Off-Grid Refrigeration

During a long-term power outage or living off the grid, what methods can be used to preserve refrigerated foods?

Read about one Homesteading Family's story of living without Refrigeration.
[The Zeer Pot, Please don’t Recommend that I Use One!]

This has been one of my greatest challenges to leaving civilization, so I have collected these ideas for contemplation. Take a look at some alternatives:

Suggestions from the Web:
1 - Ice: Buy a Cooler and keep it filled with ice
2 - Don't overcook to prevent leftovers that need refrigeration
3 - Keep cooked leftovers simmering on the stove (no more than 24 hours) until the next meal to prevent bacteria
4 - Grow/raise food yourself so you can glean as needed insted of buying at a grocery store; having to store it for use
5 - Avoid refrigerating things that don't really need refrigeration
6 - Build a "spring house" (a building built over where a spring comes up out of the ground).
7 - Use the cold outside temperatures of winter
8 - Submerge [sealed] foods in a well or stream
9 - Know when foods will actually go bad to skip refrigeration and not worry about having to prolong their expiration.
10 - Build an Evaporative Cooler using shelves and damp towels
11 - A Zeer Pot has mixed reviews on keeping small quantities of food cool.
12 - Use a Solar Oven as a Radiant Fridge/Cooler
13 - Build an Ice House
14 - Consider preservation methods like dehydrating or canning instead of refrigeration.
15 - Build a Root Cellar
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