After Technology Fails, What Will You Do?

Why do modern buildings still have stairs? Because technology fails.

When technology fails completely and terminally, what will you do?

What will you do when:
the power grid fries
there is no air conditioning
there is no heat
there are no television or commercial radio signals
computers stop
cell phone towers and satellites die
there are no lights
there are no electronic games
batteries no longer power appliances, equipment or vehicles
electronic security fails
fuel can no longer be produced or found
grocery stores are empty
restaurants are closed
hospitals are too full to accept any more injured
there is no running water, water filtration or public sewage
laundry appliances or facilities are no longer available
the Red Cross supplies are depleted
guns and ammunition are no longer available
pets are viewed as liabilities or food
people, who have nothing, come to take what you have
Police and military are busy with looters and rioters

Gloom and doom, you say? That just can't happen. What if just some of these were unavailable for extended periods? What if your area is hit by a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, a blizzard, an earthquake, a heatwave, a drought? No one, and no place, is immune.

Prepare For Tomorrow Now, regardless of how bad it can get.