Reloading Ammunition

Reloading ammunition can be a real money saver if you are an avid shooter or storing up for "the rainy day". But it is also a nice skill to have when commercial ammunition becomes scarce or you're not near a store.

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Black Powder Rifles and Cap-and-Ball Revolvers provide a simple solution to sold-out ammuniton. While they are limited in capacity (how many bullets they hold), your ammunition supply is limited only by how much lead or aluminum you can acquire to melt down for the bullets. Also "breach-loading" weapons (vs Muzzel-Loaders) help to improve how fast the weapons can be reloaded. Muzzle-loaders are the simplest, but slower, to use on the fly while the breach-loader requires pre-building the cartridge. Do LOTS of research on this topic if you have an interest, to determine the type of black powder firearm that is best for you. This section cannot go into all of the details but is here to present an option to conventional firearms when their ammuniton may be difficlut to find.

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