11 Cs Survival Kit Item 1: Cutting Tool (QUALITY multi-tool, knife, hatchet, machete, saw, etc. - for repairs, cutting, first aid, defense or making defense tools, hunting) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 2: Combustion Device (matches, lighter, flint striker - for signaling, warmth, sterilizing, cooking) Wallet-Size Tiny Survival Guide 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 3: Covering (tarp, tent, plastic sheeting, ground cloth, mylar emergency/space blanket, etc. - for shelter, make-shift tent, ground cover, rain catcher) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 4: Canteen (container, water bottle, etc. - to carry and sterilize water and cook)
11 Cs Survival Kit Item 5: Cordage (rope, paracord, strong nylon string, fishing line, dental floss, etc. - suturing wounds, tying and hanging things, snares to catch food) These "Basics" should be in every
camping/survival/emergency bag
(numbered in order of importance)
Used alone or combined, they can
help in nearly any emergency.
11 Cs Survival Kit Item 6: Candle (candles, glow sticks, solar or crank-flashlight, headlamp, etc. - for light and signaling)
11 Cs Survival Kit Item 7: Compass (map, GPS - for navigation) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 8: Conduit Tape (duct, electrical, etc. - for repairs and bandaging) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 9: Catgut Needle (for sewing materials and suturing wounds) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 10: Cloth Fabric (chances you are already going to be wearing something that can be used for head covering, water filtering, bandaging, etc.) 11 Cs Survival Kit Item 11: Communicator (Whistle, 2-Way Radio, cell phone, etc.)

Survival Business Card Mini Multi-Tool Folding Credit Card Sized Knife Paracord Survival Bracelet with Tools

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