Hand-Made Water Well and Hand Pump

Along with a long term water storage program, a renewable water source program should be part of your overall Emergency Plan.

If you are living off the grid or want a well without drawing a lot of attention or paying a ton of money, knowing how to dig your own well will come in handy. There are several variations out there, but this was found to be the most comprehensive web site for me (drillyourownwell.com). Their first 2 videos are embedded below for your watching enjoyment. You may want to get some coffee to stay awake while you watch.

Click Here for other Google Search Results about drilling your own water well.

Naturally, after drilling your well, you will need a method to pump the water from your well to your containers or dwelling. As usual, there are masses of options to be found on the web (including the drillyourownwell.com web site) from AC to DC powered pumps to manual hand pumps and solar and wind powered pumps that can be purchased or DIY. For education's sake, you may want to do some research to understand the many methods that can be applied to any situation or condition. Once again, this site does not pretend to be unique in its content but to help keep your (and my) gray cells active for developing solutions in an emergency. For the benefit of trying to stay within the theme of this site, and keeping it as simple as possible, we present the make-your-own hand pump videos including one SO simple a six-year-old can do it:

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