Emergency and Off-Grid Laundry

Truth be told, clothes will always get dirty and, eventually, stinky. Here are some manual Laundry Plans to reduce chances of harmful bacteria and illness and improve morale during an emergency or living off the grid.

Ah, the washing machine; arguably one of the great inventions of our era, this device has freed up hours of time and energy. But even now, some questions remain. Namely, is washing clothes in hot water always the way to go? Or is all that heat doing your favorite shirt more harm than good? Suggested reading to answer these questions:     [Article 1]     [Article 2]

Commercial Product Options:
    Other Laundry Wringers and Appliances

* In an emergency/survival situation, water will be precious to have and wasting or discarding it should not be an option. With few exceptions, even the most vile water can be boiled, distilled or filtered for reuse.

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