Toilet Paper Alternatives

It's a fact of nature that everyone needs to take a dump or two or more a day. Consider alternative sources and methods of cleaning up when the trusty Toilet Paper is not available.

Preparation in the Great Outdoors:
Before, or when, the urge first hits is the time to decide what to use. It may take time to search, find and collect the wiping tools so start planning and collecting well before the need arises; before the urge becomes a raging alarm. Don't expect to just squat down and find the perfect wiping material within arms reach. It won't be there.

Calculating annual toilet paper needs if intending to stockpile it:
For one week, put all the empty toilet paper rolls into a bag. When the week's up, tally the rolls you have in the bag; consider near-empty rolls still on the rack(s) in the bathroom(s). Multiply this number by 52 weeks.

Alternatives at Home or in the Great Outdoors:
Paper products: newspaper, phone books, books, catalogs, ad flyers, paper towels, facial tissue, printer paper, etc.
Pre-moistened wipes
Sponge (wash and reuse)
Wash cloth (wash and reuse)
Cloth Rags from natual fibers (old clothes, towels, sheets, etc.) cut in squares with pinking shears to reduce fraying (wash and reuse)
Gauze (wash and reuse)
Garden Plant Leaves (lettuce, etc.)
Wild Plant/Tree Leaves (non-poisionous and free of thorns/stickers)
Pine needles or cones
Moss (hanging from trees or on the ground)
Husks from corn or coconuts
Corn cobs (recently eaten preferred for comfort but dried ones will work too)
Smooth Sticks
Smooth Rocks
Water splashing or "cleaning" with the LEFT hand
Snow "cleaning" with the LEFT hand
Butt scuffing/dragging on dewey tufts of grass
Use your imagination and your brain to select other safe alternatives

Sanitation is Key:
Always clean hands with water and soap (when available), alcohol, or ashes (charcoal) from a campfire after the deed is done.

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