Produce Drinking Water from the Air, Ground and Undrinkable Water

In addition to a long term water storage program, a renewable water source program should be part of your overall Emergency Plan.

Atmospheric Water Generators are fancy dehumidifiers that extract water straight from the air and automatically filter and sterilize it for drinking. They require no water source . . . they are the water source. Roughly, they can produce about 1.5 gallons per day in the driest of areas and up to 7 gallons a day with humidity up to 60 percent (outputs may vary from product to product). Some units can heat or chill the water. For everyday drinking water these commercial Atmospheric Water Generators are the way to go, saving money over bottled water.

In an emergency water situation, a regular room dehumidifier, other appliances that produce water as a byproduct and a Solar Still can be good sources for making drinking water from the air, ground, live vegetation, impure water or salt water.

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