Where do you put snow tire chains if you have only one pair?

Snow chains on front or rear axle - what is best?

Sure, you should have 2 pair - but what if you have only one set?

Allow me a word about traction first:

A car needs traction for 4 things: lateral stability, acceleration, steering and braking.

4WD gets you 100% more traction than 2WD. Good!

We all know, rubber tires on snow and ice have very little traction.
So, in 4WD you get 100% more of very little. That isn't much!
It might be enough to get you over the snowy pass. Definitely it is not enough to be really safe. Only aggressive steel tire chains put between the tire and the surface of the road increase traction to a truly safe level.

Only tire chains increase traction of rubber tires on snow and ice significantly!

Back to the question, what happens when you mount tire chains on either front or rear?:

On 4WD vehicles:
Attention: Since some of the automatic AWD systems are marketed as 4WD or AWD, placement of snow chains has to follow different rules - check with your owners manual for correct procedure.

Here is what happens when you mount tire chains on either front or rear:

On 2WD vehicles:
(front wheel drive)
(rear wheel drive)
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