The Cascade to S.H.T.F. (S**t Hitting The Fan)

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I did not expect to see empty shelves at the grocery store shortly after the 2019 Wuhan chinese communist party (ccp) virus hit the U.S. Those who say "it won't happen" live in a fantasy land of unicorns and rainbows wearing rose-colored glasses. When their food runs out, those are the ones who will panic and knock on the doors of those who have prepared. Those are the ones I need to defend against.

A cascade of events, triggered by a sentinel event (not necessarily some end of the world, Hollywood doomsday scenario), will lead to panic and then on to food and fuel shortages, civil unrest, supply chain disruptions and possibly martial law being imposed.

Signs of The Last Days - Isaiah Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 [Video Bible Study]- Worldwide - to Paraphrase:
  • God will take away strong, knowledgeable men.
  • He will allow weak, uneducated, inexperienced people (children & women) to rule (for 3 1/2 years). They will take over.
  • People will become oppressed by neighbors and friends and children will disrespect the past and honorable.
  • Things will get so bad that the women will beg men to "fix it" and they will refuse.
  • [3 1/2 years later] One will stand up and say "OK, as long as you do exactly what I say".
  • He will begin. Most will obey. Few will rebel. He will call in military forces to quell the rebels.
  • They will call on God for help.
  • Jesus will return (Time from the beginning of the "fix" to Messiah's return - 5 months).
  • Ultimate Preparations

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Understanding What NOT to do in a SHTF Situation is as important and helpful as planning and knowing how to properly respond. While instincts are important to consider, often they will make us do things that are counterproductive to our survival. Here are some of those counterproductive responses: [Inspirational Video]
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