and started saving for retirement earlier."

Power Outage Prep
No Power? No Problem! HARNESSING THE POWER OF NATURE: With few exceptions, the use of Solar, Wind, and Water (Hydro) to generate power requires several components, not the least of which are batteries. Batteries store the power, that is harvested from these resources, to power your appliances. Generally, direct power from these natural sources is not enough to power appliances so power must be stored and/or converted. Refer to our DIY Power Setup that can be applied to any of these natural sources of power. If gas becomes scarce or unavailable, these will still be around: Solar Wind Water (Hydro) Human

Power Off-the-Grid
DIY (Do It Yourself) Off-Grid Power Systems

Plumbing Outage Prep
No Plumbing? No Problem! The other day, a friend of mine and I were discussing my emergency planning activities and supplies. When it came to plumbing, my friend said “I couldn’t live without running water”. Well, with that I responded, “If you think you can’t, you haven’t tried or you haven’t looked at alternatives”. I then began to explain the methods I have used in place of conventional plumbing. It all boils down to this; if you seek alternatives, you will find them but you may need to give up some of the creature comforts like taking long showers and automatic dish washers.

Potassium Permanganate
Potassium Permanganate: Antiseptic, Water Purifier, Fire Starter and more . . .

Pet Prepping
Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners

Pandemic Preparation
Think, for a minute, how often we come into contact with things that others have touched; elevator buttons, door handles, door bells, stairway handles, telephones, keyboards/mice, handshakes, counter tops, appliances, toilets, toilet stall doors and paper holders, sink knobs, hand dryer buttons, utensils at food bars . . . the list is endless. Unless you continually wear surgical gloves, you WILL be exposed to the germs of someone else you may, or may not, know and those persons could be infected with any number of nasty communicable germs that could make you mildly sick or worse.

In a survival situation, finding your way to a specific destination or to avoid getting lost does require some special skills and knowledge. Hopefully, these links and information will help prepare you for whatever situation you find yourself in, whether you’re car/cell battery’s dead and don’t know how to get back to civilization or you're lost in the wilderness.

Minimalist Living
The older I get, the less I need, and the more I realize how my possessions have become more burdensome than comforting. The more I have, the more I have to lose. I am a slave to my stuff. The more money I make, the more stress I have and more fearful of losing what I have strived so hard to accumulate. "The one with the most toys wins" is a favorite saying for the one who seeks stuff to make them think they are happy. A movie called "LESS: Losing is Everything" helps to make the point that "when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change" and you will gain a new-found sense of freedom.

Survival Medicine
Naturally, when disaster strikes, people will be injured as a result and normal health issues, sickness and injuries will still occur. In a public emergency, chances are great that medical facilities and first responders will be overwhelmed. Whether in crisis or normal routine living, everyone should be ready to handle their own personal medical conditions(s), first aid and serious injuries without the aide of trained medical personnel.

Job Loss - Plan B
Job Loss - Plan B - Don't wait for it to happen. Have you established a Plan B source of income? Have you thought about what you would do if you lost your job in today's volatile and uncertain economy?

Tincture of iodine in Emergency and Survival Planning

Insect / Pest Repellents
Natural Insect & Pest Repellents & Remedies

Heating Living Area
Emergency Cooking and Heating When the Power Goes Out

Solar Heater
Building a Solar Heater

Crayons and Crisco for Light or Fire-Starter
Crayons and Crisco for Light or as a Fire-Starter

Buying Gold & Silver
We are at the beginning of a major shift out of paper assets into real assets and the more I studied the merits of owning gold and silver the more I realized that silver was the smart decision. Let me explain.

Fun and Games
When planning for emergency situations, the focus is so often on the aspect of meeting physical necessities for survival that other things are not taken into account. If a natural disaster, such as a severe winter storm, makes it so you are unable to leave your house for a week, what are you going to do besides eat food and huddle under blankets to stay warm? As odd as it may seem, including forms of entertainment, in your emergency preparedness plan, can be a great asset to cope with an emergency or unpleasant situation. Having fun activities, to lighten the mood, can be especially useful during a natural disaster or other type of emergency. Undergoing too much stress has been shown to be detrimental to physical, mental, and emotional health; something you would certainly wish to avoid during a crisis.

Fuel from Wood Gasifier
A wood gas generator (gasifier) converts timber or charcoal into wood gas which - after cooling and filtering - can then be used to power an internal combustion engine or for other purposes.

Replenishable Water and Food Sources
It is not enough to hoard food and water. Applying methods to self-replenish these resources is necessary for anyone serious about emergency planning.

Food Spoilage Prevention
If you’ve read 40 Ways to Save Money on Groceries, you’ll want to know these simple methods to keep food from spoiling.

When the Food Runs Out
Remember Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy; Oklahoma tornadoes in April 2013; and Colorado floods in September 2013? For those of us in regions where snowfalls can drop 4-12 inches at a time, we have seen how spastic people get for bread, milk and toilet paper. Can you imagine how they would react if all food deliveries, to stores, were interrupted for an extended period of time? An EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) can stop trucks, cars, aircraft and watercraft engines from running, delivery truck hijackings can occur and disasters and riots can close travel routes. If this happened, and the people panicked (guaranteed), how long do you think it would take for stores to become void of food and then streets to become unsafe to travel? Have you been to a grocery store after an announcement of potential inclement weather? Estimates are 3 days for stores to be empty of food and a week for people taking to the streets to get food from other sources (including those who have prepared for this event).

Pet Food Survival
Can you eat pet food to survive? Is it safe to eat pet food?

Camping / Emergency Food
Camping Food & Emergency, Long-term Food Storage

Fire Starting and Building
Never assume that fire-building conditions will be ideal and a match or lighter will be readily available in an emergency. Here are some other options for starting a fire with some fire-building tips included:

Faraday Cage
Faraday "Cage": Protect your important electronics from EMPs or Solar Flares

Natural Dental Care
"You can minimize your tooth decay, prevent it entirely, and even heal tooth decay once a cavity has formed, if you make good choices for yourself based on the knowledge of the lifestyle led by decay-free Indigenous people."

Dehydrating Food
I've used an electric dehydrator. It worked but don't waste money or electricity. Use the power and heat of the sun. Take a look at some alternatives:

Defense Strategy
In reality, even in my current day-to-day life, I am defending myself against those things or persons that could negatively affect my lifestyle and peace of mind. I have insurance, alarm systems and locks and methods and plans if those first lines of defense fail.

Debt can be the single most debilitating "disease" we can have in our lives. We are, truly, a slave to the lender. It affects our relationships, our jobs, our joy (even though we feel that getting more stuff will make us happy). Getting out of debt, frees us from the bondage it has on us. If you feel that debt is affecting your joy of life, you can free yourself from it. If you have gotten into the habit of immediate gratification, spending more than you make, it won't be easy. But the habit that you made, you can break and create new and better ones.

Cooling Living Area
Emergency Cooling of Your Living Area (DIY air conditioner of sorts)