Firearms Safety & Training Basics

The following videos are intended to provide basic information on firearms safety and the functions and use of a variety of firearms and related information. There are many points of view on shooting techniques, so you are always encouraged to do your own research to find those that help you improve your shooting skills. You are encouraged to attend a formal firearms training course, with a licensed firearms instructor, usually offered by local firearms merchants. Research the types of firearms training available and choose the best course(s) for you.
Second Amendment (to the Bill of Rights) Explained
United States Bill of Rights

Rules of Firearm Safety:
How NOT to Shoot a Gun (contains Adult Language)

Brandishing & Warning Shot? NOT!!!!   [Article]

Types of Firearms
Parts of a Gun

Introduction to Shooting Range Rules, Safety and Etiquette:
Basic Handgun Safety & Use:

Handgun Function:

Ammunition Explained:

Handgun Shooting Stance, Aiming, Sight Alignment, Sight Picture & Trigger Control:

Not Hitting Where You Aim?

Handgun Selection, Cleaning and Maintenence:



Self-Defense Tactics:

Storing & Securing a Firearm:

Transporting a Firearm:

Concealed Carry:

You injured or killed someone in self-defense. What happens next?

Pay it forward:
More Information: