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You injured or killed someone in self-defense. What happens next?
We see this scenario play out regularly across the country. A legally armed citizen uses a gun in self-defense, and then appears in court to prove that the legal requirements were met to justify using deadly force. When the court rules that the citizen complied with the law and is not guilty of any crime, life just goes on, right? NOT!

Most of us would probably say "I'll do what I have to do to protect myself, family and friends." But very few think of the aftermath, and consequences, of taking a life or severly injuring an attacker. When strapping on a firearm for self-protection, we must understand, and be prepared for, the ramifications of injuring or killing an attacker. Coping with the emotions, the media storm, Investigations, Charges and Lawsuits, Interaction with Attorneys and more are things we don't fully consider, but must before we wear a weapon. Are you truly prepared to take a life?

Self-Defense Insurance is available to help deal with the legal and financial impact after a self-defense action.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent
Reasonable Man Doctrine/Standard: NOTE: Protection of property, alone, is not self defense. Protection of life is self-defense. Likewise, intentionally putting oneself in harms way (voluntarily placing oneself in legal jeopardy) to protect the property of others is not considered self-defense. Refer to the following information on the legal aspects of self-defense.
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Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting
Psychological effects of stress in a lethal force encounter
Class on Judicious Use Of Deadly Force (contains Adult Language)

Self-Defense Insurance:
Defending a Self-Defense Shooting
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ACLDN members recognize that an individual may not carry much weight against the legal system. The Network's strength, its experts and the fund amassed from 25% of all membership dues, provides vastly more power to protect your legal rights and legal survival.

P.S.: Your Homeowner Insurance Policy may cover you if you are protecting your life or property on/in your property (check with your insurance agent). That may not be the case "outside your home/property" in your resident state, so a self-defense insurance plan may be something that will give you more protection.

Summer Carry Compromises: Violent crime increases when summer temperatures soar. But many law-abiding folks admit that when it’s hot, they find it too difficult to carry a concealed gun for self defense. Here are some hot weather concealed carry strategies.   

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