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Diapers and Politicians need to be changed frequently for the same reason

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Frequently Change Politicians and Diapers for the Same Reason    Want Change?  Support Term Limits!  Don't Re-Elect!    Politicians are Public Servants, Not Celebrities. Don't treat them as such. What they really need is to get back to a real job.    An Argument for Term Limits
"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

Term limits: • reduce corruption • stop Congress members from focusing on elections and start focusing on real reform • restore faith in the institution
• get more citizens and candidates involved in the process • bring fresh ideas that will help ease the dysfunction in D.C.

Politicians are public servants; employees of "The People", not celebrities, royalty or nobility. When they are treated as being anything other than public servants, their egos become inflated, their focus turns inward (selfishness) and their effectiveness to their constituents diminishes. This is why Term Limits is so important; to reduce the potential for corruption and to get politicians back into the workforce because, as a politician, they aren't actually creating any value or wealth to the community. What they really need is to get back to a real job. So, help them Out [of office]; Vote Them Out next election.
Our Mission
Encourage ALL voters to force political Term Limits either by enacting Term Limit Laws or voting against incumbent politicians seeking re-election to the same office.
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Presidents are limited to a maximum of 2 terms (8 years). Congress members can stay in office until they die (no Term Limits). VOTE THEM OUT!

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