Weird Survival Tools & Supplies

Having the right tools is an important part of survival. Mankind stands out from the rest of the animal kingdom with the ability to create and use those tools. Since the first caveman picked up a stick to hit his obnoxious neighbor, we've been finding ways to use the materials around us to do things that we can't do with our bodies alone. As time has passed, the number, variety and complexity of those tools has increased exponentially. The only limitation is our imagination; making do with what we can find.

12v Battery as Spot Welder with Jumper Cables and Carbon Rod    [Video]    [Article & Video]

Acorn Cap to Whistle for Help

Air horn for Security Perimeter Alarm

Aluminum Foil    [Uses List 1]    [Uses List 2]

Ammo Can Stove

Beer Can & Liquor Could Save a Life in an Emergency

Bubble Wrap Uses

Chapstick As a Survival Tool

Crayons and Crisco for Light or as a Fire-Starter

Dryer Lint Uses

Duct Tape    [Many Uses 1]    [Many Uses 2]    [Photos of Duct Tape uses]

An Electromagnet can be made using common items. A magnet is always a magnet. It always attracts. Sometimes you want that, such as with a fridge magnet, but not always. Because the magnetic field, of an electromagnet, can be turned on/off at will, the applications for electromagnets are endless. Here's how to Make Your Own Electromagnet (video) [Instructions]

Flare Gun for emergency signal or defense

Gallon Jug to make a Tent or emergency light

Gum Wrapper & Battery to start a fire    [Video]

Hand Warmers as Lock Deicer

Lawn Mower conversion Into A Survival Generator
Listerine for Mosquito Control

Mud, Grass and Ashes to make [Cement]    [Article 2]    [Roman Concrete]    [Wood Ash Cement]
There are many uses for survival cement. If you are trying to survive in the wilderness or if a disaster destroys your home, it could be your saving grace. It can also be a useful skill and tool for projects around the home.

Non-Power Tools for Survival

Pet Food As Survival Food

Plants to Filter Air

Plastic Bottles: It's sad that we've come to a point where tons of destructive plastic are disposed every day; alarming that a large percentage of the garbage we produce consists of plastic bottles. These simple recycling methods won't solve our greater problem on plastic management, but it will help out in our own little way:
[56 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles]    [Convert Plastic Bottles into Survival Tools]

Recycled paper into briquettes for fire

Salt Uses

Soda Cans to make a Portable Camp Stove

Tampon as a mini survival kit and other things

Toothpaste has many uses outside the mouth, even when it's expired:
Tree Bark from a Willow Tree to Make Aspirin

Truck Alternator conversion to Wind Generator

Vodka to Make Insect Repellent

Wooden Pallet Outdoor Furniture Projects

14 Off-Grid Projects to Cut Your Energy and Water Usage

2-Liter Soda Bottle or Snorkle Mask to make a DIY Gas or Flu Mask

35+ Camping Tips, Tricks & Treats

5-Gallon Bucket and Plunger to Do Laundry

55 Gallon Drum Projects