Colloidal Silver: Quackery or Cure?

I'm not an expert on this topic so its content is not intended to be authoritative but to pique an interest in others to do their own research, and to encourage myself to keep learning about the many aspects of the blog’s goal. As with anything that goes into, or on, the body, extreme caution should be exercised.

While many tout Colloidal Silver as a panacea for all human ailments, from the common cold to staph, aids and cancer, it appears that the medical community, FDA and many others view this liquid as quackery and potentially harmful to internal organs. It is a liquid made by electrolysis with pure silver and water (usually distilled water). The purpose for the concoction is intended to be a "natural" antibiotic alternative to modern drugs.

Some recurring statements:
It can be used internally or topically.
The body does not need silver.
Do not use it unless treating a specific condition.
Use only .9999 (not .999) pure silver.
A solution of 5 PPM (Parts Per Million) seems to be the strength to kill/treat most germs/diseases.
Do not exceed 25cc/ml per day for the condition you are treating otherwise the silver can absorb into body tissues and discolor skin (generally blue).

How it's made - The short version is, connect three (3) 9-volt batteries, in series, and solder alligator clips to the two (red and black) wire ends. Buy two (2) rods of pure silver, clip one rod to the Positive (+) end of a battery and clip the second rod to the Negative (-) end of the battery (this setup is called a Colloidal Silver "generator" which can be purchased pre-made). Many home-made generator designs are available online. Dangle the two silver rods in a container of water until the water becomes cloudy and reaches the PPM that you desire. A PPM meter should be purchased to determine the exact PPM of the solution. Click here to find a ton of YouTube videos on making the stuff. You can also purchase pre-made solutions and related products online.

Storing Colloidal Silver: Most experts recommend storing your homemade colloidal silver in dark glass bottles for long-term storage or storing clear containers in a dark room. That’s because the dark helps prevent light from “tarnishing” (i.e., oxidizing) the silver particles suspended in your solution, which in turn lead to the silver particles falling out of suspension and coating the bottom of your storage container.

Colloidal Silver Shelf Life: Colloidal silver will tell you when it’s beginning to lose potency. When you make the solution, silver particles are suspended in the solution (see the "How it's made" section above. The general rule of thumb is to watch for precipitation of silver particles in your storage container. “Precipitation” means the silver particles are beginning to fall out of suspension in the solution. The resulting residue will begin to visibly coat the sides and/or bottom of your storage container. That is the sure sign that your batch of homemade colloidal silver (or even store bought colloidal silver, for that matter) is beginning to lose its potency. Though large quantities are needed, the residual silver can be melted down into coins or bars to sell or trade. The silver rods should work indefinitely but should be cleaned of any tarnish or oxidation before each use.

MY PERSONAL CONCLUSION: Before I even finish tweaking and completing this post, I wanted to include this statement. Unless a crisis arose when conventional antibiotics became unavailable or inaccessible, I would not use this stuff. After personal research, I feel it may have merit as an "emergency" antibiotic but best left for only a true crisis situation. I do have the components for each of my emergency bags, and will test their functionality to make the liquid. While colloidal silver is highly antibiotic in nature, it is recommended only for external uses. Ingestion of colloidal silver can damage internal organs and kill beneficial bacteria. If you need to consume antibiotics, choose another option, not colloidal silver.

I once heard someone say that if the mind believes that something will heal an ailment, it will heal the ailment. So, while something may appear to do miracles, it may actually be the mind doing the miracles and not the product.

Look into Alkaline Structured Silver as an alternative to Colloidal Silver.

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