Dining Under the Sun & Stars

Learn how to cook good healthy food for a fraction of the cost of conventional cooking methods.


There is something nostalgic about Dutch oven cooking over an open flame. The smell, the feel and the taste of this experience cannot be replicated by any other method of cooking. The Dutch oven brings out that warm feeling of being “home” regardless of where I may be in the world. As I huddle around the fire ring with my group, preparing our meal, the Dutch oven becomes part of my extended family.
Dutch Oven Cooking Video Tutorial
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When we do not have a stove we can turn on, with a flip of a switch, we have to find a way to cook. Our ancestors found a way . . .
In this webinar you will Learn:
  • How to harness the power of the sun to cook, dehydrate, purify water and be better prepared for emergencies.
  • How to never have to worry about burning dinner again.
  • How to use a SUN OVEN to naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables, and enhance winter sprouting.
  • How to reduce your utility bills and the amount of fuel you need to store for emergency preparedness while helping families in deforested developing countries around the world.
  • Everything you need to know about using a SUN OVEN to bake, boil and steam foods. See how practical and easy it is to cook in a SUN OVEN and discover the many economic, health and environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.
  • Cook in the middle of winter and get out of the hot kitchen in summer.
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