Emergency Kit / Go Bag / BugOut Bag / 72-hour Kit
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Call it what you want, this is an essential tool in any emergency plan whether staying where you are or bugging out. Everything is together in one container and easy to transport or store. I have one in my car (in case I'm not home when something happens) and a second one in my house to use in my house (if I intend to stay) or transfer to my truck (if I need to leave in an emergency or go camping).

Other opinions are to have 2, or more, types of emergency bags; a 72-hour bag and a long-term bag for about 2 weeks. In my humble opinion, if I have too many options than I won't get anything right. So, I focus on a single solution and duplicate it as many times as I need. I view repetition as a good method of learning and making things second nature so I don't have to think too hard about the basics when other stuff may need my focus. Other alternatives are a bag per person or a family bag or a combination of both. The combination example is that each person has their own bag with their own stuff and then group items are distributed between all family members so that one person's bag is not much heavier than the others in the group. This is a good option for families with young, but able-body, children. There are many alternatives so choose what works for your situation and budget.

It's good to know what should be considered if a more customized version is preferred or if it's necessary to put something together if one doesn't happen to be available at a particular time and place. Again, being ready for the unexpected is a good trait to learn. In the Emergency Plan Outline, drafted using the book "When Disaster Strikes" by author Mat Stein, a proposed list of Emergency Bag contents is included. While that proposed list is extensive, the "basics" of a survival bag should, at the very least, include the "Ten Cs"

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