Prepare by Exercising Now

Exercise, no doubt, has a major impact on a person's health. You do nothing, you feel poorly; you exercise, you feel better. Like diet, exercise helps prevent or reduce the effects of illness and injury. For those who prepare for emergencies, exercise should be part of the overall plan. You don't have to wear yourself out to stay fit and there are options for the physically-challenged. Here are some suggestions:

A Little Exercise Is Better Than None at All - You benefit from any level of activity
Crawl Your Way to Physical Preparedness - Simple, fun and beneficial   [Videos]
Exercises That Challenge Your Body and Brain
Exercises & Fitness Tips for People with Limited Mobility
Exercise Programs for the Physically & Mentally Challenged
Balance Exercises to Build Strength & Improve Stability (with video examples)

Fitness Basics:
1. Be as active as you can physically (body) and mentally (brain)
2. Eat Well
3. Drink plenty of pure water (coffee and tea ok)
4. Get a good night's sleep

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