Prepare by Exercising Now

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Exercise, no doubt, has a major impact on a person's health. You do nothing, you feel poorly; you exercise, you feel better. Like diet, exercise helps prevent or reduce the effects of illness and injury. For those who prepare for emergencies, exercise should be part of the overall plan. Are You Fit to Bug-Out if Circumstances Warrant it? You don't have to wear yourself out to stay fit and there are options for the physically-challenged. Here are some suggestions:
  • Walk For Your Life: Walking is an easy, healthy way to begin conditioning your body for endurance.
  • Carry Your Weight: The next milestone is to ensure you can walk the distance while carrying supplies (bug-out-bag) during an emergency.
  • Make a Run For It: There may be times when you are forced to pick up the pace in an emergency.
  • Strengthen Your Chances For Survival: Strength training is necessary to help combat obstacles that may get in your way in an emergency.
  • Be Flexible: Having flexible joints is essential to preventing discomfort and injury while performing the many tasks during an emergency.
  • Take to the Water: Learn how to swim, perform water rescue techniques and how to steer a boat with paddles.
  • Defend Yourself: You will need to protect against those who are less-prepared and desperate enough to take your supplies by force.

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Fitness Basics:
1. Be as active as you can physically (body) and mentally (brain)
2. Eat Well
3. Drink plenty of pure water (coffee and tea ok)
4. Get a good night's sleep

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