Let's face it; we live in desperate and uncertain times. And it doesn't seem as if it's going to get any better any time soon. Now, we are not extremists, or apocalypse chasers, or doomsday preachers, but we are concerned with the way things are digressing in our world. And, while we won't say the world is ending tomorrow, we will warn that natural and, quite frankly, man-made disasters are happening all of the time and increase in frequency on a yearly basis; super-storms, tsunamis, monster tornados, earthquakes. As a matter of fact, an extreme natural disaster will affect most Americans sometime during their lifetime. How will you deal with it? Are you prepared? That's where we come in. We want to give you the tips, tools and techniques to help you through any situation, whether it’s navigating through a natural disaster, surviving nature, going off-grid, or just living a simpler lifestyle. Our blog, partnering with companies to bring you amazing deals on survival and preparedness merchandise, and our website will be the means by which we will help you prepare for emergencies. Remember, just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn't mean it never will. So, pray for the best and Prepare4 the worst, because we'll never know when 'the day before' is the day before.

WHAT IS Prepare4Tomorrow? Prepare4Tomorrow was created as an online repository of information for the benefit of its creator to encourage personal research into emergency/disaster preparedness. The site then grew to address the interests and inquiries of friends and family members. In some cases, the site content is original but, because there are so many good resources on the related topics, P4T has become more of a metadata site to bring many of these resources together in one location instead of simply replicating the information. This allows the reader/researcher to go directly to the information sources and provide a broader spectrum of information, from multiple sources, on a specific topic.

It is believed that advocates and enablers of dependency, vulnerability, and conformity are the masters of regulation, legislation and sales. The process of "preparing" not only involves planning and gathering but training the mind to not panic, question everything and think in terms of "what if" instead of relying on routine habits or thoughts injected by others and, additionally, to become more self-reliant instead of depending on technology and others. Choose to be free from the tyranny of those who would try to threaten and control you (the oppressors - government, employers, "friends", family). Do not fear them or what they may threaten to do. They have nothing to offer that you can't break free and do better yourself.

Modern survival is different from primitive living skills, which is different from urban preparedness, which is different from homesteading, which is different from wilderness living or "bush crafting." The site includes information about all these things but they all revolve around various aspects of self-reliance and independent thought.

Preparing for an emergency, long before one is actually announced, is not only a good idea, it is the responsible and mature thing to do for oneself, family, friends and community. P4T's goal is to help with those preparations.

PRIVACY: The P4T web site does not collect or share any personal information and does not use Cookies. P4T does not collect personally identifiable information about individuals except when such individuals specifically provide such information on a voluntary basis. For example, such personally identifiable information will be gathered from the contact page or other services we may offer. Personally identifiable information on individual users will not be sold or otherwise transferred to any unaffiliated third parties. P4T will not, under any conditions, share your personal information with any third parties without your express, written consent. This means we do not share the information P4T may collect with any marketing firms, telecommunication agencies or third party services or persons for any reason.

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P4T - Encouraging you to PRAY for the Best AND PREPARE for the Worst
because we will never know when "the day before" is the day before.