Sustainable / Replenishable / Renewable Food & Water Sources

Consider this: Living things, like humans, consume food and water to survive. When we can no longer buy what we need to survive, will we revert to savagery, die or peacefully and lawfully raise and gather our own? In a serious national or global food shortage, where will you get your food when your supplies have been depleted?

It is not enough to hoard food and water. Applying methods to self-replenish these resources is necessary for anyone serious about emergency planning.


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The Biggest Obstacles That Discourage Homesteading Can Be Overcome: We've spent generations moving away from our family farms and wide open spaces into cities with better job opportunities and more activities to occupy our time. But many have found that, at some point, we passed a feeling of more security and entered into some sort of stress-breeding hamster wheel we can't exit. If you've dreamed of homesteading, that analogy hits home for you. If you've had enough of the race to nowhere, know that there are ways to make a living working exclusively within the parameters of a homestead, but with modern technology. Even if you haven't figured out how canned jams and jellies or organic sausages convert to sustainable wages, you can still make a living from your own private paradise. So what's holding you back? Read more . . .

Most Asked Homesteading Questions: There is a movement going on to learn how to live more self-sufficiently and without all the trappings of a "normal" American lifestyle. This movement has inspired many questions, some of which are addressed here.

How to Start Homesteading: The idea of starting your very first homestead is crazy exciting. Start small with Urban Homesteading while planning to go full-bore. The links, above, provide lists of things to consider and work through to know how to start a homestead in a way that works best for you! Here are some homesteading websites to help with the journey.

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