Escape & Evade

Whether you're trying to evade a hostile military force, kidnappers in a foreign land, or a group of looters or rioters in a situation of civil unrest, the following information can help for disguising your movement and remaining undetectable while on the run.

1) Mask Your Movements
2) Avoid "Flagging"
3) Look and Act Like a Local (Gray Man)
General Rules:
Hiding From Thermal and Night Vision:
Thermal Imaging, also called passive infrared, works by picking up the infrared radiation – basically heat – radiated by objects, and displaying the different temperatures. It doesn’t matter how expertly camouflaged something is – if it's warmer or cooler than its background, it will show up. Unlike standard night vision devices, thermal imagers don’t need any light at all to pick you up. They can see through mist and smoke. They penetrate rain and falling snow, although those can reduce their range by more than half. If a thermal imager is scanning for you it's much harder to hide but not impossible to evade detection. Read How to Trick Thermal Imaging    [Video 1]    [Video 2]

Night Vision, basically, allows what can be seen in the daylight to be seen in complete darkness. You can see clearly what people are wearing or holding or what they are doing. It is also very flexible in that it can work in a lot of different environments—indoors and outdoors, cityscape, woodland scape, etc. It can see through glass, where thermal may not, but it doesn't see through fog, smoke, tall grass, foliage and walls, as thermal might. [Video]

Hiding from Night Vision or a Thermal Imager follows the same basic principles as hiding from anything else. Your challenge is to avoid standing out in the sensor display. If your pursuer has a conventional scope you do that with camouflage; if he has a thermal imager you'll need to adapt your techniques to focus on hiding body heat, but the basic aim is the same. Hide behind things, Block your body heat, Match your background, Use the crossover times of day (just after sunrise (dawn), and again just after sunset (dusk)).
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If Abducted / Kidnapped:
How to Survive an Abduction or Hostage Situation
The Initial (Corporate) Response to a Kidnapping
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Escaping Restraints:
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TRACKING / SEARCH & RESCUE: Knowing how to find a lost person, or tracking an animal, may save a life and provide food but it can also help in evading the enemy.
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