Becoming More Self-Sufficient - Do It Yourself (DIY)

A lot of emphasis is put on survival products and building a storehouse of stuff for an emergency. But, what happens when our funds are used up and the storehouse is bare? What's left?

This posting is focused on what you can't get in the store - Experience! When skills are learned, self-reliance is the byproduct. Instead of picking up the phone and pay someone else to fix that leaky faucet, get some tools and a book and learn how to do it yourself. Instead of buying food, learn how to grow it at home. Instead of doing what we all take for granted, begin to realize that you can do it yourself. Little by little, self-sufficiency will emerge and expand to every area of life.

Take baby steps. Taking on too much at once, can be discouraging. Do one project at a time; a small one at first; then progress to larger ones to build confidence.

Get all the details before starting a project so frustration doesn't set in by having to start and stop because something was omitted. The Internet (and library) is filled with resources to help. YouTube is my friend.

The formulation of independent solutions will emerge. In time, doing for yourself will modify your thinking patterns. Instead of being told what to do and how to do it, your brain will starting figuring it out. For me, it can take quite a while before I start a project. I plant the idea in my head, gather all the information I can, and let it stew in my brain until I have all I need to start the project. Think beyond store-bought solutions.

Learn to be self-reliant; the alternative is being one of the hoards of victims/users/takers that will exist, and may be knocking on your door, when an emergency happens. If you are browsing this and similar blogs, you have the potential and interest to be self-reliant BEFORE that day comes. Here are some suggestions to start the journey:
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