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With the advent of the Internet and ebooks, the creation of a truly massive digital preparedness library is very possible. An Essential Preparedness Library of MUST HAVE manuals on Keeping your Personal Information Safe, Food Storage, handling a Martial Law situation, a Home Survival Plan and much more will provide guidance in Emergency Planning. Having Paper (hard), as well as Digital (electronic), copies provides backup in case one or the other is damaged or destroyed.

The following list will help to start, or add to, your personal Essential Preparedness Library. Other publications are available throughout this web site. Contact Us for assistance with finding the information you seek on Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Survival topics. Here are some Guidelines for building a Digital Preparedness Library.

Bug-Out Bags:
Check Lists, Forms & Worksheets:
Emergency Planning/Preparedness:
Firearms & Self-Defense:
First Aid / AED / CPR / Survival Medicine:
Map Reading/Navigation:
Nuclear Preparedness/Response:
Personal Care:
Safety and Survival Guides:
Surveillance & Evasion:
Water Treatment and Storage:
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