Beyond Existing - Actual Survival

A lot of emphasis seems to be put on survival products and building a storehouse of stuff for an emergency. If you can't find something (not to mention multiple variations on the same theme), you're not even trying to look. But, what happens when your storehouse is used up and bare? Learning one or more survival skills, for use in selling or bartering, will come in handy.

This posting is focused on what you can't get in the store - Experience! When these skills are learned, self-reliance, selling to others or bartering are the byproducts. This posting will be updated as new stuff emerges and, of course, there are many other references on the web. When possible, document (vs. video or specific product) links are provided so you can print and compile a personalized survival manual that makes sense to you. Some of these links provide other resources on the topic and then there are the sub-topic "shout-outs" that can be researched independently. There are a lot of "survival manuals" out there but are they actually useful to what you want to know or as comprehensive as you would like? This is, by no means, the end-all or be-all of how to do stuff. The intent is to encourage thinking beyond the store-bought, and maybe temporary, survival solutions. If you browse this and similar blogs, you have the potential and interest to be self-reliant BEFORE that day comes. So, learn to be self-reliant; the alternative is being one of the hoards of victims/users/takers that will exist, and may be knocking on your door, when a disaster happens.
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