Navigation - Finding Your Way

In a survival situation, or when GPS is unavailable, finding the path to a specific destination, or to avoid getting lost, does require some special skills and knowledge. Hopefully, these links and information will help prepare for whatever situation arises, whether the car/cell battery is dead, technology is unavailable and the way to get back to civilization is unknown.

Several of the following links provide thorough yet simple instruction on how to navigate with just a compass and map. Regardless of why and how times are spent in the great out of doors, it is essential to know the basics of map and compass navigation and basic orienteering.

Basic How to Use a Compass and Map (video)
Basic How to Use a Compass and Map (slides)
Getting Unlost in the Desert
Find True North Without a Compass
How To Navigate In The Wild Without A Compass
How To Get Un-lost
Survival Navigation

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