Doing Laundry in an Emergency Situation or Living Off-The-Grid

Truth be told, clothes will always get dirty and, eventually, stinky. Here are some manual Laundry Plans to reduce chances of harmful bacteria and illness and improve morale during an emergency or living off the grid.

Parts: Two, 5-Gallon plastic buckets with lids (one for washing and one for rinsing) and a Plumber's Plunger

Parts: Mop Wringer/Bucket Combo and Rope. Remove the bucket wheels to reduce movement during use.

Commercial Product Options:
      Other Laundry Wringers and Appliances

Natural Dryer Sheets: Soak clean (commercial dryer sheet size) rags in a bowl of white vinegar. Wring out excess vinegar and place the vinegar rags in a sealed container. Use one vinegar rag per dryer use.

Prevent Static Cling in Dryer: Take a sheet of Aluminum Foil (about 2 feet long) and crush it into the shape of a ball. Toss it in the dryer.

* In an emergency/survival situation, water will be precious to have and wasting or discarding it should not be an option. With few exceptions, even the most vile water can be boiled, distilled or filtered for reuse.

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